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    I live in south central Kentucky and sell used farm machinery for a living
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    I own a restored 1970 Massey Ferguson 1130 and tractors my family use to own over the years: 1066 white cab with duals, 806 with narrow front end, 706 german diesel with turbo, 686, 585, 560, 560 with duals and a boom lift, SM, M, SC and a brand new 1977 International 1700 with rollback bed and a 85 acre tobacco and cattle farm

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  1. That looks as tough as they come, what a restoration job and its over on tractorhouse I think for twenty some thousand.
  2. Friend's corn and cotton

    I lived in Arkansas for a couple years but came back to Kentucky after my divorce and the CaseIH dealer said the biggest picker then in 2001-02 was a eight row so when did the 12 row picker come out?
  3. 806 pulling tractor in 1965

    This is Bob Campbell going pulling in 1965 with that sweet looking 806 and later on in 1973 with a green one a 4020
  4. That is Don Berry from Missouri pulling a MF 2805 with a three turbo setup and it was the first 2805 off the assembly line and he bought it new for a little over $20,000 and it was a demo tractor when he bought it. Berry pulled this tractor for many years and I think he sold it to maybe the Kuhns who run a MF dealership in either In. or Ill.
  5. When we opened our dealership in late 1975 our area IH representative was a big fellow named Ron Asherman and if ya ever met him you wouldn't forget him, big and boisterous. My Dad ordered a Hydro70 and a blackstripe 766 right off the bat and the Hydro70 showed up but the 766 wasn't on the truck and come to find out Asherman redirected it to a friends dealership in Indiana and my Dad found out about it and contacted Corporate and I think they replaced him I think, it made my Dad really mad. Last I heard of him he was transferred to Indiana somewhere back in the day and don't know whatever happen to him
  6. My answer to that would be Yes Id consider some of these tractors back in the 70s to have been big money eaters. If you see a 966, 1066, or 1466 stripped down to pull and pull only then those owners had to have had some money thrown into their weekend hobby. I think when the NTPA was organized and they started giving out points to the winners and if you went to about every major pull back then you had to have some serious money to play with a $10 to $15 thousand dollar brand new tractor fresh off the dealer and then Hypermax started the turbo race which started out with only two turbo setup and then Danny Dean showed up to the Indy Super Pull in 1977 or 1978 with a three turbo system and the smoke stack came out of the left side engine panel so everybody nicknamed the three turbo setup Left Hand Power. Meantime John Deere pullers were coming up with new more power ideas to beat the red edge and Allis Chalmers 426c.i. diesel engine was really the only thing capable of out pulling the 400 series IH engines but now with a four turbo system and every other thing tweeked to the max those AC engines cant pull against a modern 400 series IH engine. The engineer who designed and built the 400 and 300 series IH diesel engines was non other than Jerry LaGod who also founded and still owns Hypermax engineering that started in the late 60s. His first on track guineau pig was John Thompson who pulled a 1466 than come in first or almost first in about every pull it entered. This is a long story an I could type for days on end about the early days of pulling up until today. Im one helluva a pulling fan and have been since I went to my first pull at age 10 in Somerset, Kentucky
  7. 1. ?Donnie Thomas on a 56 series with intercooler plumbing going into the top of the hood 2. Dale Haley on a D21 back in the mid70s 3. Don Berry on his MF2805 called Old Number 1 running three turbos 4. Kenny Smith of Caledonia, Ohio on his 4230, I remember this pic in The Puller 5. Harold McQueen on a good running 4230 with two turbos 6. Allis-Chalmers D21 at the Super Pull on the smoke tube 7. Bert Staffer on the Underdog
  8. How bout some good ole Kentucky tobacco

    No you cant get a nicotine buzz but you will get gum all over ya hands and ya have to take a knife and cut it off the sides of your fingers after working all day in it. Don't wear no bright colored clothes or white t shirt itll be ruined, I use to wear my oldest clothes and throw them away at the end of the day
  9. This is a nice twenty acre patch of tobacco I saw the other day and its already been topped so next step is drop sticks and then cut and house it, and trust me on a hot humid day this is the most hardest work you can find on the farm or maybe any other job. I did it for years and even grew it years ago an Im proud to say I aint been in no tobacco patch in probably ten years and don't plan on being in one either
  10. Nice low houred CIH MX270

    Its on tractorhouse in the over 175hp tractors under MX270
  11. Tony just got done chopping the other day and hadn't yet put the chopper up and that Magnum he both from original owner up in Southern Indiana and it was a planter tractor all its life. He chops about 250 to 300 acres of silage and milks around 250 Holsteins and raises some grain also. He said he hasn't touched that pump but he says it got to be cranking about 220 horsepower and he has the duals and weight package when he needs it but don't need all that weight chopping. Besides this tractor he has a brand new 125hp McCormick 4x4 with loader and a two yr old 125hp Challenger with loader and a MF 5465 4x4 with loader and a decent 1486 and a 986 and a 275 and a 175 an a 584 an some other older tractors
  12. Nice low houred CIH MX270

    I like the looks of these more than the new ones out today and at least it aint got a 55 gallon drum for a muffler
  13. This clean tractor is in its original tires and has only 1,738 hours on the tach and the interior is in as good a shape as the sheetmetal is. There were a few of these Hydros around my part of the country back in the 70s and 80s and we bought at auction a 1026 from Indiana and sold it to a farmer and it was his first hydro and he loved it, would pull 6-14s at 7mph. But this Hydro is in perfect condition for being 41 years old. The price is $27,000. Aint that cab in good shape and the vinyl shroud is still in good shape that wraps around the shift lever and throttle area
  14. Son in laws first pull

    Rick where are the winning pictures
  15. This picture was taken around the 1966/67 timeframe and its a MF1130 with a Perkins 540c.i. V8 engine and this was at the plant around or close to Detroit. Glad MF didn't go with those dual mufflers hood mounted, you wouldn't be able to see if they did that. I think the 1150 came into production in 1969 and was produced up to 1972 when they introduced the 1155 in early 1973