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  1. Ticked off a scammer!

    Yes here too the local number thing is a PITA. DONT reply back danny, then they KNOW they got a live one to bother later
  2. life in our corner

    Should of asked the "public servant" how much over time they are getting...since they are so over worked.... We've done bigger. Get engineering and do everything to code. If they "catch" you get permit in 6 biz days then. Makes no sense. Only Saturday night...
  3. Anyone see the new Tesla Semi

    great point of view. Lookup what hitler did with the beetle......funded the killing machine. Whats amazing is people keep investing in the hand pumps for the titanic. Where will CAL get $ to fund the cars? What will CAL do to replace the billions in fuel tax they take? Here Gates and buddies suggest if you add a robot to your system you should pay a extra tax since you wont be paying payroll taxes. more interesting.......... He borrows money in his name, lives like king, then buys shares in his co with the $ to float it.....implosion anyone?
  4. life in our corner

    Right the toilet. Looks just like TP.... Here, this 32x24 pole shed would be 6 months of waiting permit wise. It will be sheeted and done by saturday. Part time just chopping away at it. Ridiculousness
  5. Anyone see the new Tesla Semi

    I dont get it...... So we in ag are scappering for more fyel efficient tractors (old ones), bigger headers so we get more done in x time with 1 guy. Putting guys out if jobs. Call a local truck firm. They cannot get anyone under 50 to even apply for driving. Same as you guys doing harvest with 2 combines instead of 4. Or the masssssive growth in robot milking units. Millenialls do not want to work. Period. My amazon friend cant even get 20s to work. 40% fail pee test, said ge need 60 in his dept of computer science. Will take min 600 to 1000 to get the 60. Said its so bad the seattle office alone needs 8000 people, 3400 computer, 500 hr, rest ship/ support. Said he has kids turn down 70k and housing for 6 months b/c 40 hours is alot of hours a week. Says the education there kids pay for is pathetic. Amazon will fly you in and put you in nice hotel just to interview. If you come its 70k plus 6 months hotel paid, full bene, dog to work, paid moving, help moving. And they still have trouble. It will be here in 10 years. Jass will have a line of 3 trucks following him automatically. 10 years ago did we think it be common to be posting on a IH forum from a tractor loading silage? Or self driving across a field combining? Lazy....makes robots and automation work.
  6. life in our corner

    Aint that the truth. Helped brother a little with new "barn" on back of shop. Just for yard stuff and 4h calves. We have old trusses from when we tore down another barn that he is using. Borrow some forms and bought some post. Pouring monday, walls, post holes. Floor prob wed thur. Be a building by weekend.
  7. life in our corner

    Story of my life....

    They own out there. About all thats any good frankly. Any farther west junk....but Frank's land.

    Here, NWWA, dairy farm grass/corn silage ground is $300-500/. Seed spud guys may give little more. Raspberries $800-1100/ with 10 year contracts. Well included. No water, poor ground out by The Sound (cooler) $200 be possible, but there is a reason there is 1000+ acres fallow out there now days.
  10. life in our corner

    We got about 2" last Friday. Gone by monday. This was near Yakima WA. 4.5 hrs s and east....huge tree fruit region. Friend sells this product to guys. Shade, bird nets, week cover, reflection paper etc. I thought he said they got like a inch and bang. Wetter early season stuff, wonder what it wt per foot? Then X 40 acres. Was his customers block....

    Amen..... The work aptitude thing.....that is the big problem with kids (adults) now days

    Hey, get your kids cdl licences and problem will go away. Every trucking co locally cannot find enough guys. From high end pay to steering wheel holders. A huuuuge chunk of society wont WORK. Only tap on a screen. Why i am penciling robot milking units now. 17 to 20/hr and hard or impossible to find guys. Gov't forced paid leaves and benefits are making machines more attractive. All the robotic tech is 100% b/c we have raised a lazy generation. Whom all think they are extra special and deeeesserve X pay for 30hrs a week since they are special. Mcdonalds locally had order screens not people now, app ordering and s special parking place to swing in a have given to you. Interesting change in our society
  13. life in our corner

    State Farm Bureau meeting. Membership up a shade. Mainly since we made it easier to renew imo. Ouch...guy did not get orchard covers off before he got snow. Its shade for apples so they dont sunburn. Total loss. Broke all trees and trellises.
  14. Save it Aint it cute? About 4hr from me. Dry country...good resto candidate Not mine, just pointing out opportunity
  15. Shipping container vs enclosed trailer

    Guys out here build a nice gravel pad, set up 20 30, paint them all to match and rent em for mini storage fpr $65 to 100/month. CL here has tons. Roll up doors, man doors, windows, mobile office, tiny house. Insulated or not, 8' or 8'6" tall, 15 to 45'. Dang things are tough. China sends more stuff here than we send there. Being on west coast 1000s around. Heck i may be one of my circle of friends who doesn't have one. Be neat to have a 20' one for my stall lime/salt/bicarb/etc. Just set on ground pad of crushed gravel so drain good.