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  1. todays dairy economics?

  2. Remembering the farm crisis

    Thanks Bill, never knew that about John Mellencamp. Like you, I am a proud former FFA member. Best thing about high school for me.
  3. Harvest corn with a grain header.....

    Thanks for the ad Big Bud, very interesting the things that have been tried over the years.
  4. Remembering the farm crisis

    Stumbled across this video a few days ago, tough times back in the 80's. I noticed at the end of the video John is wearing an FFA jacket. Anyone know if John Mellencamp was a former FFA member?
  5. Harvest corn with a grain header.....

    Does anyone have pictures or info on this? I wasn't aware that was how Oliver did corn and would like to know more.
  6. Life in Alaska

    Hope all goes well with your son. This might be a stupid question, but is there Burger King in Alaska?

    The late 80's-early 90's were made by Badger. We had two. I believe New Holland built there own for many years.
  8. Life in Alaska

  9. Farmall 544, meet Knox.

    Nice picture. One question though, what's up with the JD blanket? Thought you could slip that by?
  10. Glenco question(s)

    I pulled a 7 shank Glencoe with my 3588 before I went to no-till and it was a good load. Speed is your friend with a chisel plow, especially if you want to bury some residue.
  11. Did anyone else notice

    Hadn't heard that Mark, but isn't it a little odd to have someone shoot 200 rounds at you and ONLY get hit once in the leg? Something doesn't add up there.....
  12. New child

    Congratulations. Your life will be forever changed. Sitting here with this fellow on my lap as I type.
  13. Medium Duty + Goosneck or Day Cab + Lowboy?

    Just my thoughts- think long and hard as to what you will do with your truck, both now and in the immediate future. I started out hauling with a 1 ton, moved up to the fore mentioned 4700, and now run the Freightliner pictured above. If I was just running local a medium duty would be my choice over a 1 ton. It is just a heavier, more rugged truck. Can usually be purchased for a lot less money and they have a much longer service life. However, if you will be doing any long distance hauling at all I would move up to a road tractor. There is no comparison when it comes to comfort. And an over the road tractor is designed and built to move heavy loads reliably and safely.
  14. Medium Duty + Goosneck or Day Cab + Lowboy?

    I had been hauling hogs with my IH 4700 4 hours 1 way. I really like the truck but it is not a long distance interstate truck. With a dt 360, 6 speed, and 2 speed rear top speed is about 65 at 2800 rpm. Plus at highway speeds it has a lot of shakes and rattles. I found this truck online this past spring and wow.....what a difference! Air ride suspension, cab,and seat. Mercedes 350 HP engine 10 speed Eaton Fuller trans. 1550 rpm at 65 mph It was a Food Bank truck so it hasn't been worked hard. 265,000 miles. Nice getting home at night and not feeling completely beat!
  15. Who Still has Silos Around the Yard.

    One left here, a 20x50 Martin steel silo. It has been converted to dry shelled corn storage.