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  1. IHC 345 cc engine distributor wire question

    The resistance wire that IH used is usually fairly obvious where it comes out of the harness at the coil and also at the firewall. It has an odd asbestos/fiberglass type braided white covering. It is made right into the harness with the rest of the wires.
  2. IHC 345 cc engine distributor wire question

    The one from the coil to the distributor would be just wire. The one from the key to the coil will have a resistance somewhere, probably the section from the firewall to the coil is resistance wire unless it has a external resistor block.
  3. Farmall Parts

    Matt, the only thing I can think of is you aren't scrolling the list to the bottom or not going on to the second page. Should look like this:
  4. Farmall Parts

    On the CIH parts web site, when you get to the "find parts by model" web page, click the "browse" button up by where it says "find your model", then go to "tractors" -- "utility" -- "legacy". There are 2 pages, all the Farmall A, B, C, H, M are there, and Supers, be sure to go to the 2nd page too. It's obvious the who ever set up the pages had no clue what the various models were and where they should have been put, but I am very glad that it is online even if it's a little work to figure it out. If you create a "My Shed" login and enter your tractor models, it will populate the home page with all of your tractor models automatically each time you open the parts web site.
  5. Artic Cat 550 one way clutch question

    I have both, a 2008 with Suzuki and a 2012 with Arctic Cat. Oil filter on the Suzuki points straight out the front, Arctic Cat points upward about 11 o'clock.
  6. Old flat belt pulley identification

    Yes, the M1 sure would look like a Massey number. McFairlanes does sell Massey, maybe Ritchie's did at one time?
  7. Old flat belt pulley identification

    If you Google that 500871M1 part number, it comes up on Marketbook as in stock at Ritchie's Implement and at McFarlanes, both farm equipment dealers of various brands in Wisconsin, and calls it a hub, not sure it would be the same but might be interesting to call them and see if they could tell you what it fits.
  8. Heat Gauge

    This is something that has always bugged me. It takes the same effort and equipment to make the gauge wrong, why not just do it correct from the start? They obviously copied an original gauge so they have to know it's not correct.
  9. Sadly, IH to Claas combines

    I've posted pictures several times and we've discussed the Linnebur farms at Byers, CO where he would line up 12 -20 IH combines each year prior to harvest. I've driven by this for the last 25 or so years and looked forward to seeing all this take place. Well, Gene Linnebur died a few years ago and I don't know who is running things now, but sadly, no IH combines this year, they have been lining up Claas combines since early this spring. I took a (poor) picture when we drove by the other day, just doesn't look right without those red combines all ready to go.
  10. Couple of IH Prototype Buildings Still In Use

    Sadly, the iconic IH building in Bridgeport, Nebraska is now the "reconditioning center" for the Deere "21st Century" chain of stores.
  11. Softcore Roundbalers any good?

    I have a New Ideal 486, Biggest Pro for me was you never even needed to look back when starting a bale, just drive. Biggest Con was I could not unroll them with a bale bed because of the too soft center, they would always want to just drag instead of roll.
  12. Car trivia

    Chris Ledoux has another song called Montana Rodeo, there is a line in the song, "There are some college boys from Missoula here, school has just let out, they got a keg of beer on a tub of ice in the back of a BRAND NEW SCOUT"
  13. Interesting reading

    Some of those are readable or available for download off the Wisconsin Historical web site. Right side of the page where is says "catalogs" Wisconsin Historical McCormick Collection web site
  14. Red Power Mag

    I got Red Power, Harvester Highlights, and Corn Binder Connection on the same day!!! Talk about IH overload!!
  15. Found the scout honey hole in Tennessee!

    Poor guy, I can see he has the same disease that I have