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  1. Tractor pulling air shut off question

    McMaster Carr has blast gates that some people use with hose from auto parts store, 2 springs, and hose clamps. Have also seen K&N filters attached. McMaster also has PTO cables that you can use for dash and one out the back. Current setup is a guillotine with set screws that tighten onto the turbo & has a velocity stack out to the front.
  2. D360 Camshaft regrind/replace options

    Vogel Cam - Chuck Vogel http://www.vogelmanufacturing.com/shop/garden-tractor/engine-parts-kohler/camshaftsandvalvetrain-1.html He could possibly regrind the cam for you.
  3. 1206 on the assembly line

    Love it!
  4. Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas! Love the Farmall scene from the Christmas story! My son loves the new Farming Simulator for xBox One - it comes with IH starting out! Not all video games are bad. All young farmers should start out with IH.
  5. service truck layout ideas

    Small chain saw. Custom combine came this year with service truck. Had a chain saw and I thought that was a good idea if a tree was down.
  6. 95 truck 466 swapped into 1466

    1995 DT466 in my experience is different than the 1991 and older. Under the intake manifold I look for it to begin with DT468. I have never used the newer DT466 or worked on them.
  7. Stockings—-

    A lady from Iowa - Aunt Joy - who we found on eBay made us custom stockings using the IH/Farmall fabric & the boys names on the top...in case anyone ever needs one made for the kids.
  8. looking for 7120 toy tractor?

    Outback Toy Store in PA They have most everything that was ever made
  9. X box 360 hunting games question

    Had a game from GameStop that would not work - got another copy no issues My 5 yr old loves farming simulator for the Xbox 360...highly recommend As for the hunting games I saw some at Walmart in the $20 range
  10. Christmas presents for wife

    You can always make something...TSC horse shoes are $10, feed bag string... Lots of horse shoes creations out there
  11. Hey Santa.....

    IH 544 hydro only to discover it has gold paint underneath the stocking.
  12. What would you do 986 engine!

    Take the piston # from top and call FP Smith at (800) 558-7228 and check the price on sleeves and pistons. I used to buy pistons from them. There was also a place in Florida that had good prices. I don't have the # but you can get a package of sleeve o rings from McMaster Carr. I would have the injectors tested and cleaned.
  13. field maps

    Haven't seen one of those large maps in a long time but Google Earth and a good printer can make nice maps. I have used this to label and mark fields on paper.
  14. Custom combining rates

    All in one location or scattered around different fields with travel time? I tried to explain this to my father who has a 3 acre field here, a 5 acre field there, etc. instead of planting all one crop in each of the 3 locations.