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  1. TD-15c Trans charge pump

    dhutch, been a while, so things must be going fairly good. I would check the converter and lub pressures first to make sure they are up to par. If lub pressure is in normal range, your pump is probably ok. The lub circuit is last to get oil. Another sign of a weak pump, or excessive internal leakage is the main pressure dropping off at idle and in gear. At least changing the pump is fairly easy but probably expensive. I see your handle has changed. Dennis
  2. International T6 project

    Very good. Our son will start his archery hunt in your state on Saturday, hope he is as successful. Now on with the red iron. Dennis
  3. International T6 project

    my oh my that is very nice, congratulations. What type of weapon? Dennis
  4. International T6 project

    That would get your heart thumping.
  5. International T6 project

    Good luck on the hunt. My son will be hunting around Jackson, Mt. a week from now. Dennis
  6. Torque1, Word of caution, Before you spend too much money on it be sure the undercarriage is good enough to do what you intend to use it for. Replacement undercarriage is non existent. Like already said, binderbooks have great reprints of most IH manual. Have fun with it and welcome to the board. Dennis
  7. Marty's Used Equipment

    I have purchased several items from him. Only one instance that the part was not usable and he made it right, no problem. Dennis
  8. Finally Got Er Done

    RedZee, Right now the truck is in a disassembled state. Cab off, engine and trans removed so I have a rolling frame basically. It will probably remain stock, make it safe, runnable, and look descent. When I move forward on it I may start a build thread. We'll see. Thanks for your interest. Dennis
  9. The thickness of the cutting edge is the determining factor for the tooth size, then go from there on what brand or style you like and availability is another thing to consider. JD Construction Dealers have most brands available, at least they use to. Dennis
  10. Payline name

    Good question Mark. I doubt Fiat though as the Payline Division went to Dresser Ind. not Tenneco. Dennis
  11. 1952 I/H T6 Crawler Project

    Very good and your wife will be proud that you saved some of her spending money. Nice place to do your drill work also. One other thing, you need to get a rag under those tools laying on your fender. lol Dennis
  12. Farmall Parts

    Using browse instead of search works for me. M and supers on page two. Dennis
  13. TD6 Final failure

    And then there were two. Have fun Dennis
  14. Grill tools and color

    Nice job, looks very good Now you will have to keep it on the grass and out of the dirt. Dennis