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    I own a restored 1970 Massey Ferguson 1130 and tractors my family use to own over the years: 1066 white cab with duals, 806 with narrow front end, 706 german diesel with turbo, 686, 585, 560, 560 with duals and a boom lift, SM, M, SC and a brand new 1977 International 1700 with rollback bed and a 85 acre tobacco and cattle farm

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  1. Im not a big admirer of the IH V8 tractors cause I think the tractor was a waist of time and money for IH, they should've been out trying to put a powershift transmission in the larger ag tractors. I think they should've come out with the 88 series in Oct of 1976 and the Magnum in 1981, ya know it was on the drawing board in 1985. But anyway this 1468 caught my eye with its shiny detail and just look at that fine shiny operators station and hydraulic seat
  2. Would these fields have been the seen of fighting in either WWI and WWII and if so are there still undetonated ordance still hidden under the ground?
  3. This picture is said to be shot in June 9, 1975 at the MF plant in Iowa I think it said
  4. Its ashame that more of these beasts weren't saved and put in museums, they did nothing but beat the Japanese in the Pacific and dropped the first Atomic bomb so there should be more for show. My Uncle flew in one in WWII and Korea and we have pics of him in it while they are flying and he was the tailgunner in WWII and I had another Uncle flying B-17s over Germany and his brother did that also but his plane went down in 1945 and the German people in the village where it crashed said they saw parachutes coming out and said the German SS got to them immediately and apparently killed all the survivors
  5. The ole boy on the 756 has the new IH radio on the fender and both are running L4 and the eight has them real old Goodyear diamond sided duals and both are with tilt steering, ya gotta wonder if during there prototype trial runs if none of their prototypes ever got wobbly like everyone I ever seen
  6. I remember watching this show when I was real young and this must be in the late 60s and the 656 looks like its been serviced with the front and rear weights but they forgot to turn the wheels around, they had the wheels turned around on the 686/Hydro86s that ever was delivered to our shop. Back in their day these 656s were some good ole tractors there were quite a few of them in our neck of the woods and about a 1/3 of them were Hydros
  7. Big Barney is suppose to be cranking 550hp with that Cat engine, cant ya hear those drivetrains out of a 1486 screamin for relief. Looks like it hooked right up with no tell tale sign of a repower from my eyepoint
  8. Id always heard he sold his tractor to somebody else but this is the Rooster and Coleman Wheatley is the owner it says and he named it Never say Never cause he said he would never pull anything but John Deere. He had a John Deere 4240 called the Delaware Ether Eater
  9. In a hundred years that will be one of the most sought after family photos in your family, but its a cool picture here in 2017
  10. L.D. Nation on Big Foot his International 1086 at the 1983 Indy Super Pull
  11. Post said it set in a barn practically all its life and it has only 226 hours on tach and was bought new in 1983 but its a 1981 so sat on the lot for a year or so and the tractor is in Cleveland, Texas with a price of only $24,000. Looks right to me and those tires are original and they aint never seen no work and check out the rearend, completely clean....................I have to believe this article myself. I helped service new tractors at Dads dealership when we sold a new one and we sold quite a few 8s, 9s, and 1086s and this looks like something that's just left the lot from being sold new to me and the scratchs to the rearend were probably from a 3pt brushhog or something heavy cause it does have 226 hours and those straight pipes deteriorated quite rapidly when used in the beginning. But it just looks to clean in to many places that are hard to keep clean on a working tractor
  12. Me and my girlfriend are going, we were going to go to yesterdays but things come up and decided to make the pull today
  13. I can think of only one of these that's ever been in my county, been a few 1586s though and still are. Bet that guy is in that cab sayin heck L3 is to slow and H1 is to fast, I think I should've took that salesman up on that trade for the 1466.........haha
  14. Now that's a cool, gotta feel that raw power coming at ya in the picture and please take those homely lookin front fenders off that sharp machine
  15. OK, back in 1985 when IH turned into CIH just how did CaseIH determine if there was a town that had a IH dealer and on the other side of town there was a Case dealer, who ended up getting the CaseIH franchise cause apparently one of these two had to part ways cause you know you cant have two dealers in one town. We closed in 1984 so I would not this answer that's kinda bugged me for 32 years.