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  1. You sgould get a service manual online for her. Good to hear she is working out. I assume you have flushed watery oil out good. I love my 684 but..if under 55 needs to be plugged in. Since new been like that. Brand new battery and daily starting may fix that but only does bedding in stalls so 1x a week is all it runs.
  2. tractor rental

    Iirc but been a while. We paid $35/hr in past for 8940 plus fuel. You said bales not hours. Obviously talk to him... but maybe fill it full befor it leaves, charge $25/h (neighborly rate), have him fill it full at your place when done and then pay you by hr and gallons used. Also i bet he really appreciates the help. Class thing your doing. Just keep communicating and he may be the guy who buys you out someday and conriues the farm.
  3. life in our corner

    I always mean to do a year in review like Wayne in ny does. But never sit down and get it together. So I figured do a journal type thing. Feeding How we spread solids
  4. LaRosh wheat harvest 2017

    Wow they do a real nice job. Proving once again why farm wives are the best wives! Also.....why dont you wheat guys follow the planters pattern?
  5. International 966 rebuild - high oil pressure

    Very cool. Bs too! Have to do my 186h too. Not sure if i will get any return for the investment though
  6. National anthem protests

    Sad day in any nation when people who kids are supposed to look to for leadership cant show respect for those who have given them the luxury. Yes they can do what they want, but yes I can not like it. Quick sent a few emails off to some companies I know sponsor the Seahawks. Cant hurt. The anthem is to unite and make us 1 for 2 minutes. Now multi-millionaire brats think dissing it and our flag will some how change society. Sad
  7. life in our corner

    Local fall demo derby. Use old tractors to pull doa cars out. Nice night for it. Why cant we just have pipes out of hoods? Entire bottom of elbow on mtx120 cracked. Had about 1" holding left. Turned welder wat down and had some small 6011 rod. Wasn't pretty but stayed while i spread spoilage. Paper thin on the bend.
  8. life in our corner

    Perfect, almost ready to haul out the dry cow barn stuff. Pretty dry, bulky so be perfect for the giant skid steer!! Bet the guy had some tight areas in the barn to go though the work of making it. Wonder what year he actually did the work? In a old low chicken shed it would work good with the agility and propane fumes. My big question is what did he need a 3rd remote for? Grapple? Sweeper? Backhoe? Bale squeeze?
  9. life in our corner

    Fixing fixing, hole in concrete in bunkers/feed area. Dug out 12" and filled with some crushed cement and gravel. Of course i assumed we could get cement sat. Monday 3 pm.
  10. Attn: Red Reaper

    Its a cultivator, appears to be doing summer fallow, it doesnt have 3 pt either.
  11. Attn: Red Reaper

    15786. S-Y No Name, Waterville WA.
  12. Attn: Red Reaper I will email this guy for his S #
  13. First bto auction

    Sounds like a bunch of office 'farmers'. I dont get something. Why do they keep investing land? They cant be making any return on it for the last decade but them 3-4 hot years. They pay well over 'farming' values it seems too. How are they getting $ to fund this buying if the rents dont pay the mortgage already? Kinda feels like a shell game. I wonder if we have another year or 2 of low commodity prices what will happen with CERES? Who will bank roll landlords who cant rent their properties for break even? I would assume Insurance companies are banking CERES. Can you find the info online since they are a public deal? Inland a few big insurance Co own huge orchards and vineyards. Hire a guy for 100-150k a year to run them and sit on it.
  14. Can a Bent Grain Auger be fixed?

    Yeah it should be absolutely no issue at all. Do what Eric here said ^^^^ When worked for dairy service company we replaced bottoms, repaired rust, fixed bends, made shorter, made longer etc. You can easy get a tube connector/slip connector for it. Not really worth welding the tube, kinda thin and never will be perfect. Cut it all square, put on the connector and use some chalking/silicon on all joints. We'd use quite a bit b/c they would get water down in joint and they get used daily here for dairies. As for welding there another kind of metal? I have never heard of people saying galv welding is any dif than black iron. Obviously dont do it in a enclosed building with out a OVA mask. We never (the guy who builds gates, stalls, lock ups,) grind anything off. 6011 rod is best, he used wire feed in shop but 6011 in field for fencing and everything. Everything is galv here, black rust real quick. You'll be fine Lyle, you can fix anything else it appears!
  15. life in our corner

    Kinda easy day today. Got tin on gable ends of the barn that fell in snow finally done. Got near 2" rain last 3 days. Went from summer to late fall in 12 hrs here! Last grass chop next week, I think, then finish corn silage lord willing. Cool, 40s at night 50s at day time. Amazing how grass has greened so quick even with the cool weather. Been talking with our neighbor. Quit milking in 13, 250 cows, the been renting to his son in law who milked about 40 hd and makes some goofy yogurt. His partner (friend of ours) owned the cows. Afyer 3 years of making 0 money and getting paid nothing for his cows milk he loaded them up a couple weeks ago. Is in process of lawsuit now, sad deal, his vet 3x supported his assumption they cattle were malnourished...they did look rough for sure. Pasture was gone gone and never waterer all summer. Big mess. Well he needs the barns rented to live on. Rents 1/2 the land to berry guy. About 3/4 mile from us. Should work out alright. Thinking putting only milking jerseys there. And this, we NEEDED to go out for our anniversary, went to get sitter....her chocho lab jumped all over side of my nice dark truck. I miss white! Bad scratches...and kids made seats mwssy from vacations. 120 bucks (had bday cash) and guy did 8 hr detail. Wow..amazing good job.
  16. First bto auction

    I recall that. He has less machinery than we do for 400 500 acres! I must be a HugeTimeOperator!
  17. Making Loose Hay

    Little behind that woman is 100% Farm wife material. I may send my younger brother over there to find her! What country again IKS? Switzerland? Like I said behind the party
  18. life in our corner

    Went to Seattle for Nitro kids loved it and they put on a long show.
  19. fencing pictures

    That a lake there in last pic? We got dumped on today too. About a 1" I am thinking
  20. The Girls all got a bath before fall.

    Ya ...what he said Looks like you take good care of them older gals.
  21. Walking tandem

    My walking tandems on our Artex cart/wagon lean in bad and have for years. It not the axle its at the spindle where ties to the walking beam. We swap/flip the tires on the rims every few years and run 10psi over label. Nearly has elim flats. But ours has ballon 20L-21.5 (if i recall) tires and pretty much is only used in wet conditions in the fields with low or short road use. Spreader has tires like you have and they are nice n square yet. FIL borrowed the wagon 1x and brought it back with tires leaned in...thats why its 1x. Why the heck aint you waiting till after silage?!!
  22. Nice. Like them or not they work. And in some conditions they are necessary. In the 80s with Mt St Helens ash anything with a engine had a precleaner type thing on it inland. Only way to keep them running uncle said. Too bad a new tractor needs to be modified to work right.
  23. life in our corner

    Did about a 1000 tons. Packed for hour plus Sat morning before tarping.
  24. early corn silage.

    Here stalks are dry but ears are wet.. Our cargill guy runs around for us with a wood chipper. Get 20 stalks from various locations in a field. Runs them though chipper into bucket and does DM test. Yesterdays were 22% to 28%dm. But what we chopper thur went from low 30s to 40s in 5 days. Hope to just get it done next friday saturday. Here we got to do it before mid oct rains. Then we cant get into fields PERIOD till march! Hope to get 1 more grass cut last week of Sept too