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  1. Bigger main Jet

    If you are talking about a cylindrical in-line filter, it will never be completely full due to the air trapped above the outlet. 2). I would definitely service the ignition before drilling holes in the carburettor . 4" bore does not seem to me to be too much displacement for the original main jet. Weren't the early Ms 3-7/8"? After you get all the new tune-up parts installed, and properly timed, put a moderate load on the tractor for a half hour or so, and pull the plugs. If they are white and/or blistered, you need a bigger main. Or there is a piece of foreign material stuck in it. Light grey down to dark brown is the color range you want. Any darker than this and they are going to start looking sooty (too much fuel or you're running Champions). The spark plug color test is only accurate if the ignition timing is correct, and the heat range is reasonably close. A heat range adjustment from stock may be in order, depending how much squeeze you built into the motor. Throttle response, by the way, is not dictated by the main jet, but by the accelerating well. The main isn't passing maximum fuel until the well is empty and the engine at speed.
  2. Dayton rims, legal or not?

    I'm sure he's referring to the stops welded to the flange of the rim, that prevent the rim from slipping on the hub should the assembly become loose for any reason. If the rim turns far enough on the hub, one or both valve stems will be ripped out.
  3. 3588 Hydraulic problems

    This is just basic hydraulic advice, I am not familiar with the 3588. Before you put gauges on it, I would go on a clean-up program. Disconnect the oil cooler and flush out with Diesel fuel, in both directions. Remove those valves you mentioned and carefully clean them and verify their operation (not stuck) and set them aside. Remove any other precision assembly that cannot be readily cleaned on the tractor. You mentioned it had a piston pump? I would DEFINITELY open that up for inspection and cleaning. Does it have solenoids to operate trans/PTO/hydraulic functions? These are easily magnetized and could be jammed up with cuttings from the various failures. If it carries the oil in the rear housing, flush that out real good also. Now, with fresh oil and filters, you can do a better troubleshoot, because you had some of the components in your hands and you can rule those out as a source of trouble.
  4. Can a Bent Grain Auger be fixed?

    Turn the amperage down and/or the wire speed up. Tubing like that is not the best candidate for stick welding, unless the rod is like 1/16"
  5. On a '89 F-350 4X4, will the transfer case ( was automatic) fit an '85 NP four-speed? Or is it adaptable with the right center housing, or do I need to procure a '85 transfer case? Were there different output shaft lengths in the four-speed between 2WD and 4WD? Picked up this truck real cheap as the trans was missing, trying to put it together with the parts I have on hand. Cab has been changed and it has all the clutch stuff.
  6. greenie weenie quadtrac question

    I DO remember that!!! " The conventional combine is still the superior method of threshing, and our new models have all the latest advancements..." Read that in Ohio Farmer or Successful Farming but don't recall when. Interview of a Deere spokesman, after all the other manufacturers mounted the rotor in every conceivable position. I think it was when the 9500 came out. Possibly.
  7. McCormick drill model MF... I think

    it's the top illustration in the bottom picture. That knife-looking thing thing on the bottom of the seed boot.
  8. I would like to procure those little crescent-shaped openers that run against the back side of the disk (8 left, 8 right). Regarding the drill itself, mine says 1950 on the seed and fertilizer charts, but I don't know what that means model-wise. My local dealer said they threw out everything older than 1960 therefore they can't help me identify it. Kinda funny though, if I give them P/N NC-316 (fertilizer feed wheel), it comes up on the computer and is still available for the everyday low price of 107.00 ea.
  9. Is that the one with the governor plumbed to the distributor?
  10. Power by Detroit

    That's not a hateful streak. That was FUNNY! My kind of humor!
  11. The 549 as a marine engine

    I was just wondering if anybody knew the story behind the demise of Palmer Marine. The last story I heard was that they had to repair under warranty too many 549s, and that this was the cause of Palmer's downfall. Was the 549 a troublesome motor in the trucks? In at least one case, I think Palmer did something pretty stupid. When they marine-ized the C-60, they took the distributor off and mounted the alternator in it's place, and the distributor was moved to the out-drive. This is a major waste of design time and machining time and materials when all they had to do was leave the distributor where it was and mount the alternator any place else. I wonder if its possible some retarded design idea was laid deep within the 549 and caused all this trouble.

  13. Spicer pull clutch

    Yes , it is the kind where the clutch must be held released during adjustment. I do have the official adjuster bar, but the funny thing about it is that it may soon be relegated to someone's wrench display board at the local engine show; all the replacement clutches I have seen have the little ring and pinion do-hickey so a common box wrench can be used for adjustment.
  14. Spicer pull clutch

    It is the style with the castle-type adjusting ring. Clutch has not been adjusted for about 10 years, adjusting ring seems to be stuck in the clutch cover. Any ideas how to get it free, or do I have to pull trans? Thanks, Fritz
  15. Pipes in county ditches

    My farm is long and skinny and riddled with ditches. Hence, many odd-shaped fields (lots of point-rows). In one case I could have a nice, long, straight rectangle If I could connect two fields together. This would require about 200 ft. of enclosed ditch. Since there is already a bridge across this ditch, ( 36" concrete) would it be legal to "widen the bridge a little bit" with a few pieces of the same size pipe?