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  1. MTO, remember what I said?
  2. I Just Love People a) No you don't love people, don't say you do. The title of this thread is false and misleading. 2) Respect your elders and be kind to the aged. Someday (soon) you'll be there too. iii) Admit it. After this incident, still filled w/ suppressed anger you went back to the shop and over torqued the lug nuts on a customer's car which then you charged them an extra $85 to replace the studs.
  3. Krazy kid.....
  4. Do you have this in Word so that it can be downloaded and filled out? The reason I ask is I find your posting of it inappropriate and I'd like to complete and submit
  5. Zeeland, MI is right next to Holland which is one point on the SW Michigan Dutch Triangle.....Holland to Grand Rapids to Kalamazoo. Lots of reminders of the Dutch influence in the names of the little villages (many now extinct). Bentheim, Borculo, Graafschap, Noordeloos, Overisel, etc.
  6. I thought the reference was to a Person Of Suspicion?
  7. Father's side is Swiss. Three brothers came over before the Revolution and settled in PA. During the Revolution two stayed and sided w/ the Colonists. One (my side) remained loyal to the Crown and moved to Canada. Later one splinter of that family moved to northern IN and then my great GF north here to Michigan. The above is well documented as there is a very thorough history presented in a book on the family name. There had to be some dilution of Swiss through the years. I do know my great GM was part Indian Native American (Gee, where was my PCness?). My mother is 100% Swede. Her ancestors came over from Sweden and settled in Texas (Georgetown area) in the late 1800's. My sister is getting her DNA profiled. It will be interesting to see how closely that and our understanding of the family's history match/mismatch.
  8. Another 0.20 inches overnight in SW Mich.
  9. Three waves of precip rolled through today leaving a total of 0.99-inches in the rain gauge.
  10. Haven't been keeping up posting excuse. The storm that moved through WI and left up to 6-inches left 1.79 in my rain gauge. A somewhat dry June has turned into thus far a wetter July.
  11. Hi Art, how the heck you doin??!!
  12. Non-regulated (not County drain) no problem it's your land/ditch, do what you want. County drain? If Y then jump through the hoops and expect to build to their specs (= more $ but considering the increased longevity of the structure in the long better for all, including you)
  13. Newfoundland, Greenland, Indonesia, and Sri Lanka are embarrassingly under represented.
  14. So very true.
  15. Ok. The down side?