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  1. Building a Sentry Module

    I hope this picture works for you. The second picture is of the one in my 5088 Case IH part doesn’t show a number on the larger transistor
  2. Building a Sentry Module

    I have 4 sitting in my shop. I will try and get you some pictures this week.
  3. Electrical issue with 1666

    Check the positive and negative cables at the batteries. I have had them get corroded inside the flag and loose contact. There is also a single wire that feeds the digital display at the batteries that goes bad. Load test batteries, have seen a bad cell do funny things in the cab also.
  4. Sept/Oct 1975

    So this is where it all started for me. This picture was taken in September/October of 1975 it went missing for quite some time. My dad found it a couple months ago and had it blown up for me. I received it for my birthday and I think this is the best gift ever. Thanks Dad for everything.
  5. Sept/Oct 1975

    The 1256's are long gone and I don't have any clue to where they may be. I wish I did. Thank you for all the comments. When Dad gave me this original picture and one he had enlarged and framed it brought a tear to my eye. I'm not sure what the deal was with the decal on the hood. I asked dad but he wasn't sure. By the way I was 4 when this was taken.
  6. Unknown IH shop tool fluid dispenser

    I have one that is yellow with the IH decal on it. I will try and get a picture tomorrow evening. Cool find.
  7. 7120 combine a/c evaporater

    Check the right side where the evaporator slides into the cab. Make sure it is sealed up good.
  8. New to me 4186

    Brought this old girl home tonight. Anyone with any tips or advice? I know the steering is something to be desired and don't want to hear to get rid of it. Thanks for the advice in advance.
  9. New to me 4186

    Thanks, 28L-26
  10. New to me 4186

  11. New to me 4186

    I have the original owners manual and have been looking through it.
  12. New to me 4186

    Yes, we have been using our 5088 for all tillage and planting. This will allow us to work ground right ahead of the planter now. Instead of possibly drying the ground out before the planter can get to it. Very small farm here.
  13. New to me 4186

    It's pretty flat where we live also. That was in the list of things to do.
  14. Power steering kits

    It may be the cap wire you are describing. Just a piece of square wire to hold the cap in.
  15. 7120 tractor hot hyd oil

    Are your rear axle housings hot to the touch? If so your brakes may be dragging. To correct this blow the dirt off the top of the brake valve on front of the cab. Then adjust to where the pins are free to spin. If you had a temp gun that would help. Hydraulic Oil will run about 100* over ambient temperature from what I have been around. Good luck
  16. Dry camping at Half Century of Progress show

    I could make room at my shop for a few campers if needed. It is about 3.5 miles from the show and quiet. PM me if interested
  17. sentry module

    It would be nice to know this. I have 3 sitting in my shop. I wonder if someone has the drawings for them. I know Mike links is rebuilding them somehow.
  18. 1200 stacker planter

    You should just need the correct planter firmware installed on your pro600 and update the planter to match. Harness should be on the tractor already. Look on the rear for a plug with a lever on the right side of it. This is where you will plug planter harness into. Good luck
  19. I'm ISO a good working fold control box for an 800 horizontal rear fold planter. I have a good working one, but it has spent some time outdoors and the face plate has seen better days.
  20. ISO 800 horizontal rear fold planter control

    Thank you
  21. ISO 800 horizontal rear fold planter control

    Thanks for the replies. For some reason I didn't get any notifications.
  22. 900 cyclo 1206-826

    Woolly79 what brand is your planter cart ? Would you be interested in selling it ? I have a 12 rn vert. fold planter and am looking for a cart. Thanks
  23. 900 cyclo 1206-826

    Woolly79 what brand is your planter cart ? Would you be interested in selling it ? I have a 12 rn vert. fold planter and am looking for a cart.
  24. 2X88 transmission output shaft change

    Ask your dealer for the proper procedure to do this job. You will need a porta power with a pressure gauge plumed in to get it apart and when putting back together. Also will use it to leak check it. Don't pump up over 300 psi as you could damage the brake seals or the aluminum housing. I've seen it done before where pressure was high and broke the housing. Kid at work wasn't using the manual when leak checking. Not a bad job just takes the proper tools and time.
  25. D312 or D360 with stock turbo?

    A D360 and a D361 in an 806 are two totally different engines. 806 never came from the factory with a D360.