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  1. My new to me 1456

    Brian , I'll check on that air cleaner soon as I get a chance and let you know . Yes it has a factory 1000 pto .
  2. My new to me 1456

    Tony , I'm not sure about All the luck ! Things don't usually fall my way too often ! I went to school with his son & knew the man pretty well . He told me he wanted me to have it because i appreciate the international harvester heritage . I also think he likes talking IH too! I'm not sure if he would have sold it to anyone else, but cash talks so you never know! When I discovered it I really didn't think I could end up with it but Patience and respect prevails . Thanks mike Oh and yes I'll try to get a post on the restoration board going soon also..
  3. My new to me 1456

    Thanks , just stop & look at all of them and someday you might find one ! I had actually drove this one before & had no idea at that time .
  4. My new to me 1456

    Not really for sure , he said it came from a farm auction north of wamego kansas. ill have to ask his son I think he hauled it home. Probably had a dealer sticker on that missing side skirt lol!
  5. My new to me 1456

    Well , after roughly 2 years of waiting on this to happen ,I finally closed the deal & brought it home . Yes it' gold ! As for it's future it will be an ongoing project . I plan on getting the missing parts, the oil leaks fixed & new tires on it , front wts, rear split wts and just get it back looking good like it should . I want to say thanks to Brian long for the help answering all my questions
  6. Inversion tables

    How long do you hang on them each time?
  7. Amazon is considering Pittsburgh

    KC too
  8. How bout some good ole Kentucky tobacco

    So tobacco is all harvested by hand? No mechanical harvesters? Excuse my ignorance just no experience with it in kansas
  9. 66 series tach

    Today i see bates corp is selling new replacement lenses for the 66-86 tachs. Has anyone replaced one with these yet & how does the chrome ring come off without damaging it ? Im getting tired of the clouded one on mine &thinking about a replacement. Thanks Mike
  10. Vintage picture of new 1466's

    Not on the dealer lot , but was that morning
  11. Anybody have a junk #16 IH hay rake?

    Glad u brought this back to the top , i forgot about it. Ill look tomorrow. Well i took some pics for u but i dont see what you described. I don't recall ever seeing any other springs besides the small one on the screw crank. It might have been a better rake if it had had some though lol! Let me know if you see what u need or any other things
  12. Anybody have a junk #16 IH hay rake?

    Glad u brought this back to the top , i forgot about it. Ill look tomorrow
  13. Red Power Revisited, 2017

    Hmmm I'm not sure on that. Heck i looked at so many I'm not sure if it even had a tag like stated above. But i do know that the sign in the window said it was #00