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  1. Quite an Auction the other day

    Of course, you're right.......I goobered. Still a nice tractor, selling well. Forgive me?
  2. Quite an Auction the other day

    Horsch Auction in Kansas We followed this online sale Thursday. Pretty interesting..........probably the highest-selling, low-houred 1568 we've seen.
  3. 1206 Registry and Other Model Registries

    I wasn't clear, Tony. I'm sorry. We got the SERIAL NUMBER for Reaper, not the tractor!!! It was a very nice 1206, nice paint job, well done, and likely sold under the money. We didn't even buy a sandwich, let alone a tractor!!
  4. We got a 1206 SN for Red Reaper to add to the registry yesterday at an auction. I went to the clerks' tent to see if they'd tell me at least the general area or maybe the town where the tractor was going. Of course, they looked at me kinda funny when I said I didn't care about the buyer's name or anything else, I would just like to know the town. Then I explained to them the theory behind the various model registries and how they've helped people out over the years. They thought that was the neatest idea and were really impressed that there were folks who were committed to keeping track of such things. Just thought I'd let the Registry Keepers know that they were gettin' some love from folks who aren't necessarily "tractor people". Side note: this was the Lee and Velma Zylstra auction at Alta Iowa. An interesting sale, with a lot of really, really good looking red paint. And disaster avoided when one buyer finally decided to winch his new treasure onto his trailer instead of watching his son (I assume) spin and spin trying to get it to climb up the incline. Was kind of a tense couple of minutes till they changed procedure.
  5. A horse farming question.

    My maternal grandfather raised, worked and showed Belgians almost all his life. He generally raised his own replacement stock. The local draft horse association here owned a stud, and it was kept at Grandpa's brother's farm during the '20s and '30s. The stud was of Farceur lineage, which was very popular and successful in the early 20th century and was always Grandpa's favorite line. His livelihood depended on horses up until 1944 when he got his first tractor. He still worked the horses after the tractor was there, and much preferred them to the mechanics of the tractor. He did own a second tractor, a 1946 Minnie-Mo U, which our sons now own. Grandpa had his last team in 1967 at the age of 68 and they didn't work in the field, but were shown. He won the annual Spring show at Waverly Iowa with them that year. The picture is me on my Grandpa's lap planting corn in 1954, behind Nora and Judy.
  6. Iowa "Tony Award"

    Thanks for the kind words about our little Grove. We've enjoyed it and had a lot of interesting conversations about it. We've owned it for more than 20 years, but the resto work was only done ahead of the Union Grove show last year. And I sure like that 1206, too!!!
  7. Kudos to CHAPTER 5

    Thanks, All!! It was a tremendous job to pull off, and there were some things that didn't work out as well as we would have liked, but there were many things that went really, really well. We sure hope everyone enjoyed their time with us, and had a good time, and saw tractors and parts and all the IH things they like. To those I've visited with before but didn't get a chance to see this year, I missed you all. We'll see you in Montgomery in 2018!
  8. A Big thanks from Triple R Tractors

    Thanks, Mike! It was truly a lot of work, and it's really hard for people who've never worked on anything like this to understand what all goes into it. This year, I'd have liked to have had twin shows.......the one I had responsibilities in, and one that I could do my normal RPRU and visit w/all the vendors and exhibitors. But I don't think I could have survived 2!! ;^) Hope to see y'all soon!!
  9. HELP! - RPRU Saturday Parade Pics????

    My camera card decided to not cooperate Saturday morning at the parade at RPRU. Card requires formatting, so I'm gonna lose all my pics. Does anyone happen to have pics of the 2-1206 with the cute young man driving, the restored 1468 with the cute young man driving, and/or the 1456 Wheatland Goldie with the cute old man driving taken anywhere during the parade route???? If you do, could you please share them with me? They're the only ones that I'm going to lose that I'm really crying over. Thanks a BUNCH for any help anyone can provide!!
  10. A Big thanks from Triple R Tractors

    Can't believe I didn't make it past your set up to say 'hi', Mike. I didn't see much of the show, as I was earlobe deep in various committee activities. Missed you and the family! Hope it was a good show for you and all the vendors. We had a good time putting it together!
  11. Red Power Round Up 2017 Information

