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  1. hilary comment

    At the moment I'm sure you must have felt clever and proud for posting that but in retrospect think about what you said........ How does that comment age with time?
  2. hilary comment

    From what I've read and seen the current POTUS does as much, if not more, to remind the citizens of our Great Country of HRC than anyone else.
  3. Unspunnenfest 2017

    I seem to remember from my youth hearing something about the "100 lb Unspunnen stone".
  4. Asian Carp

    I guess we here in the north need to send a big shout-out and thanks to southern fish farms and wastewater treatment systems that (w/out any research to potential adverse effects) imported these Chinese invasive species to keep their ponds clean.
  5. Asian Carp

    I'm not too worried about the AC making a big impact on most of the Big Lakes (except maybe shallow Erie) as they are relatively cold. The biggest issue would be their invasion of the rivers and up into our inland lakes. That would be huge. As an aside I haven't heard too much about their spread into the Upper Mississippi and then out into Minnie's or Whisky's rivers and lakes? Makes me wonder if that's due to water temperatures??
  6. Our future "leaders"????????????

    Serious question. Do you think only BIG MONEY influences on the Liberal end of the spectrum are bad, and the same from those on the conservative side (and coincidently congruent w/ one's personal political bent) are not and good, and even not worthy of consideration in the discussion? If that is the case it represents a purely partisan view and nothing more; no moral high ground can be claimed.

    I think a Brockway Mountain Drive tractor drive would be fun!
  8. Stay or evacuate

    I have no idea of what your job is or what you do. However I do get the impression it relates to helping others in need and that's enough for me to know. God bless you and I hope for your personal safety as this storm arrives and passes.
  9. I agree. It was more of an act to boost the morale of the American public than any strategic or tactical military action to impact Japan. In that it achieved its intent.

    Thanks for the posting. I've seen some of these wonderfully restored pieces myself. All in all this is a FH lover's dream collection. Last time I talked to him Hal Russell over on Yesterday's Tractors was in the early stages of restoring a FH blower. I'm guessing Hal's the one in Missouri that WESnIL referred to. It's been about a year since we last spoke so I don't know what progress he's made. Hal's the guy that brought his restored FH #11 rake to Sedalia.
  11. What, NO Mention Of The 5.8 Montana Earthquake?

    Art let's bypass the filth sewage of the MSM and w/ the tool provided below now in real time you can keep us here up to date informed of seismic activity.

    Brother has taken his 2510 up.
  13. Poetic Justice Finally

    HEY WHAT THE HECK! I was just handin the belt off!!
  14. Poetic Justice Finally

    [Removes oversized ornate Cancer of Red Power Boards Championship belt and hands to Rick] "Congratulations OT it was a fair fight and you've earned this."
  15. Sorry-----i never noticed the first lady's shoes

    Interesting reads. Thanks. Keep em coming.