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  1. Below is an article about the recent tractor restoration project completed by the Luxemburg-Casco FFA Alumni and FFA chapter. Also, I have included some of the before, during, and after pictures of the tractor. This was in the May/June issue of Red Power Magazine. ........................................................................................................................................ The Luxemburg-Casco FFA Alumni decided to do another tractor restoration. This 1966 Farmall 1206 makes it the fifth tractor that the Luxemburg-Casco FFA power mechanics class and the alumni restored together. The goal is to do a restoration of a tractor as a fundraiser to provide monetary support for FFA student trips and scholarships. The program has been very successful thus far, and we believe this tractor will bring a profit for our organization like the previous four tractors have. Once the alumni decides on a tractor to search for, the alumni purchases the tractor for the project and pays for all of the repairs. Traditionally, the last tractors have been done in the shop at the high school, but this year, because of scheduling changes, it was done at an alumni member’s shop where the students came out to the farm to help work on it. The students work alongside alumni members to make the repairs. It has been a great learning experience for the students. These tractor restoration projects have provided the students with a great hands-on learning experience outside of the classroom walls. The students had the opportunity to work with experienced adults which created a great learning environment for everyone involved. We also had a mechanical engineering student from UW-Platteville working with us. The Farmall 1206 was purchased from a tractor jockey in Indiana, sight unseen. We were told it needed a clutch and TA, but everything else was good. Once the tractor arrived, we quickly learned that was not the case. It also needed a rear axle replaced because the one on it was from a newer tractor. The PTO wouldn’t work, and the head gasket leaked. The list of all the new and rebuilt parts goes on and on. Raffle tickets for the 1206 are $10 per ticket or 4 tickets for $35. Winning ticket will be drawn on October 8th at our annual toy show. Winner need not to be present to win, but winner is responsible for transporting/shipping the tractor home. To purchase tickets or for more information, please call 920-845-2240 or email us at View photos here: .
  2. With all of the pictures and the article I want to attach, the grand total is 400.4 KB...
  3. I should have mentioned that I scaled down one of my pictures and it was at 47 KB, and I received that error message. Why do I get the error message when I am way under the limit?
  4. I keep getting an error message saying "Could not process this request. -200" or something of that nature. I want to post an article and 4 pictures. What is the simplest way to do this so I can fit it all in with the allowed with the max file size?
  5. i talked to Mike. he said a@i are good replacements but also said to recore if possible so i went that route. thanks guys.
  6. ap air is 1128.00 for new. they said it is a direct replacement. radiator repair shop wants 1100.00 to recore the old one. looks like new is the way to go. thanks guys for the help.
  7. I need a new radiator for my 5488. Does anyone have any ideas where I can get a new one that is of good quality? Thank for your help.
  8. the 4 and 560 are different on the wedges least my 504 is. the 656 544 666 and 686 are the same.
  9. looks like a 239 German.
  10. grassland is largest butter manufacture in the U.S. what i read is may 1 they are dropping those 70 farms. gave month notice. not much help with all the milk out there.said the farms that are farthest from plant were let go first. we ship to Belgioioso in Denmark and field man said back in feb. they were taking milk from Mi. for 3.00 cwt less. now it is between 5 to 6.00 a cwt. Belgioioso is building there 6th. plant suppose to be ready to go shortly. field man said they have a new contract with one of the major pizza makers. its time things get better.
  11. we put 22" on the 496 rock flex disk and all is good.
  12. looks like a new one.
  13. put a load on it. hook it to something that will allow tractor to start with machine empty then engage pto and feed machine. maybe pto will break loose.
  14. no was never to hortonville plant.yes the shop is on 54 west of green bay. the plant is in green bay. have no idea what is in it now.
  15. Have one from a6588.if intrested let me know