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  1. Ether (starting fluid) sickness?

    We buy it by the case, use it all the time, have never even got light headed from using it, not to say we have had a few flash fires from it.
  2. Devon's Tractor Parts - Awesome Customer Service

    Todd, thank you for the kind words, I try to be fair with everyone. When we set up the shipping costs on the web site, we had to set the shipping to the dollar amount, so a lot of the time especially on decals the shipping cost will be off. I'M not going to profit off of shipping, I do not like it done to me... Happy Holidays
  3. Devon's Tractor Parts

    Any time, enjoy helping people.
  4. Devon's Tractor Parts

    Just want to say thank you to all the customers and friends that stopped by the trailer last week, it was good to see everyone again When we were cleaning up, someone left 2 mufflers under the goose neck of my trailer. Call me if it was you. Thanks again. Devon & Tracey
  5. Where to buy

    Looks Good Bill, I never get to see the finished product.
  6. KB 8 Engine Size

    We have a gas engine out of a KB 8, 1948. On the tag it reads RD 150, I know it is a Red Diamond, I do not believe it is a 150 cu. in. Is it missed marked? What size is it? Thanks
  7. Devon"s Tractor Parts From a Drone

    They are all full or stuffed is a better word, IM going to do one more small building for sandblasting hope to do it this summer, if time allows.
  8. Devon"s Tractor Parts From a Drone

    It would not go any higher than 400 feet,
  9. Devon"s Tractor Parts From a Drone

    It would not go any higher than 400 feet,
  10. Devon"s Tractor Parts From a Drone

    It was cool to watch him use it, IM like you it could be used in a bad way really easy.
  11. Tracey took this pic last week of our shop, she thinks IM color blind, what do you think. The M we just finished, it leaves early next week. The Ford was in for a clutch, the Massey lost its front wheel drive, The Deere has engine failure, F20 engine rebuild,
  12. Had a buddy stop by with a drone wanted to take a few pics, I had never seen one in action, really neat toy. The L shaped building is the main shop, and offices. The building by its self is for used parts and tractors waiting their turn.
  13. Farmall belly pump drive shaft

    Did you take the drive off, it screws into the shaft.
  14. DV 550 and 9.0L parts

    You are right Danny,
  15. Does anyone have the part # for the air cleaner hose on a TD 5, Part # of the gen belt as well, Thank you Devon's Tractor Parts