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  1. grassland is largest butter manufacture in the U.S. what i read is may 1 they are dropping those 70 farms. gave month notice. not much help with all the milk out there.said the farms that are farthest from plant were let go first. we ship to Belgioioso in Denmark and field man said back in feb. they were taking milk from Mi. for 3.00 cwt less. now it is between 5 to 6.00 a cwt. Belgioioso is building there 6th. plant suppose to be ready to go shortly. field man said they have a new contract with one of the major pizza makers. its time things get better.
  2. we put 22" on the 496 rock flex disk and all is good.
  3. looks like a new one.
  4. put a load on it. hook it to something that will allow tractor to start with machine empty then engage pto and feed machine. maybe pto will break loose.
  5. no was never to hortonville plant.yes the shop is on 54 west of green bay. the plant is in green bay. have no idea what is in it now.
  6. Have one from a6588.if intrested let me know
  7. The 606 should be the same as a 460 utility. Have a 504 and on the pto unit there is a big plug on top. There is a special tool from IH that goes into big plug to make adjustments without removing pto unit.came with tractor.
  8. green bay. we worked west of green bay and east to the lake and into kewaunee and door counties.
  9. when i worked for larson i cut peas with a 2-70 white also hydro 70 and 766.
  10. fmc pea viners.frank hamachekco. of kewaunee sold out to fmc. when i worked for the larson co.they had the same ones.they also had mostly ih tractors.
  11. I'm going today. If you would like to meet up, there will be a 1206 tractor that I helped restore there for a raffle project for the Luxemburg-Casco FFA Almuni. On the poster is a phone number, give me a call, we could meet there. It is going to be parked outside by one of the hangers, I'm not sure which one. One of the other alumni members was bringing it this morning for me because it had to be there earlier than I could be. Hope to see you there.
  12. got the same drill and it works good very handy. have no where near the use on mine as your nephew has.
  13. i madeone years ago with a flat bar 3/8 x 2. drilled center holes to fit where drum bolts on. the flat bar has to be the same length as drum diameter. drill a 3/8 hole in the end of flat bar that would line up with were the rubber seal on the seed drum touch the fire wall. next take 3/8 ready bolt about 2" longer than the depth of seed drum and bolt it to flat bar. set it so you have .010 from fire wall. use feeler gauge between ready bolt and fire wall as you turn keep checking the gap to make sure fire wall is true to gauge. if all is true make sure gasket is good and it should work . i put 2 900 planters together for our dealer an they didnt have one so i made one.
  14. 826 #16194 my dad bought be for I was around. He bought it used from weyes equipment in kaukauna Wisconsin. Tractor is located in manitowoc county Wisconsin. That's all I know for prior history. 358 German diesel, gear drive, wide front, single hydrolics, 18.4 34 rears, 3 point hitch, had a turbo, don't know what kind off hand, turbo has been removed, everything works, needs good cleaning. Never had a cab. My 826 I bought almost 1 year ago. #8355 bought it from the river falls Wisconsin area and brought it back to Kewaunee county previous owner had it little over a year only. Wide front 358 german diesel never opened up, original paint on the gasket edges and radiator hoses. Gear drive 2 hydrolics fast hitch. 18.4 34 rears. Cab removed. Accidentily ran across cab for sale on tractor house at knights tractor located in ellsworth Wisconsin. Pictures taken before removed from tractor and several things are exact as my tractor, bent hydrolic coupler, blown hose, same mismatched tires, etc cab is a qt1 year a round. Ellsworth is same area as where I perched from. Tractor overall clean, but needs some tlc.
  15. 83 5488 also another 54 50 and 2 52s in the neighborhood.