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  1. Fluid in tires and road wear

    What kind of trash tubes are they selling you? Firestone natural rubber are the best and guaranteed by Firestone.
  2. Fluid in tires and road wear

    Firestone still makes them in Arkansas, I believe. Anyway they are made in USA. They make four grades. Import, Standard Grade, Severe Service, and Severe Service Natural Rubber. So-So, Good , Better, Best. Firestone is the best tire and tube in my humble opinion.
  3. Better leave that factory paint just like it is. It is only original one time. That is good paint that is on them.
  4. The Home Of Misfit Toys

    If only Santa would take them to his shop and make them new again.
  5. My new to me 1456

    That is a Rare Bear indeed.
  6. I used castrol HD30 in IH D246 engine HELP!

    Just a few ounces of HD along with two gallons of Rotella? Run it. No problem.
  7. Correct battery cable gauge

    I had not thought of using it like that. I appreciate the tip. Think it might be good on toast?
  8. Correct battery cable gauge

    I use Noalox grease when running aluminum wire from the Service Entrance into the Load Center in home electrical applications.
  9. What is an R-1W tire?

    Sorry to hear about that. I had nothing but good luck with Firestone Customer Service. Everything I have runs Firestone tires except one tractor that has Goodyear radials on it.
  10. Correct battery cable gauge

    I agree with the welding cable and go big or go home. Marine grade welding cable is the best because each strand in tinned for corrosion resistance, but I do not think there is such thing as a really nice bolt on battery terminal. Even the people that make them claim that they are for temporary usage. Get them crimped on or they make some that have solder in the cavity.
  11. Correct battery cable gauge

    Exide is making the CNH batteries right now.
  12. What is an R-1W tire?

    Every time you look at those BKT tires you will wish that you had used that money to buy what you wanted to begin with-- Firestone. Firestone does not play around with the warranty and customer satisfaction, either. I had an issue with a tire that was the distributors fault and Firestone customer service stepped in and made it right. They said they would take the problem up with the distributor. They aim to please. Besides, I helped keep someone in the USA in a job. I love my Firestone R1-W tires and you will too. Try calling GCR tire and get a price. Those are corporate owned stores and can sometimes do you a better price and my Firestone credit account works there. Corporate does not haggle about warranty issues if you buy from a corporate owned store. I priced a 20.8-38 this Summer and it was $1700.00 after the rebate being offered.
  13. Let's push snow in the dark, shall we?

    What's a Snow Blower?
  14. 5x88 test harnesses gets another one

    That's a Mell of a Hess ain't it?
  15. 826 with a 358D engine overhaul

    My guess is that they are not a TTY bolt, but I don't know that engine. Maybe CNH has them?