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  1. tricycle front axle

    Kiwi A few things to try: 1. Check the tire pressure in the front tires and make sure that they are the same. I have already checked your front tires and they are the same size, so that is good. 2. Check the steering shaft and U - joint for loose motion. 3. Pull off the hood and front grille. Remove the top cover from the worm gear housing and check the sector gear and the worm gear for looseness. The sector gears are bad for getting loose on the pedestal shaft. Make sure that the top bolt and thick washer are not bottoming out on the pedestal shaft. The bolt should pull the sector gear tight on the splines. The worm gear shaft should be held tight ( front to rear ) by a good ball bearing. There was a good article in a copy of the Red Power Magazine about how to repair a loose worm gear to sector gear fit. I feel like it was in an issue this year. GT&T
  2. 986 exhaust

    Jesse I would weld that crack with an Oxy-Acyletene torch and you may get a lot more hours out of it. GT&T
  3. Looking for

    Thanks for the information. It sounds like they may have set on the lot a while, for someone to remember them. When was the cab added to the one? GT&T
  4. 1700 loadstar front wheel cylinders

    Hardknocks This isn't what asked for, but these wheel cylinders are easily rebuilt, if the cylinder casting hasn't been corroded beyond honing. You should be able to get wheel cylinder cups or kit from a good parts store. The older the business the better. GT&T
  5. Looking for

    That is a nice set of pictures and information that you have put together. I see that the two that you have were sold from the same dealership and within 3 months of each other. Do you have any records from Arnold's of Kimball that would indicate that they may have sold 15699? GT&T
  6. Cattle drive today

    Dale Where is this ranch located? A bucket of feed works wonders, doesn't it? GT&T
  7. 756 Build-Out

    Leeave Have you thought about buying a used combine and pulling the engine out of it? Install this engine in your tractor and then sell the combine and your old engine. You could have 966 horsepower and weight in your good 756. For cheap. GT&T
  8. Spit and quit on M

    Oldtech I would suggest that you are having problems with carburetor ice. This will build up in the venturi of the carburetor and will be very difficult to see or observe on an up draft carburetor. What type of intake and exhaust manifold are you using? If you are running an L P Gas intake and exhaust and intake manifold this problem will be very pronounced. If the heated portion of your intake manifold that is surrounded by the exhaust manifold, is plugged with rust and corrosion etc. then this corrosion will act as an insulator. Then the intake manifold will not be heated quickly enough to prevent the icing of your intake and will not transfer heat to the carburetor. GT&T
  9. Loadstar 1800 Transmission Options

    Bill If my "rememberer" is working correctly. There are a lot of service bulletins from IH about the 13495 and 13496 transmission codes, or T 495 and T 496 Models. The final service bulletin recommendation was for 15W 40 engine oil as a lubricant, due to what Kevin has said. The first problems we had at the dealership was solved by an IH service bulletin that said to install a 3/4" NPT 45* elbow in the oil fill hole, which when filled to the top of the new elbow would increase the oil capacity by 2 more pints. And then drain the oil out of the case and refill with 15W 40 engine oil. The new transmission cases had the oil fill hole raised up in the case which would raise the oil level by 2 pints. You can tell the new cases from the old ones by looking at the oil fill plug hole, the new case will have the oil fill hole located up toward the top of the "boss". GT&T
  10. Dennis Your first check should be to check the float for being flooded, with gasoline or water. When these tractors were designed and built there was never such a thing as " Unleaded Gasoline" to be used in farm tractors. In fact lead additive was used to prevent detonation in gasoline engines and prevent the engines from destruction. Then in the 1970's lead was removed from gasoline for pollution reasons. Now my next suggestion is what I have personally noticed after decades of experience with these carburetors. After we started using this new "Unleaded Gasoline", first one tractor and then the next one to use it, and then the next one, each one would start leaking fuel out the weep hole in the carburetor. When I would start to rebuild these carburetors, I had the same problem as you, they would all leak out of the weep hole after being rebuilt. My solution to the problem was to set the float setting such that the float sat lower in the bowl. If the spec.'s called for 1/4" then I will set the float to 5/16" or 3/8". In my mind I feel that the newer gasoline will not float the float as high, and thus the fuel level comes up enough that it will leak out. GT&T
  11. 282D engine trouble in a 706 Farmall

    Nelson What Steelfronts is talking about is called, the housing pressure cold advance. If the check valve in this fitting is plugged with what looks like coffee grounds then the sealastic ring that drives the weight retainer is failing or has failed completely. You can clean the valve out with a seal pick and compressed air. If the engine starts and runs, then that is your problem. Next I would plan on removing the injection pump and having it rebuilt. The weight retainer is running on metal to metal contact and it will self destruct. GT&T
  12. Pto clutch change help 1086

    Donnie Thank you for taking the time to get back to the people who helped answer your question. You would be surprised how many times I have taken hours to dig through a lifetime of manuals to find information for someone, then they wouldn't even say thank you. And I also know the same has happened to many others on here. And again late is better than never. GT&T
  13. 560 gasser upgrade

    I think he was referring to the cubic inch displacement of the later 706 tractors, which was 291 Cu. In. GT&T
  14. Farmall 140 R.O.P.S Finished

    Matt That is very nice job, thanks for restoring that ROPS, and keeping the old original equipment where we can enjoy it just as it came from the factory. You now have one of a very few 140's that are equipped with a factory ROPS. Fred
  15. Matt Now that there is the stuff. Tell the home town crowd that they " Done Good". Thanks for posting and for all those that contributed so much effort. Wish we could have been there, but we are right in the middle of picking corn and combining soybeans. Fred & Christine