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  1. 560 vs 656

    About only chassis parts the same are the ta itself, the wheels could interchang and the air in the tires. 656 could have fast hitch or 3 pt. No down pressure on fast hitch in 656. Power train on 656 about same capacity as late 560 with all updates. Draft control on 656 that actually works. Hydraulic line routing on 656 a b#&:# if tractor needs work. Shift linkage on 656 wear and can get sketchy. Here in states neither like todays regular gasoline if actually worked.
  2. 606 hydraulic pump mounting flange mystery

    Could your problem be in steering control valving loading and unloading? Giving a pulsing sensation in the hose. Just a thought.
  3. AC 190 XT, JD 4020 & Farmall

    806 better grunt tractor. 4020 handy dandy to run. 190XT poor third. Comparing diesels of course. Until 69 models 4020 used rube goldberg 24V system.
  4. Farmall 400 LPG Starter

    If you are close to Racine MN (about 20 miles south of Rochester) Ag-Electric can find or has what you need.
  5. 1086 transmission trouble

    First adjust clutch, dump valve, transmission brake. Give it a test drive.
  6. Dt407 rebuild problem

    My thought is something in timing of pump or pump itself is off.
  7. Stock Air Intake vs Donaldson

    I asked once why the bowls that collect dust seemed to be a thing of the past. Was told that the dust shifting back and forth ground itself into such small particles they could go through a dry type air cleaner. FWIW.
  8. 3594 value

    Let us know what happens.
  9. IH 856 rear end fluid change

    When IH designed the 06 tractors they first thought using heavy gear oil in final drives would give greater life. So provision designed in to keep final drive compartment isolated.
  10. Company with best D361 engine rebuild kit and other parts.

    I do not want to keep you from spending your own money but turbo will lessen value of restored tractor IMHO. Also 361 engine requires EXPERT to rebuild right.
  11. 3" sickle speed

    What combine?
  12. Powershift problems

    First make sure clutch cable free and return spring good. Also accumulator charged. One can hope.
  13. 806 Hyd Pump Options

    Hate to say this but open center system has to be carefully matched to motor size to work at all. Bigger pump will cause more heat build up.
  14. Replacing a broken rear wheel clamp bolt

    Will new bolts hold in worn wheel?
  15. Wedgelock 34 inch casting-When introduced

    He said tractor had 18.4 x 34 and when he restored got wider rims somewhere and switched to the 20.8 tires. I am thinking his dad actually bought the tractor in the late 70's time frame and it had wedge locks then. Still 40 years ago. We had a leased 966 in 1973 and one wheel broke and needed replaced. Was running band duals we had used on a Deere and found they did not play nice with the clamp style wheels.