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  1. How bout some good ole Kentucky tobacco

    So tobacco is all harvested by hand? No mechanical harvesters? Excuse my ignorance just no experience with it in kansas
  2. 66 series tach

    Today i see bates corp is selling new replacement lenses for the 66-86 tachs. Has anyone replaced one with these yet & how does the chrome ring come off without damaging it ? Im getting tired of the clouded one on mine &thinking about a replacement. Thanks Mike
  3. Vintage picture of new 1466's

    Not on the dealer lot , but was that morning
  4. Anybody have a junk #16 IH hay rake?

    Glad u brought this back to the top , i forgot about it. Ill look tomorrow. Well i took some pics for u but i dont see what you described. I don't recall ever seeing any other springs besides the small one on the screw crank. It might have been a better rake if it had had some though lol! Let me know if you see what u need or any other things
  5. Anybody have a junk #16 IH hay rake?

    Glad u brought this back to the top , i forgot about it. Ill look tomorrow
  6. Red Power Revisited, 2017

    Hmmm I'm not sure on that. Heck i looked at so many I'm not sure if it even had a tag like stated above. But i do know that the sign in the window said it was #00
  7. Red Power Revisited, 2017

    I guess i didn't get a pic of it , but i thought it was in the same spot as the others and had the last four #s of 8800
  8. Red Power Revisited, 2017

    Pretty sure i took a pic of it ,but ill have to look
  9. Friday Group photo

    Im. From SE. Kansas fort scott area . They (somebody) put a pipeline through here 4 or 5 years ago . Cant remember what it was for or where it was going but it ran on an angle heading south west
  10. Friday Group photo

    Who is the older gent in the cowboys hat?
  11. Friday Group photo

    Dang , was you the guy i bought a 706 manual with no covers from down on the west end?
  12. Friday Group photo

    Yep thats me , was u the ones hauling tractors? did u go west on 80? I decided 2 go south instead. How far was it slow for? I don't remember your face but i do remember caseysd there with a couple kids & wife. Guess we should have been wearing the name tags bj made for us
  13. Friday Group photo

    Yep , around 10:30
  14. Friday Group photo

    Fluorescent green on the end is me
  15. Engineers speaking at redpower

    It was recorded, go to harvester heritage. org that's where it's supposed to be. May be a while before it gets put on there though