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  1. Dad passed away

    JD, sorry fro your loss prayers sent.
  2. Reasonably priced oil filters canada

    Find yourself a A&I dealer they sell fleetguard filters
  3. In happy news

    I am very happy she isn't president
  4. cab identification

    looks to me it's a full vision brand
  5. Happy b/day rjpont,red tractor fever,red farmer

    Happy birthday to all.
  6. Happy Birthday

    Happy birthday to everybody
  7. Anyone with knowledge of dodge trucks

    I have bought the key fob from dodge before on a used cummins diesel. The fob was only 40.00 dollars and 25.00 to reprogram it.
  8. Happy Birthday ny bill o

    Happy Birthday Bill. And all you other guy's as well.
  9. Happy Birthday Smoker and others

    happy birthday to all
  10. Birthdays

    Happy birthday to all you guy's 10-31-17
  11. 56 series diamond cab vs 66 series cabs

    I have a diamond for a 66 series tractor. The roof is taller than the diamond cab roof for a 56 series.
  12. Blue jeans

    I get wrangler's from wal-mart .
  13. Today's Birthday Boys

    Thanks guys
  14. 730c

    I agree with all the above post your going to be short on h.p. We have a 730b that we pull here with a steiger 385.
  15. 2188 led lights