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  1. IH Magneto Information

    Thanks for the manual. Don't suppose you have seen a Roots-Master DB manual?
  2. The pony motor runs pretty good and it turned the diesel over for several minutes.
  3. I acquired an 1939 D2. I tried to start it but I was getting black smoke form at least one cylinder but mostly white smoke. I suspect the rings are either stuck or cylinders are worn. Anyone got any Ideas? I hate to use either on the yellow beasts so that is my last thing to try.
  4. TD-18 known as Blaine

    So I am guessing the plywood on the sides of the engine is for heat when it gets cold out?
  5. I have a 1972 Case 580 B backhoe with a manufactured engine 3 77. It quit running with a thud and after finding no rod hanging out the pan I cranked it over and it had oil pressure. It fires on either but will not start. It is not getting fuel to the injectors but the injector pump has fuel. The repair manual says the Injector pump is a 51425 but no one seems to have one. Does anyone know the brand and model of the injector pump? I think it is a Roosa Master but I have no idea what model. It has a 188 engine.
  6. Case 580 quit running

    1972 with a 188 diesel.
  7. Case 580 quit running

    My case 580 backhoe quit running. It fires on ether but would not start, I thought it was out of fuel so I added fuel and tried again. I took the timing cover off and fuel started running out so I figure it is shot. I wonder if a used unit would be worth it and where the timing marks are. I really did not want anything more to fix but....
  8. TD-6 Aggie final drive blew up

    Changed the track also. You might want to check the address http://www.cattraintours.ca/ as it is a home repair site.
  9. 1944 DI points and 460 wheels.

    I have a 1944 Case DI with Case magneto. The points are not worn but they bend when parked and I have run out of adjustment. Is there a replacement to convert to points that do not bend while setting? I also have about a 1956 IH 460 Utility with rusty spin out wheels. Are there any replacement wheels that don't cost as much as the spin out kind as I don't need to adjust them. Even used wheels cost almost as much as the tractor is worth.
  10. UD-16 550 adams grader

    My brother turned over an Adams 410 grader engine with a pipe wrench after it set and got stuck. Is the wheel bold pattern the same as a Semi? The tire looks like it is off of a dual. Old graders seem to always have flat tires.
  11. Paint change

    Use the search feature and look it up in the archives. There was an interesting discussion sometime in the past.
  12. TD20 200 Series find

    I was assigned to a TD20 201 with a scraper pan almost 50 years ago in the Army in Germany. Never got to use the pan. I don't remember if it had a blade though. It was a cable job.

    So how do you remove the surface rust and treat the exposed surfaces?
  14. Hydraulic cylinder repack

    May not help here but Surplus Center has lots of cylinders and parts and pieces. WWW.surpluscenter.com
  15. I have a 44 Case DI, 1947 TD14 and a yellow 1939 D2 thing that all have rusty radiators. The D2 book to dilute muriatic acid and some said to use a box of Calgon. How about some cheap dishwasher pacs?