    As far as I know, attendance numbers and tractor numbers aren't available yet, but we'll try to get them posted when they are.
  12. Red Power Round Up 2017 Information Here's the auction bill. There's a lot of big and small items on it!
  13. Red Power Round Up 2017 Information

    There's a Jethro's location in Altoona now, It's called Jethro's and Jake's Smokehouse Steaks and it's on Adventureland Drive. I've not been there, but it is part of the same regional chain, so should at least be similar, I'd think.
  14. Red Power Round Up 2017 Information

    Thanks, kracked1, for that info. It's always good to have first-hand knowledge. I can only imagine what kind of crowd that truck show pulled in. Gate #2 is where both exhibits/displays and spectators will enter for RPRU. Gettin' closer............only a little over 2 weeks now!!
  15. Red Power Round Up 2017 Information

    I've attached the updated map of the Iowa State Fair Grounds where RPRU '17 will be held June 15 - 16 - 17. Spectators may enter the grounds thru Gate #2, Gate #4 from the Campgrounds, #11 at Grand Avenue, or Gate #16 after coming in off University thru Gate #2. Parking is very ample all along the north side of the Fairgrounds. Shuttles will run from the spectator parking area and from the trailer parking area. Exhibitors will enter the Fairgrounds on the north side of the grounds off University Avenue/Hwy 163, at Gate #2. You'll then take an immediate right turn to the Exhibit Registration Bldg at Gate #9. Pre-registered units will be in one line and will only have to grab their pre-completed packet.....should be less than 5 minutes in that spot. Units that aren't pre-registered will be in another line and will stop at the Registration Bldg to complete registration forms, so this is why we've so actively encouraged everyone to get their displays pre-registered. Just so much more efficient and quick for everyone. Get those registrations in as soon as you can! Trailer parking will be in a fenced, locked, hard-packed gravel lot on the south side of Dean Avenue. That gate is on the south side of Dean Avenue, directly across from Rock Island Avenue. Rental golf carts will be picked up at point #8 on the map, behind the Department of Natural Resources Bldg. You'll register your personally-owned golf cart or UTV at the Public Safety Bldg, point #7. Remember to bring your driver's license and proof of insurance showing your UTV specifically covered. "Gray to Red Anniversary" and the Farmall H restoration will be in the Pavilion. Feature tractors...all 56 Series, and especially 656......will display on the Grand Concourse in center of the attached map. Indoor vendors, Chapter tables and some tractors will be in the Varied Industries Bldg. Women's events and workshops and the IH Seminars you're all looking forward to will be in the VIB as well. We'll board the tour buses across Grand Avenue from west end the VIB, in front of the Department of Resources Building, and return there as well. There are still a few seats available for the Des Moines Gardens & Decor tour, but please register soon so we can finalize with our bus company. Firestone Ag Tire and Bridges of Madison County tours are filled up. Outdoor vendors will be on the Ruan Plaza south and east of the VIB The East SkyGlider will be in operation during the show, which should provide some spectacular photo ops for everyone. The ticket booth i There will be several food vendors on the grounds and at least two of them are expected to serve breakfast along with the other meals. The auction will be in and around the 4-H Bldg in the lower left on our map, or the southwest corner of the Fairgrounds. Cub Cadets will be in the Walnut Center, which is southeast of the VIB. Kids games and activities are centered around the Agriculture Building and the Fun Forest . Show Book photos will be taken at the east side of the Fairgrounds, up on Pioneer Hill near the east terminus of the SkyGlider. For you campers, the Campgrounds entrance is on the south side of the grounds, on Dean Avenue. The Campground entrance is at the far lower right hand corner of the attached map. Once your campsite is set up, you'll enter the Show site thru Gate #4. Shuttles will be provided from the main part of the Show area back to the Campgrounds on a regular schedule. There's lots of shade on the grounds, the magnificent huge porch of the Administration Building is lined with comfortable benches and is several steps above grade to give you a wonderful view of all the outdoor displays, and rest rooms are plentiful, roomy, clean and accessible. There's a great deal of hard-surface area on the Fairgrounds, so even if it rains, we won't be in a muddy situation. Make your plans early, we want to see all of you Red Tractor fans in Des Moines in less than a month!!!