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  1. lorenzo and CIHTECH. Great job gentlemen!
  2. Que, American Pickers
  3. The advertising slogan thread got me thinking and reminiscing. As a boy I can remember a couple spots in the area that had roadside Burma-Shave signs. Who else remembers them or maybe even had them on their farm?
  4. There's Something About An Aqua Velva Man
  5. Is that a fancy walker to use after you get down wrasselling those wheels?
  6. Is it true what I've been hearing about the syrup being bitter this year?
  7. One of our most cherished freedoms is to wear our caps and belts as we please. The next most sacred is to criticize those that don't wear them the way we think proper.
  8. Too bad. Always enjoyed hearing about his travels and personal perspective on things.
  9. Rian, Art, where are you guys? You're missed here. Hope everything is alright and going well?
  10. Desert tortoise.
  11. Finally put the rain gauge back out again. 1.15-inches from the T-boomers that passed through last night. No real wind or damage unlike those to the south and southwest of me.
  12. Exactly. I want to know more about the cat.........????
  13. Mom's 17 days shy of 92 herself. She's a lot like Mary; not wanting to inconvenience anyone, wanting to continue to be as mobile and independent as they've always been, knowing they're slowing down but not giving in or up. There are times us kids gets frustrated with her for the things she still does but that's mostly an expression of our fear of her injuring herself. I try to remember that's she's a grown adult who still has a sharp and clear mind. I do my best to give her the benefit of the doubt, within reason.
  14. Well let's not forget you, Happy Belated Birthday!
  15. The horseshoes......nice but ho hum What's the name of the kitty?