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  1. Anyone Have a Part Number for IH Heat Housers

    From my instruction sheet in post above....
  2. Anyone Have a Part Number for IH Heat Housers

    Here is picture of my original IH Windbreaker and scan of installation instruction sheet that came with it many years ago. Instructions show I H # 407 258 R2. Although sheet shows for 826, 1026, 1456, the I H original is on a 756 and the Femco is on 856. The Femco instruction sheet is still around here somewhere among my souvenirs. It is identical to the I H sheet.
  3. Anyone Have a Part Number for IH Heat Housers

    I have an original IH Windbreaker, been here for years. Also have a Femco Weatherbrake , got it several years later. They are identical except for name printed on them. I can look at the IH one tomorrow . I'm pretty sure it has an IH part number printed on the side of it. Here is link to AllStates Ag Parts . They have Femco weather brake https://www.tractorpartsasap.com/Heater-Cab-Kit-Red-Vinyl-International-756-826-p/123046.htm

    No extensions available that I know of that fill in space opened by moving fender mounts to other mounting spots on axle housing . On all three of my 56 series tractors I have the fenders mounted wide as possible. More roomy to climb aboard or access anything on the deck platform.

    Original poster was questioning about platforms. My post was also about platforms. My comment about Year-A-Round cab was, I assumed, the Y-A-R cab would use the original platform found on tractors that had flat top fenders. In other words , I do not believe that Y-A-R supplied a new platform with their cab. I know that Y-A-R cabs had fenders as an option. Some buyers of the cab opted not to get the Y-A-R fenders , but kept the IH fenders , just moved them out on the axle.

    From me looking at parts diagrams on Case/IH site, I determined there are two different platforms for non-cab tractors . One number for flat top fenders, another number for full coverage fenders (as shown in post above with picture). Two cabs were available for 66 tractors from factory . The Deluxe cab and the Diamond cab. Parts site shows they both use the same platform numbers. Tractors with aftermarket cab such as Year-A -Round I would assume used the IH factory platform used with flat top fenders.
  7. 1066 with spare parts in hydraulic filter housing

    The small part is a detent roller , IH # 380115R2 . Can be had for $3 To $5 (or more) dependent upon source. You've got to feed one to the 06, 56, 26, 66, 86 series tractors occasionally.
  8. International 2001 Loader

    If you have a I- 460 ( utility) and want to put a loader from a F-460 (Row Crop ) directly on the I-460, it will not fit. Front brackets are different and rear axle mounts are different. Sub frame length MAY or MAY NOT be the same for both model tractors . Below are drawings of the different mounts 1. Front mounts I-460... (#1 & #2 in parts diagrams seen above) 2. Front mounts F-460.... ( # 19, 20, 21 & 22 in parts diagram seen above) 3. Rear mountings I-460 are # 2 & #12 ..... Rear mountings F-460 are # 7 & #8 4. Picture of 2001 on F-560 showing good view of rear axle mounting 5. Picture of 2000 loader on F-504 using wrong mounts for F-504 tractor. (Compare to picture 4) This tractor has loader designed for Utility I-504 mounted on it . Loader is too high on tractor. Owner apparently did not realize it , just that the thing bolted on as it was. Saw a picture a few years ago from same owner showing tractor and loader upside down on side of road. It turned over very easily since it was mounted high on the row crop tractor.
  9. International 2001 Loader

    Sub-frame for I-460 and I-606 are same. Front mountings for those two tractors plus I-340 and I-504 are same. Sub-frame for I-460 and 606 are a few inches longer than ones for 340 and 504 due to six cylinder engines vs. four cylinders. It would be simple to cut the sub-frame from a 340 or 504 and add some 4X4 tubing to make it needed length for 460- 606. In diagrams above, front mounting brackets # 1 and # 2 are I-460, 606 & I 340, 504. Sub-frames with rear axle mounting types # 2 & # 12 are for the above mentioned four tractor models. illustrations below show front mountings on the four tractor models, (two center illustrations )
  10. International 2001 Loader

    Front mounting brackets AND sub-frame were tractor model specific. Sub-frames were various lengths dependent upon tractor models. Also the rear axle mounting of the sub-frame was very different, again dependent upon tractor model. Only thing consistent about the loader is that the boom ( lift arms), cylinders and bucket were the same for any tractor. Diagrams below show some of the various brackets and sub-frames. I can post or send direct to you, a close-up view of any bracket or sub-frame and rear axle mountings that you may want to see.
  11. Light switch 806

    Just buy it. Best $37.99 you will ever spend, you will be glad you did.
  12. Light switch 806

    Buy one here... https://www.jensales.com/products/farmall-tractor-operators-manual-ih-o-806.html
  13. Light switch 806

    There should be a diagram of wiring system in your operator manual. Here is from 56 series tractor manual.
  14. cab identification

    Although it is not the same as the one you show, I found a picture of a cab that I have never seen nor heard of.... Safe-T-Gard. Link to it..... https://www.tractorpartsasap.com/International-Cab-966-Cab-p/cp-7291.htm Question... The door handle latch is vertical on the mystery cab. All pictures that I see of cabs have the handle horizontal. Is the one in the picture made vertical or is open/unlatched ?
  15. I made some pictures of my bucket and a frame that I had built to put some pallet forks on. Bucket is original factory built unit. Pin holes are centered 11-3/4 " . Top pin hole is centered 1-1/2 " off of bucket back. Bottom hole is centered 3-3/4 " off of bucket back. Welding shop made the two matched pairs of mounts with pin holes using angle steel as you can see in pictures. Used my bucket for measurements and to get correct geometry for roll back and dump angles.