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  1. Pictures of Red Iron at local Antique Pull

    no turbo, the association i pull with has a turbo ban for insurance purposes , she was N/A but still rolled coal like crazy. I didnt get a chance to speak to the owner to get more info on his build. it was so well done i walked right by it 4 times without noticing it was about a foot longer than the M parked next to it. only once i was it pull did my jaw drop and i said w.t....?
  2. Pictures of Red Iron at local Antique Pull

    and this "super" M , very clean install. i only notice one it was on the track, had to go back and take a closer look!
  3. Hi Guys well we all love pictures, here's a few i took of some good old red iron at our local antique tractor pull last weekend.
  4. Hi Guys I have seem to run into a wall this week, The diaphragm let go in my prime pump. Seems everything online does not fit tractors with Under-slung exhaust. So i got one from CASEIH after being told it would fit... well surprise surprise, the useless millennial they stuck at the parts counter was wrong and no help.... the inlet port is at 9 o'clock, my original one has it at the 11 o'clock position, just behind the exhaust pipe. CASEIH told me i am S.O.L and must covert to Upright exhaust. Is this really the case ? or did i just hit a real idiot ? i argued with him for 20 minutes about my tractor not being turbo, he didn't understand the difference between a B414 and a DT414 until i logged on to CASEIH parts store and showed him the stupid drawings of the tractor Al
  5. lol , its a "make your IH look like an Oliver" kit! pullers would be the only ones benefiting from the extra distance from the rear to hang the weight on. Cool find Hydro!
  6. Give and take word game

    crop circle
  7. Should I...

    that makes two of us :-)
  8. Old time photo of a 1206 super stocker

    the pulling reference site show him active from 1970 to 1974 with that SS 1206
  9. Last known IH 140 tractor Ser# 66896 Home in NC

    wasint the 274 just an offset version of the Komat'su built 284 that had no blood relation to the original A ?
  10. b414 exhaust manifold

    Hi Guys I am not a fan of the underslung exhaust on my b414, I was wondering if its the same exhaust manifold used for the upright setup. just rotated 180 degrees Thanks, Al
  11. IH SW6-TA help

    Nice find! I love the W's too, your on the right side of the country to find one and used parts for cheap. I have been looking for one in eastern Ontario western Quebec and its slim pickin's out this way. Congrats and have fun!
  12. That tractor changed hands a few times, I know Gaetan Yelle out of FT covington NY had it for a very long time, at least since i started watching pulls as a kid in the early 90's. He called it the Rooster. He probably still has it in his collection of 7+ SS tractros, but i have not seen it out in about 3-4 years. Here's a pic i found of it when he also had Tom Dickersen's 20 mule team that is now in the hands of Jeff Hayes. This picture was take in Casselman Ontario.
  13. Changing Careers...MAYBE (advice please)

    A lot of good advice so far! I think you might be selling your self short getting into an entry level job a UR, you seem to be a smart guy that can adapt easily to multiple tasks and challenges. The responsibility list you posted leads me to believe your an organised person that would be an asset to any company willing to recognise it. IMHO Going to a big box chain is probably not the best long term solution ( notably for job security ). in your shoes, i would look around and be patient, Go to a bunch of interviews and remember that they work both ways. you are interviewing the potential employer too your not in a bad place right now and can afford to take some time to explore the opportunities around you. Its been my experience being a man of many hats like you, that applying for position "A" can easily lead to Position "B" that you would have never known about or considered, but the person( s) sitting across the desk from you can see the potential/benefits of you in position "B". That's how the last 3 jobs ( 16 years ) have been for me. Started with applying for a job at the part counter of a local garage, with in minutes of starting the interview, i was hired for an unposted position as a grease monkey /tire changer. at the time a position that paid a solid 25% higher pay than the orginal position i applied for ( long story short, this was part of a big chain of shops and was far from a great work environment , yup just a number...) . shoot forward to the next job, applied to work in a warehouse picking and packing orders. Showed up to the interview to find that they sold aftermarket wheels and where thinking of staring to offer pre-mounted packages. So bingo, hired to setup and lead the tire installation program. Again, that did not last long, my mechanical background and bilingual skills bumped me up to the order desk and eventually manager of the returns and quality control department. this was a mom and pop operation that at the time employed 5 family members and a hand full of staff. the recognition was great but the drama sucked. i was happy doing what i did but found myself at the top of the food chain pretty quick. After 4 years there i found myself bored and looking elsewhere, but by then i had accumulated many new skills from the multiple hats i wore at that company that opened the door to my current employment ( 9 years and still going ) Again i applied to work at the parts department of a woodworking machinery distributor to only be hired for a better position on the orderdesk, that quickly turned into an inside sales job and head of customer service. in 16 years i have gone form $8.50/h to 30+ now on just a high school diploma with just two job changes. It goes to show that you dont know what's out there if you dont try. remember that not all employer look for fancy degrees and stuff ( the ones that do dont really care about who they hire IMHO) Good employers see the value of their employees for who they are and what they can do, not by the so called education they have. you cant teach intuition and common sense, something you seem to have a lot of and that sir, will be the key to your success. in short, stay where you are until you find a good place, dont jump ship at the first opportunity unless you see it as a short term experience building opportunity that will help you get to a better place down the road. I wish you the best of luck in your quest to better you and your familly's quality of life
  14. Give and take word game

    IH fever