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  1. Programmer for c15

    That's good news, glad it was an easy fix. Bet it feels like you got a new truck.
  2. Oat growers!

    It's off label but Prowl will offer some grass control in oats. not 100% but I hear it helps.
  3. Grinder mixers bearcat, nh, etc

    I was told by someone at the company, No. Although they look very similar at first glance, H&S made a lot of subtle changes. I at first thought the H&S was a copy of the Gehl so when I needed a bearing for my Gehl 125 I called H&S thinking parts would interchange but was told that was not the case. I just assumed H&S bought the blueprints from Gehl when they stopped building ag equipment but the guy I talked to said Gehl would not sell the prints or right to build the machines so H&S bought a Gehl mixer and reverse-engineered it, making improvements along the way. Not sure if this is correct or not but this is what I was told from someone at the company.
  4. Grinder mixers bearcat, nh, etc

    As mentioned above, Lorenz is building them again and H&S is building what is basically a copy of the late model Gehls with some improvements.
  5. Excuse me pilots

    Actually, Boeing has lots of videos on Youtube showcasing their new aircraft. They look to be capable machines.
  6. Nice fenders, but are they that nice?

    Welcome back HP. Did they let you out for good this time.....?
  7. whats worse wind chill or cold temps?

    Only -6* here today but feels much colder. Pretty brisk wind for the first time in a long time and it makes it feel COLD.
  8. Fuel problems

    The other thing that I think is causing me problems is water. I will be the first to admit I am not as good as I should be draining water out of tanks and filters regularly. Even with lots of fuel additives ( Power Service or Howes, I have used both), I am still having some issues. I am starting to think it might not be a gelling issue as much as a freezing issue. Any thoughts on this?
  9. Programmer for c15

    Wow, that will be an easy fix if that solves your problem. Hope that does the trick. Very frustrating to have a truck that is a dog when you know it shouldn't be.
  10. Fuel problems

    Sorry Bitty, when I said "blended" I meant diesel / kerosene blend. What they call winter fuel here. Guess I used the wrong terminology. Anyhow, we seem to be having more trouble than usual.
  11. Fuel problems

    Been having trouble here as well, even with fuel that is supposedly blended. Glad to hear it is not just us, couldn't figure out why we were having so many issues this year.
  12. 25,000 today and still climbing

    Only trouble is, this too shall pass. Everything runs in cycles. Anyone remember 7 dollar corn or 25 dollar milk?
  13. COLD

    Huh, only -24 here Chris, surprised you were colder. Everything operating on the farm? Anyone with livestock knows how tough it is when the temp drops this low. Everything you do just takes longer and some days it seems it is just one problem after another. Just getting through the day and getting chores done can be quite an accomplishment. But, getting everything done and returning to a nice warm house at the end of a long day is such a sense of satisfaction.
  14. IH Christmas What did you get?

    Farmington Implement DVD #11. Superb as usual.
  15. Vintage Ads

    X2 on the heat houser. I travel 2 miles between farms with my Hydro 86 and grinder mixer. 1 load per week and soon to be 2. It was brutal some trips in the winter. I bought a new Femco brand heat houser last year and don't want to be without it, ever. What a difference. This week is going to be COLD, several nights of -20* and highs of 0* during the day. I am not dreading the ride at all. It's amazing what a little canvas and plastic will do.