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    Restoring and repairing IH tractors. Currently have: '69 544 row crop gas gear drive, '73 544 row crop gas hydro, '66 656 row crop gas gear drive, '68 656 row crop gas hydro, '68 656 row crop LP Hydro (one of 32 built), '69 756 Diesel Hi-Clear, '69 856 Wheatland, '67 1256 Wheatland, '70 826 Hydro Gold Demonstrator, '71 826 Wheatland, '70 1026 Hydro, '70 1456, '65 1206 Wheatland, (21st one built), '65 806 Wheatland w/ RD pump, '79 686 Diesel Hi-Clear. Addicted to anything IH, but mostly 06, 26, 44, and 56 series tractors...

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  1. That's a nice looking original tractor! Talked to Jim quite a bit about that tractor at the RPRU.....real fun guy to chat with!
  2. I will be bringing a '69 756 Hi-Clear, and a '73 row crop 544 Hydro....
  3. I really like how that air cleaner turned's really cool how you've managed to keep a lot of the original aspects of the machine, and mix in some modern upgrades that don't detract from the overall appearance of the truck....I really like this build! Can't wait to see it all finished!!
  4. Pics show just what I found also....short 2" hose between elbow and water pump.....
  5. I have a 706 at home I could look at for you tonight, and let ya know tomorrow if that works....
  6. Nice! With Esdon doing the engine, it should run! Nice to see a new machine in the state again....
  7. Who's doing the engine work for you? What class are you going to be in?
  8. Float has to be pointed directly to the RH side of the tank in order for it to fit, and holes to line up.....have replaced several of these....
  9. It takes a long time for the second filter to bleed through the RD pump.....I just replaced filters on my 806 w/ RD pump, and it took about 5 minutes for the second filter to fill up with the plunger on the pump in the bleed position.....if your plunger will not stay up when turned, you may have to prop something under it, and just be patient for the fuel to seems like forever, but must not go very fast when it has to cycle through the pump.....
  10. That engine pic looks downright sexy! Love the painted script on the valve covers, and the Edelbrock looks mean on there......
  11. It had to have come from the valve, as it lines up perfectly with the valve relief in the piston, but the valve shouldn't be going down near that far, you'd have a lot worse issues if that was the this the same cylinder that had the bent pushrod?
  12. I doubt if its that, as they have already gone past the 315, as that was a Tier4a they are on to the Tier4b models, and the 315 doesn't exist anymore....unless they came up with a whole new line again, as they are good at using recent numbers over, just to confuse us poor idiots that work at the dealerships when someone comes in for parts or
  13. I have a complete overhaul kit on hand for a 310 German it for a friend that was going to overhaul a 706 German Diesel, but he ended up not needing the kit....if anyone is interested, shoot me a PM.....Tony
  14. Have put them on before, only one that was a real issue was a tractor that had creeper....took a lot of work to get it to work correctly.....
  15. There a couple things possible...first thing, there is a very small pin that breaks and/or comes out for the spool. Remove the plug directly below the spool, if parts of the spool come out, that is your problem.....This is an easy task if the tractor does not have a 3-point hitch, if it does, you will have to remove the rear drawbar support to gain access to the plug....I would check this first, as it is a easy and cheap fix, and happens a lot....if the spool checks out, you have an internal issue with the PTO, and it will have to come apart....pressure for engagement of the PTO is adjusted by tightening the nut on top of the spool where your control linkage hooks up. PSI is checked by screwing in a gauge on the LH side, after removing the plug.