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  1. Farmall 240 Gauges

    I got a full set of reproductions from India about a year ago for my B414. landed was under $50 CAD ( about $38 USD ). Looked great, but i got what i paid for. The Tach was stiff and i needed to grind down the tip of the tack cable to get it to fit. Tractor has run about 12 hours since the swap, seems to be reading right now that i freed it up with the drill... The Ammeter was fine. The oil pressure gauge has the wrong tread size, had to use an adopter. I cant really vouch for the oil one as my capillary tube has a kink in it and seems to falsify the reading, i just haven't got around to replacing the tube. i have a cheap sunpro car gauge with nylon capillary in place right now. I accidentally killed the temp gauge the day after i installed it. the capillary migrated and got caught in the hood latch severing the capillary and letting out the mercury. on the plus side, all had provisions for lighting. Would i buy a cheap repo set again? nope. was it a wasted $50? nope given i killed the one gauge that is not working. just dont expect too much from the aftermarket stuff that is not made in the USA
  2. Repair / Restoration strategy recommendations?

    I would follow what the guys are suggesting, " Clean, Run hard, fix , repeat" im two years in with my IH and im still on this cycle. Im happy i have not painted yet, and i get the feeling it might be a few more years before i do So when are we gonna see some pix of your project w4 ? we all love pictures !!!!
  3. Ive got a sinkhole up top of our driveway

    Hydro. your the king of cool pictures... where the photo of the hole ??
  4. CAV pump BD154 bleeding

    I think i might have found the problem. the supply line to the lift pump has developed a sweat. I bet the new lift pump is sucking air in from the leak point. I will start by replacing the supply line from the tank.
  5. CAV pump BD154 bleeding

    Oh, I forgot to mention, The parts guy at my local Caseih gave me a tip to remove damaged injector clamp down studs. He advised to use a mini pipe wrench. In all my years of cursing at broken studs, it never dawned on me to use a mini pipe wrench... Wow was that stud ever easy to remove with a bit of heat and a 6" pipe wrench finding a 6" pipe wrench locally was a bigger challenge...
  6. CAV pump BD154 bleeding

    Hi Guys, Long story short, I had to remove most fuel line on my bd154 with a cav pump to replace an injector stud on cylinder 1. I think I might have done something wrong bleeding the fuel system. Injector two seems to have non-stop foamy fuel, enough to make a foamy steam down the side of the engine when i crack the fuel line. Seem like I let it leak out for over two minute at medium idle and the foaming never stopped. ( this started following an injector replacement and after having multiple fuel lines off for other repairs ). Am I too impatient with this one fuel line? was the injector never the problem in the first place? I replaced injector 4 last week as it's return port was blocked and it was dumping fuel into the cylinder. when I bled the system at the time, number 2 was fine and had no foaming. One thing I noticed is injector two has the top most fuel line at the but of the pump. Al
  7. Give and take word game

    Straw hat
  8. 504 international hi-clear gas

    Diesel1206 there is a 560d listed at Fawcett tractor in st-marys ont. it would be in my shop if i had the $$$ :-)
  9. Chainbox challenge - tractor game

    I saw this on a channel i subscribe to on u-tube, Rainhill 1829, not sure if he is a member here but man i get a kick out of his old iron videos. Anyhow, anyone ever try this challenge before? its the first thing B414 will do once he is out of sickbay next week. looks like a fun afternoon game to play with your tractor buddies :-)
  10. 504 international hi-clear gas

    Nice find and great price! OT - Do you pull with ASTTQ or AMAM ?
  11. Prime pump vs Underslung exhaust B414 Diesel

    well if they where too stupid to tell me it could rotate, its there loss... i gave up on them, Upright exhaust was on the to-do list, just was not planning on doing it now, i had other items to adress but you all know how things can be i did consider electric, would need to fabricate a block off place, size the pump correctly for both pressure and flow. seem like more work than converting the exhaust, something i wanted to eventually do anyway. nothing more fun than getting a blast of exhaust bouncing off the snow blower ... this tractor's primary job
  12. Prime pump vs Underslung exhaust B414 Diesel

    Update, I had no luck, Mother case's tech support sent my local dealer a different pump that was supposed to fit, a**holes sent a jobber part that was 1/4 of quality of the first one they provided me with the ports in the same wrong place. you just cant fix stupid apparently.how hard is it to understand the inlet needs to be at 11 o'clock and not at 9 o'clock? At least i was smart enough to request a picture of the replacement instead of wasting an hour driving to find out the second pump was not gonna work. So now i have parts to convert to upright exhaust on order. I have a favour to ask, if anyone has a B414 that was originally set up with upright exhaust, can some one confirm the size of the hole in the hood, i need to make sure i have the correct hole saw on hand when i get at it. Thanks Al
  13. Pasture burning

    Sounds like you need to upgrade to a flail mower
  14. Abilene machine clutches?

    its amazing when you sit back for a second and think about it, seems like cheap insurance to me :-)
  15. Pictures of Red Iron at local Antique Pull

    no turbo, the association i pull with has a turbo ban for insurance purposes , she was N/A but still rolled coal like crazy. I didnt get a chance to speak to the owner to get more info on his build. it was so well done i walked right by it 4 times without noticing it was about a foot longer than the M parked next to it. only once i was it pull did my jaw drop and i said w.t....?