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  1. I think there was seversl of on here prior to Dec 2004 but only goes back that far. I do t remember the exact year I joined but was around 1996. As I recall the original forum was just one long thread and was hard to keep track of whos response with whos. Seem like maybe 15 -20 posters. SWMO, HD, Jdhumm & chub were the main posters I remember. Lady that went by Juliet came along not much later. I also remember when 1967806 joined. Was a big desl when we hit 100 members. Also remember when the site almost split apart between the "good guys" & the "darkside". Things got a little ugly then. Seems there's been at least 3-4 website changes since then. , all usually met with eome resistance but always worked out for the best.
  2. What is an R-1W tire?

    W had a Versatile 2375 that had 20.8 :42 R-1W tires. As said they have a deeper lug than a R-1 tire. Never really had any issues other than we could always track where it had ran working ground ahead of the planter after the crop came up. Usually within a couple weeks you couldn't see it anymore. Not sure if the deeper lugs caused more of a compaction issue in their lug prints & once the roots grew thru that the crop evened out. Tire dealer claimed the tires weren't big enough for the tractor. Traded for a CIH 435 with 710s & don't see the same issue in the spring.
  3. plowing with quickhitch?

    Make sure the plow has a CAT III hitch as well, most came with CAT II.
  4. Spring trip subsoiler

    If you have an outlet tile will do a lot more good than subsoiling.
  5. Spring trip subsoiler

    As a youngster we had a single shank subsoiler we pulled with a SM with an M chained to the front. Back in the early '70s I dug the old subsoiler out & put it behind my 806D to work some "wet holes" one fall. It gave the 8 all it wanted
  6. combines in your life

    Doc, my uncle always said he had two # 62s in case one died in the field he at least had one to run till the other cooled off enough to restart. I remember at noon we left the combine engines run while we went to the house to eat. I can remember the hired man & I custom combing corn in Jan one year with the 55. We put a gas powered heater in the cab, along with the combine's heatet, to keep our feet from freezing. It was so cold we would take turns, one guy would haul a truck load of corn to the elecator while the other ran the combine filling the other truck. When you got back from the elevator you would run the combine while the other guy went to the elvator. Did that to keep halfway warm. Had to wait till temps were around 10* or the sieves would freeze over.
  7. combines in your life

    I'm 66. As a kid we had two IH #62 combines with Contenintal enges & 6' canvas heads. Looking back I laugh & say they were the original drsper heads & history is repeating itself. Pulled the combines with "H"s. First sp was a open station JD 45 "round back" that we converted to a "square back" to add a chopper. Next came a JD 55EB w/ cab. Thought we was uptown with the cab. .Next csme a IH 303 that my uncle bought just before he passed away from a neighnor. I harvest 20 ac of beans with it & traded it for a new 615 in the fall of '71. Traded the 615 for a JD4400 in 1974. Then had a brain fart & bought a MF 550 in 1979. Didn't take long to learn what the "MF" stood for on the front engine cover. Next came a '82 1440, a '91 1660, a '99 2366, '02 2388, followed by a 7010, then a 7120, and currently we're running a '13 7230 for the last three years.
  8. 10 ton bottle jack

    We have a CIH air/hyd jack, iirc it's a 20 T. Have had it 6-8 years & so far no issues. Also have a 30T Heine Warner as well as a 20T "BlackMax" air/hyd transport jack which is our most used jack. 2nd most used is a 5T Heine Warner floor jack.Also have a 5T &12T Red Lion hyd jacks though they are the least used.

    Mac Don is the #1 draper being used in this area, whether it's on a red, green, or yellow combine. We run a 40" CIH branded MacDon 2162. It's been on our 7010, then a 7120, & now a 7230. Was cheaper to buy it from the CIH ealer thn a FD70 MacDon from a MacDon dealer. However, we buy parts from the MacDon dealer, usually about 1/3 less than what CIH wants for the same part. Neighbor has run a CIH draper on his 7230 for two years. My understanding it's being traded for a MacDon & his 44xx head is being traded for a Gerringhof. We've traded a 1 yr old 4412 for a Gerringhof two years ago & couldn't be happier. As previously posted, lot of CIH dealers sell MacDon & Gerringhoff heads. Our Gerringhof was purchased from the same CIH dealer we purchased the MacDon from.
  10. Vertical tillage of corn stalks

    We ran over about 1/2 our stalks this fall with a CIH 330 TT, rest we ran a disc ripper on. I really believe getting some dirt on the stslks helps them break down better. Ran the 330 deep enough so it did a good job of sizing the residue and getting it mixed into the soil but not deep enough to bring up root balls. Probably will plant directly into some next springbut majority will run a soilfinisher in front of the planter.
  11. 2388 vs 8010

    We went from a 2388 to a 7010 in 2009. Absolutely no comparison between the two machines. There was a small learning curve with he 7010 but it was short lived. Since have owned aa 7120 & now a 7230. When we traded for the 7010 we purchased a 36' 2160 draper & converted the 3212 (20') that we had on the 2388. After a couple years traded for a 40' MacDon which we are still running. Went from the 3212 to a 3408 (30') in 2012, Latter traded for a 4412 & traded it a year later for a 12r Gerringhof. The Gerringhof was the first real corn head we owned since we traded a 1083 for the 3212. JMO, but the 2388 isn't a true 12r machine (even in 20s), just doesn't have the capacity to handle all the material going thru the machine. A 7xxx flagship will handle a 12r corn head without much problem.
  12. IH mounted cultivator id help

    That was a nice thing on the older fast hitches with the 2-way cylinder. Had a built in jack. Also, on a rear blade you could get the blade to cut dirt, as long as you didnt too much weight off the rear of tye tractor.
  13. Ticked off a scammer!

    Sad thing is the FCC / phone companies has the means to stop this but won't. Far as using local cell# in their scams, there's an app out there anybody can down load to do it, or so I'm told. IIRC, it's called a "burner"
  14. IH mounted cultivator id help

    Doc. You re probably thing of the 448. We had one on a SM. It had a one piece bar across the front that attached to the tractor using triangular plate on each side that had eyebolts that hooked over the front bar. Rear section mounted by removing the drawbdrawbar at the axle mounts and attaching the bread section Also had a 461 on a 450 that had the fast hitch rear section. IIRC, you could.mount the 461 in less than 10 minute. The 448 took about an hour
  15. Convincing dad not to switch oil!

    Same here, been using Hy-Tran since I was a kid, now 66, see no reason to switch. 12 IH / CIH tractors, CIH combine, our CAT backhoe, & in the wet kits on our semis.