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    Every night for the last 17 years. Best I've ever felt after getting on it.
  2. First three Red girls to initiate new shed

    Great pictures Tony. You always have the best looking tractors.
  3. My first restoration at least its red...

    You going to put an IH sticker on it?
  4. My profile says March 19 2012
  5. Got my shed built today

    Were those amish builders? Great looking building.
  6. The 12 Days Of CringeMas

    Merry Christmas Runner
  7. Set the parking brake on the MD for the last time

    Congratulations on retirement. Now you can be like Tony. Busier than when you were working.
  8. Give and take word game

    Square foot
  9. Our new Collie puppies

    Great looking pups.
  10. A Line up of Red. The A team

    Great looking line up.
  11. A late Happy Birthday

    Happy Birthday
  12. X box 360 hunting games question

    Yes, the kids would rather play video games.
  13. fencing pictures

    I'm going to have to check on the hedge. I as thinking treated post then add tar to the part in the ground. Oh I have a message into the guy that has the driver and trying to see how big of post it will drive
  14. Funeral for my neighbor

    That's the only way for a farmer to go to his final resting place. Sorry about your friend and neighbor Bill. Bruce
  15. fencing pictures

    It's sand and dirt mixed. I trying to figure out if I should go with 8 inch wood post in corners and 4 inch for the rest or just go metal all the way around. I'd have to pay to get all the welding done. They won't let me play with welders anymore because of the pacemaker. This is in arkansas 30 minutes from where Texas, Oklahoma and Arkansas come together. There is slate stone so far down.
  16. She's the best

    But then again an Intwrnational truck could never piss you off
  17. She's the best

    I like that a lot. Plus if it pissed you off you can sell it. A woman you can not without out getting in big trouble.
  18. fencing pictures

    Yes it's forsale for 900.00. I have pasture to fence and after seeing your set up. I thought this would be the way to do it
  19. fencing pictures

    Isn't that how it works try to get something to make it easier and you don't need it
  20. fencing pictures

    Is this the same driver you have? It's a Shaver.
  21. fencing pictures

    So is that what your going to use to move snow?
  22. Check my 3 local dealers nothing in stock at them
  23. Tony as normal you, Rob and Bob did a great job. The truck looks great.
  24. new tractors arrived

    Great add to your collection. Now you and Mike have something to keep you occupied this winter.