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  1. TD6 Dozer/Loader

    Chris, wishing you a successful surgery and quick recovery. The TD6 will be waiting your return. Dennis
  2. Beware of scammers!!! Tis' the season

    We had the same type of thing this week via e mail. Two different banks which we do not use. How they picked our e mail is a ?. Be careful out there. Dennis
  3. T340 questions

    I don't think teeing into the supply port is going to work for you. Flow will just go through the existing valve back to tank when you try to use your added valve. Path of least resistance. Like said, power beyond leaving your valve is best if equipped that way. Another option would be a diverter valve in your tilt circuit where you could use the tilt valve for tilt or angle but not both at same time. Best option is repair/replace the valve you have. All this is assuming it is an open center system which I think it is. Dennis
  4. Firing order for TD- engines

    I don't know of any IH engines that were different than what you said. Can't remember what the V8's were. I had an AC-B once that was different than I was use to. 1-2-4-3. Dennis
  5. Ih td 25c

    I don't think they interchanged but same design. Same with the converter and steering system. Kevin, Wish I would have saved some of that info from back then but who would of thought then that we would be talking about it on a forum today. Dennis
  6. The 295B had an Allison planetary 6 speed with lockup and a retarder. If my memory is not too old I believe the rest had Twin Disc, countershaft transmissions and converters. I don't recall any scrapers that had the Rockford components like the dozers and a lot of the loaders. Quite an article on scrapers in the latest Harvester Highlights magazine that I have not read yet but looks good. The Payhaulers also used Allison and Twin Disc depending on the truck model. I don't think any were IH designed but I suppose they could have had some input for applications. Dennis
  7. Thanks for posting this. I was just sure it would be coming to Washington. Guess not. The tractor was done up very nice. Congrats to new owner. Dennis
  8. Seal for td9

    IHKIWI, Here's a link to SKF site for bearing and seal interchange. Found 606293c92 changes to SKF 24370. Here Napa or Applied Technology use SKF numbers but any parts outlet should be able cross SKF over. Good luck-Dennis
  9. 1952 I/H T6 Crawler Project

    Good job on the video. Looks like the T6 was a great project for you and your whole family. Can't believe you got it all done in a garage in a neighborhood. I would have required much more space. Now, what to do with your time? Dennis
  10. Starting to fix steering clutch on TD-9

    Yup Redwood there's another one. Looks just like fishdoggy's. Pads and loader conversion must go together. Dennis
  11. Starting to fix steering clutch on TD-9

    Good job getting the clutches out. Your machine's back ground would be interesting, maybe military. I have never seen those pads and I have never seen an IH crawler with Hough loader. Most were Drott and later IH. Could be Hough was used before Drott came into the picture Now you can work on your clutches in the warm and dry. Have a good hunt. Dennis
  12. Starting to fix steering clutch on TD-9

    Yup, what Louie said. Did one side on a customers TD20 years ago, he wouldn't do both. Few months later we did the other side. At least the machine was fairly clean the second time in. Dennis
  13. BD144. Main bearing change w/out Crank removal?

    Use chip man's advise and loosen the other caps to roll the bearings out and in, will make it a lot easier. Don't take them all off at once. In order to plasti gauge the new inserts you will need to add a thin spacer, feeler gauge works if insert is installed, under one of the caps to force the crankshaft up to get a good reading on your plasti gauge of the others. Have fun looking up with oil dripping down. Dennis
  14. Coming to the end of my rope

    Success is a good feeling, now you can move on to the next thing of the process. Dennis
  15. Coming to the end of my rope

    I understand that not all crankshafts in C113's were drilled and tapped however all of mine are and are 1/2" course. If you decide to remove it again, do not use a puller attached to the outside diameter of the pulley, you'll break the pulley doing it that way. Others have good info. Did you get your valves adjusted? Dennis