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  1. International Photographic Center

    IH newsletter, where they informed about the aquisition of the farm, where they built the photographic center
  2. International Photographic Center

    SDman, I am sure you are speaking about the the front cover of the IH buyers 1975. During my researches about the photo center, I found out, that the name of the man pictured on the front cover was Ken Farrell....
  3. International Photographic Center

    Property was closed in 1982. In the building with the restaurant there was the IH Service training center located. Property did not make it to the Case merger. The owner of the golf course unfortunately do not like foreign people to go inside. I had the luck, that a former employee's son managed it, that I could get in.
  4. International Photographic Center

    This is a video I made during my US trip in 2017, when I visited the location of the former International Photographic Center again, which is now part of a golf course. I was lucky to get an inside tour through the old farm house, which you can spot in many advertising pictures and films. The farm house itself is part of the golfcourse now and is sometimes rented to hunters.
  5. International Photographic Center

    This is a video I made during my US trip in 2016, when I visited the location of the former International Photographic Center again, which is now part of a golf course. I am not a professional videomaker, so the video is not cut professionally. But I am sure, you can spot many locations, where so many Advertising Pictures and films werde made...
  6. International Photographic Center

    Here is a picture of the former IH training center...
  7. International Photographic Center

    Attached you can find in my opinion some amazing photos of the former International Photographic Center in Sheridan, Illinois. In one picture you can see the IH training center for farm and construction equipment, which was also located on the photo farm. Via facebook I got the contact with Tom Wolff from the website of "Vintage Aerial". He was very helpfull to find these and some other pictures of my interest. On his website he provides thousands of aerial farm pictures of the 60s, 70s and 80s. Tom Wolff asked me to share the information below with my IH friends. i hope this is OK for you: Would you please forward my contact info below to any friends or family, who may like me to find a 30-40+ YEAR OLD aerial photo of their family farm for them. * TO ENTER THE ADDRESS TO ANY OTHER FARM OF INTEREST GO TO--- http://www.vintageaerial.com/BCD OR CALL TOM AT 419-351-5624 An integral part of our mission is to not only connect you with your family's history, but to capture the collective history of rural America for future generations. Help us do this by sharing a story about your photo by visiting http://vintageaerial.com/stories/new?130635 * Tom Wolff, Vintage Aerial Representative 419 351 5624
  8. International Photographic Center

    Last page. Hope you can read it. enjoy!
  9. International Photographic Center

    Last page. hope you can read it. Enjoy!
  10. International Photographic Center

    Next pages...
  11. International Photographic Center

    Next pages
  12. International Photographic Center

    Al Rucker provided a copy of a photographic magazine to me, where the work in the Hickory Hills photographic center is described. The magazine is called PMI, issue July 1968. I could only photograph the magazine sites, so it is a little bit difficult to read. I will try to attache all the sites in the next posts...
  13. International Photographic Center

    For all who are interested I have made a little video about my trip to the photographic center too. Today I did the upload on youtube. If you search there for "International Harvester Photographic Center" you must find the video. i try to link the video in this post, but I dont know if it works. Maybe someone of you can help me if it does not work? Sorry, I did not cut the video, but I think it is interesting for the IH enthusiasts among us. The first part of the video is the way to the photographic center, The farm itself you can see at the end of the video. Herbert Here is the link: I hope it works....
  14. International Photographic Center

    The silos of this farm are shown in some advertising pictures too. Unfortunately I cant load the comparison pics of the past, because they are too big. But look inside the buyers guides. You find the locations easiliy...
  15. International Photographic Center

    Then and now. You may not believe it. But the trees and the windturbine shown in some pictures are still there.