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  1. Got the parts from Montes. They worked great and Jerry knew exactly what I needed. Montes 800-228-2625
  2. I sent them an email. Thanks. By the way I really like the loader mount on the 2+2.
  3. Have a bent intake push tube and broken exhaust valve spring on #1 cylinder on a Continental 3.2L 4-cyl diesel in 350 Utility. Any advice where to find parts for this engine?
  4. 450 lp operation

    Thanks for all the help. It is a conversion. How do I tell if it has a LP head? What if it doesn't? Would it hurt anything to run a gas head on LP? What would it take to convert it back to gas?
  5. 450 lp operation

    I have bought a 450 with a LP conversion. How are the liquid and vapor valves supposed to be used? Any other help or advice would be greatly appreciated.