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  1. Hired Grain Haulers

    As you get older you learn you're better off keeping you mouth shut. Congrats on reaching that point in your marriage. Wife would haul to bins.but not the elevator for fear of screwing up so she ran the combine & I hauled to the elevator
  2. behlen power steering

    You need a "priority flow control valve" to go on the pressure line
  3. 730c

    JMO, but at 275hp you're going to be short on up to go much over 7-8" deep. We use to own a 730c, pulled it 12-13" deep with a 435 & wasn't none too big of a trsvtor5. Before that pulled 530bs with 275hp 4wds & in places felt like you needed to get out & help pull.l in some places. This is in Sable & Ipava silt loams.
  4. 720 plow

    "MH", not to contradict you but I have never ran a plow with a stop on the rear eheel, have always let it "float". Without going out & lookingbour 720, I believe there is a "stop" o(5/8"bolt IIRC) that can be adjusted for the tsil wheel arm to ride on, least there was on the 5xx & 710 plows I have owned over the years. On adjustments, I was taught that the front bottom should cut 2" more than the bottom size ( 18" for 26" bottoms& 20" for 18" bottomd. This is checked by meaduring forward from the point of the share to under the tractor rear end & from that point to the inside wall of the tractor's furrow tire. This measurement can be adjusted by either movint the front cross hitch of the plow or moving the tractor's furrow tire in or out as needed. The way you drive in the furrow will also affect this fist a nce. Try to stay in the middle of the furrow as much as possible. Also make sure the plow is level side to side & front to rear. Best to have someone drive beside the plow while you are actually plowing. Side to side levrling csn be done by either adjusting the hitch pins in offsetting holes or by adjusting the length of your left or right 3 pt lift arm as needed. Front to rear leveling is achieved by rsising / 3 pt hitch as needed. Also make sure the plow drafts straight behind the travtor & doesn't pull the tractor's front end one firevtion or the other. Draft can be changed by moving the whole front hitch either direction as described in the OM. Lastly, make sure the tsil wheel is adjusted properly so as not to push the plow sidewsys one direction or the other. Not sure of your soil type but we always ran "deep suck" shares to help pull the plow into the ground. Hard ground or worn shares will cause the plow to "skid" & not go into the ground. I recall one year ground was so hard that we put new shares on every morning.. Next morning tips would be blue & wore off. Hope this helps.
  5. 720 plow

    On our 720 there is a shim you can add/remove to change pressure on the toggle trip to change trip sensitivity. If you look at the parts didiagram its #7 on one &#15 in the other depending on whether you have an early or late 720.
  6. Anyone else working on theirs?

    Having the white harvester go thru might not be all that bad of a deal. If he had adequate hail coverage & multiperil he's probably better off with the hail than having the cost of harvesting & selling at these low prices
  7. 4500 VibraShank

    A good hyd repair shop can save you a lot of money. Broke the ram on a 4" x24" cylinder a few years ago. New cylinder was over $1,000. Local hyd repair shop custom built a ram & put new seals in for less than $400.
  8. We bought a new 656 in '67. Had problems with the shift linkage from the get-go. Wife hated that tractor. As I recall she did a "jig" when the tractor went down the road
  9. Any one dry their beans a little?

    New dockage is a percentage of weight on a sliding scale, wetter the beans the bigger % dock. Anything over 14% & they bend you over a barrel & don't use Vaseline.Talking to the elevator office manager the other day & she said some places were starting to shrink beans to 12.5% instead of 13 I'd much rather put 15% beans into a bin with air than cut them @ 10-11%. Yu can put wet beans on the bottom of a bin & dry on top & migrate some of the moisture to the dry beans. Wettest beans I have put in an air bin were 18%, did put them on top to watch. Could find them the next spring when I emptied the bin. Wettest beans I eve cut were 22% for a neighbor several years go, they looked like butter beans. They did go straight to the elevator. Elevator owner had a big grin on his face when we brought them in. Helped him cut other 200 acres that way.
  10. Pulling ripper with 1086

    What make / model # of the ripper. Post some pics & maybe someone can help you out on making the necessary adjustments. Doubt if you want a bigger ripper on a 1086. W have a 5 / 7 shank in-line that will bring our 315 to t's knees when folded to a 5 shank. Will stop our STX 435 in it's tracks when unfolded an ran as a 7 shank in certain situations.
  11. Long time forum member passes away.

    Laverene "chub" Meyers. Lived near Rensalear IN, in Jasper Co. Would have been 90 in less than 3 months. Retired farmer, loved IH tractors. I'll try to post his obituary when it becomes available. He once told me he got the nickname "chub" when he was in H.S. & was on the basketball team. Said his mother wasn't too happy when she first heard him called "chub" & wanted to know who they were talking about.
  12. Long time forum member passes away.

    Roger, I once had a very close friend, also now deceased that once told me "You know you're getting old when you can find more of your friends names on tombstones than you can in the phone book". I am beginning to understand all too well what he meant. I still remember the day I met "chub". Cheryl & I were sitting at the kitchen table eating lunch. Our son Chad walked in & said "There's some old guy here that wants to talk to you". I look up & behind him walks in this short fellow with a smile on his face & says 'Are you "boog"? I nodded, thinking to myself, "who is this old guy & what does he want". He then proceeds to introduce himself as "chub". Just so happens he was in the area looking for some truck parts at a local salvage yard & decided he would look me up. You know the rest of the story. Cheryl still laughs & shakes her head about how 3 old geezers became such close friends through the internet.
  13. Long time forum member passes away.

    Jerry, you were fortunate to know him so long. I only knew him for a few short years but in that time got to be very close friends. Will let you know on the arrangements as soon as Tom let's me know. This morning he was thinking it would either be Tues. or Wed.
  14. Long time forum member passes away.

    I'm sure he enjoyed the visit. I had talked to him by phone last week. He had just gotten home from a rehab center and was under hospice care. He was very weak so did not talk to him long. . Only had 20% of his heart that was working & he knew the time was drawing near and wast at peace with that. I had planned on visiting when we got a break from harvest from rain. Rained most of the day Friday but our drier was down, had been down since last weekend & was trying to get that going & didn't go. Got phone call this am & when I saw the caller ID showed it was from his son Tom & knew it wasn';t good. Don't know how many times I've kicked myself in the butt today for not taking the time yesterday to go visit him
  15. Long time forum member passes away.

    Yes, he was. I still have mine.