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  1. Somebody save it

    https://talk.newagtalk.com/forums/thread-view.asp?tid=719885&mid=6134481#M6134481 good luck I hope you get it. i guess I should have posted a link to begin with lol
  2. Somebody save it

    You will have to go to AgTalk and get contact info from the guy who has it. I don know him or have anything to do with it other than I hate to see something like that go to scrap when I know somebody would want it.
  3. Somebody save it

    You will have to go AgTalk to get contact info from the guy who has it. I don't know him or anything about it but, I hate to see it go for scrap when I know someone would want it
  4. Somebody save it

    I also posted this in the trucks section but I thought it may get more views here. I saw this over on AgTalk The guys friend wants him to haul it to the scrap yard to get it out of the way. He posted on AgTalk trying to find someone to take it. That truck is too cool to get melted into Chinese junk. It's in Minnesota I think.
  5. Somebody save it

    I saw this over on AgTalk. Guy says his friend wants to haul it to the scrap yard to get it out of the way. I thought someone here might be interested, it's in Minnesota I guess. That truck is too cool to get melted into Chinese junk.
  6. Brands

    My earliest memories of tractors was my dad had Fords, 8000, two 5000s, 4000, gray 4000, 601(little red) and a G JD that stayed hooked to a 6 foot box blade year round for scraping driveways and fixing terraces. The G was my favorite because of the way it sounded and it had that big spinning flywheel on the side. Then he got a new 9000 with duals and a canvas windbreaker on it, I didn't think they could make a bigger tractor until he traded off the 8000 for a new 1466 with cab and AC. Went red with all the big tractors after that. I used to go to Southern Cotton Oil Company (where he sold his peanut crop) with him whenever I could go. They had a fleet of letter series Farmalls that they used for moving peanut drying wagons around. I used to love just sitting in front of the office watching all those tractors running back and forth. There was also a nearby fertilizer dealer who used a few Super C Farmalls with nitrogen rigs mounted on them for sidedressing cotton and corn. I thought they were the coolest thing ever. I also had a much older cousin whose farm fleet was half Farmalls and half green tractors, I just always liked the red ones best.
  7. southern wis. 6 inches of rain!

    What didn't wash away is cotton.
  8. southern wis. 6 inches of rain!

    I got bogged down yesterday then over the next hour it rained 3.5 inches in one little spot here in Georgia.
  9. Why/where are the other countries?

    I'm from Georgia, I just lurk occasionally, there's at least one other member here from Georgia.
  10. Big IH tractor search

    A black stripe would be preferable but an earlier one will do if it's nice enough
  11. Big IH tractor search

    Reading back over my post, it sounds kind of vague I guess but, it legit. I suppose I should say I'm looking for " that guy". Everybody knows "that guy", he's the one that's not necessarily a dealer or tractor jockey but, he always knows where something is when you're looking for it no matter how obscure it may be. He always has an answer like" oh, yeah I know where one of those is, it's been sitting under the shelter for 6 years since that lady passed, it's never been rained on and only driven to the grocery store and church on Sunday" it can be bought. i used to be "that guy" around here but, evidently I'm losing my touch. 😳
  12. Big IH tractor search

    Will give that a shot, thanks.
  13. Big IH tractor search

    1566 factory duals two post canopy in excellent condition. I can be reached call or text at 229-938-8253
  14. Big IH tractor search

    If one were looking for a particular large IH tractor that can't be found in his own neighborhood, where would be a good place to put out a couple of classified ads? I'm looking for a tractor for a friend who's not internet savvy and I've been beating the bushes hunting one locally but I can't find one close by so, willing to travel to find one, he says he doesn't care where it has to come from just find him one. I'm trying hard not to turn this post into a classified ad but I'm having a hard time finding leads.
  15. 6588 evaluation

    Going back and forth to Warner Robins, you must have worked at the base? Man, that was a long ride from Nashville.