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  1. Ruby Red's IH Equipment at Work

    awesome !
  2. Pictures of the TRX and other IHC prototypes

    one of the draws made by Gregg Montgomery to upholster the 56 series copyright Gregg Montgomery ((courtesy Herbert Starzinger) I prefer this line rather than the Case IH one !
  3. Pictures of the TRX and other IHC prototypes

    The 56 X was planned to serve the European market : they were unveiled in 1986 , with some upgrades, specially the brand new central front axle.
  4. Pictures of the TRX and other IHC prototypes

    Gregg Montmgomery himself has released a few months ago the (famous now) picture of the 5488 PS with improved cab - the letters scheme is the same used for the 1600 combines - however i own a rare pic of the 1400 series with such 1600 decos - unfortunately i have promised to keep this picture i can't publish it
  5. On my 3rd reading of this book

    my copy was purchased a long time ago with a reasonnable price at an IH memorabilia shop in Tigard Oregon ( reprint but excellent quality) i don't remember the name of the shop
  6. NAVISTAR, the rebirth of IH

    the way is paved : next subsidiary of VW-Man....
  7. IHC Nordhorn 11-13 August 2017 Germany

    i knew - in fact a 533 4rm
  8. Home from Rantoul ! 4500 miles round trip

    Thanks for sharing ! impressive pics God bless Danny and Akwelder ! We are going to plan to attend RPRU 2018 - and HCOP 2019 - let's tuned !
  9. IHC Nordhorn 11-13 August 2017 Germany

  10. IHC Nordhorn 11-13 August 2017 Germany

    Nordhorn 2017 - 1 /the German counterpart of the 504 : D-514 2/ 453 4wd prototype - will be upgraded in 533 4WD (1975) 3/ 433 vineyard with a tilted fiber hood 4/ a Farmall G (FG) post war production
  11. IHC Nordhorn 11-13 August 2017 Germany

    a nice place to be...!
  12. The holy grail. Everyone chime in.

    the original pic has been released by Gregg Montgomery chief IH designer at this time , a few weeks ago
  13. RP board meeting at HCOP

    I Agree ! this place looks better with the presence of Lady Ramos ! a special Hi to Smoker one, that i have met in 2016. enjoy Rantoul which seems to be a very special place this year..a place to be !
  14. Faucheux 85 S Loader Brackets

    Faucheux industries had never developped to my mind brackets for Farmall or wheatland 460/560 - In order to find any components to help you in building special brackets, contact Faucheux : SMA FAUCHEUX 40 Avenue Auguste WISSEL 69250 NEUVILLE-SUR-SAONE, France Support Faucheux Service Après Vente, Assistance et Pièces détachées FAUCHEUX Tél : +33 (0)4 26 55 36 51 – Fax : +33 (0)4 26 55 36 70 They'll tell you i hope the name of a correspondant company in North America Hope it will help you in the quest of this particular graal - SMA Faucheux has its parent company named ALAMO... a leader in manutention