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  1. National anthem protests

    Lions squeaked one out vs the Bears. Matt Prader gave them the win. He's got to have the strongest, most accurate leg in the NFL as confirmed by hitting the 46-yarder against a strong Solider Field wind. No kneeling or whatever else offends the super sensitive noted during the pre-game, during, or post-game.
  2. A bit of rain here.

    2.2 inches in SW Mich
  3. A video for those people scared of heights

    No helicopter involved, line wasn't energized, but I've done something similar. Worked a job building a new 345 kV transmission line. Began assembling tower sections on the ground. Moved to "shakedown" (climbing and tightening/torquing every bolt on the standing tower). Then the GF comes to me one day and says he had something new for me; placing spacers between the conductors. Climb the tower, go to the end of the arm, "coon the bells" down to the conductors. They had a small "spacer buggy" that rode the line. Wheels fit over the conductors and verticals went down to a floor so the conductor stood about waist high. First half was downhill so you let gravity do the work until the foreman on the ground would shout out to stop. Spacer looked like a big bone. Split on each end and you'd tighten the started bolts until the heads broke off at design torque. Proceed as such until reaching the bottom of the span. There was a rope attached to the buggy that extended to the ground. Going uphill the grunts would pull you to the next tower. Disassemble the buggy, move it around the insulators, re-assemble buggy, proceed as before. First few sets made me a little nervous. After a while it was no big deal and glad I wasn't one of the grunts wading through the mud pullin someone else's butt up to the next tower. A little aside - First couple days climbing shakedown I was also a bit nervous so I took things slow and steady. Older Journeyman lineman that I wasn't working with but I had known for years sees me at the Show Up at the end of the day. He says "Puppy, I see you were working on tower 133 today." I hadn't seen him all day so I asked him "Gene how did you know that?" His face broke into a big smile and replied "I recognized your fingerprints that you left in the steel." He wasn't far off.
  4. Bergdahl court martial acquital

    I was hoping for something that involved angry, steroid pumped, incensed Unicorns.
  5. Bergdahl court martial acquital

    Kewl fantasy. Any more you'd like to share?
  6. Got the Cub Cadet out

    Never was impressed w/ the cutting decks on 100 series Cubs. But their hydrostatics are monster and would like to have one again just to pull my aerator on the ups and downs of my lawn.
  7. National anthem protests

    Was watching the Lions play the Browns today (yea, I'm not a boycotter; shoot me). Anyway I didn't see the before game so I don't know if there were kneelers or not. What I did see from the Lions players (Golden Tate I think:?) was that his post TD celebration (along w/ other's) was a salute. I took it that it was directed at Veteran's Day and a respectful acknowledgement to those serving our Nation but I'm sure there are those that would dispute that intent and motive.
  8. Bergdahl court martial acquital

    To clarify, Bergdahl was not acquitted of charges. He was rightfully convicted of desertion of duty. Now the sentencing phase became problematic for the military judge, not the least because of comments made by the POTUS*
  9. New joke

    The White House released a statement revising the POTUS*'s itinerary for his Asian trip. Keeping with longstanding policy the POTUS* has declined to go to Viet Nam.
  10. National anthem protests

    But they don't work for you. For better or worse their actual employers have permitted this. I'm fully supportive of people that have got their panties in a bunch over this to quit watching if they're so deeply offended. After all as we've been told the "free market" economy that we have will sort everything out in the end.
  11. When Does A Citizens Right To Not Identify To Police End?

    [walkin down the street] Policeman "Excuse me sir, what is your name and what are you doing?" Me - "My name is Conan the Barbarian and I'm on my way to the grocery store to purchase a container of Argo 100% pure corn starch."
  12. Gittin` the "wood"

    So my friend..... We are resigned to accept what imperfectly has been the norm and not incrementally one step at a time address and correct what stands in the way of equal justice for all? I know we're all aware of injustices...ethnic, social, economic, cultural, ya da, ya da..... What makes me sad is that too few are motivated to speak out when these do not effect them, and many of the same are all to eager to criticize others who are effected.
  13. Wankel in a sled??

    Growin up dad bought an Evinrude Trailblazer that came with a 35 HP Wankle. The sled was big, heavy, not especially fast, but it did have reverse which was nice.
  14. Gittin` the "wood"

    From what we hear about and see I can appreciate the wish to bring this back. I received (deservedly) a couple myself. The problem is the punishment is decided upon by imperfect judges. I saw many others who deserved it receive the paddle and many others who deserved it (in some instances even more so) escape the sting the pine because their parents were school board members, "upstanding" leaders in the community, big time sports boosters, etc. I don't know how that would end up being any different today. Comes down to what's been true forever, equal justice is seldom totally equal.

    Is there any other way TO eat kraut?