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  1. hat's off to the builder, that is one clean and neat machine! alky = 2000-4000 hp and figure 5hp per foot for a mower ... so 400-800' mower ???
  2. i have a forest in front of my place, i would be relocating critters on a daily basis. These guys are supposed to be territorial ... but around me, they are all friends and work together. i counted 9 this morning eating around my bird feeders. I scrape one or two off the road every week, i dont know why there are so many this year. it was never this bad before. Used to get the occasional visitor here and there, now they are everywhere i look. I guess the lack of stray cats around lately has something to do with it, the coyotes killed off the colony of strays living in the forest across the street. i haven seem a stray in months. Anyone one else seen a big increase in red squirrel population ? i dont think killing/trapping is a time effective solution. that's why i am looking for repelling solution. i dont care about them around the yard, they leave my garden alone and cant reach the bird feeders. i just want to keep them out of my shop. Has anyone ever tired the T3-R high impact ultrasonic repeller ?
  3. I will better asses the damage tonight to see what make the most sense. George thanks for the head's up on the UK parts. your not kidding about the recent additions WOW i am happy to see the grill and support nose cone are now available. so many of these guys have mucked up front grills. nice to see an option other than the good old hammer and die set... its exciting times to own a B414 :-)
  4. Thanks 12 guy, it will help a lot, most wires are now bare or chard badly around the ignition key and the glow plug contact. side of the dash. Are there anyone offering complete wire harness kits for these old tractors ?
  5. HI Guys i need some advice on a no-kill solution to keep the red squirrels out of my shop. those darn critters made a nest inside the dash of my B414 and it lead to a nice dash fire that roasted all the wiring last night, glad it happened while i was using it. Yay i get to rewire the tractor! . NOT! I have heard of sonic repulsion devices for coons and skunks and i wondered if anyone tried them for squirrels. What do you guys do to keep em out ? too many places to seal off, A Cat is not an option. Any advice is appreciated. oh and if someone has the wiring diagram for a B414 , im gonna need that too Thanks, AL
  6. Grandpa was a blue oval man from the day he was born until the day he passed, tractors, cars, trucks... So Blue oval had an unfair influence in my younger years riding along up until i was old enough to drive. My grandpa worked for the local county road crew and they would park the county tractors at the farm over the weekends when working in the area. The yellow county tractors were red inside and that's where the IH love affair started. I had/have a lot of respect for the 1000 series blue tractors but there was just something about the feel of the IH's. As i grew older and started working for other farms, i got to try a lot of different brands, Massey, Oliver , White , Valtra, BM Volvo, Lamborghini, Jane Doe, Allis, Fiat, Asian compacts and even the odd bi-directional versatiles here and there. IH seem to always make my hearth race... in a good way... i guess that's what you guys call red fever :-) the smell the sound the feel, there is nothing like a good old IH, Maybe its the hytran fumes lol. Honestly i love pretty much all tractors but out of all of them, the Lambo and the green and yellow ones would never get to call my place home.
  7. Pole Position
  8. was the Lambo line of tractor ever sold in north america ? i know the one i drove was imported in from France or Sweden by the owner, he has a thing for odd European tractors, he also has a bunch of BM volvo that he farms with. All tractors he collected and imported over the years. who has ever seen this Dash before ?
  9. Drove this 1056DT again yesterday, it aint no sports car...
  10. Iron Horse
  11. I question that 35hp rating on the brochure , my Diesel is unhealthy and sure feel more like 45hp tractor, i can only imagine what a healthy one feels like.
  12. Cool Project NE cowman, do you know if anyone has been keeping track of S/N for these Bradford built IH's ? Where all these tractors ended up should be a good indicator of where IH shipped them originally. I think most ended up here in eastern Canada . i quick glance in the local classified show just how popular these brute are out here. 3/4 of the IH's up for grabs around here are from the Bradford plant. Al
  13. Test Results
  14. I think this is the video you are talking about.
  15. Steam engine