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  1. Iirc they are 26" blades and 12' wide....not sure on disc number. Never heard going by disc number. I know, i wish we cut some grass Thursday in showers. By today with tedding we could of got something done. Trying to rain now. Skagit now I will have to stop and visit you too! So youd be between Calhon and Summers then? It was morning mid week so flower folks were not too bad. Harmony guys are complaining though! Dairymen.....aint milkers great? Robots keep looking better and better.
  2. Yep, stalks wrap up on mounts and here with rollover plows they do not have coulters to cut sod ahead. So i had never heard of guys plowing straight sod till guys pics on here. New Kuhn plows go though anything but even after power harrow or disc it yields a bumpy field. The CIh 165 is king here by a long ways. Kuhns are showing up more...big $ now!
  3. Yes, it was our only disc for about 8 years. Done lots of acres till we afforded a used 475. I rebuilt the entire thing about 7 years ago. Worth every cent. All tight and straight now. They are only a a few deg more offset than a normal disc but seem to cut better. Wonder what the actual deg dif is vs a 475? Rainman, thanks but not all me....this was a spud guys so it was packer in with GPS, i am following a track
  4. Hillman, The president of the US has virtually no control over this stuff. He cant make anyone do anything.
  5. Thing looks pretty good for the years on it. Did taco tuesday at Rexville. Worth going down there just for that! Finally getting something done. Supposed to get 36hrs of nice then 7 days wet cool again. This wheat aint worth mowing and hate to spend $ on spray so figured quick knock it back. If I leave it it will be too tall to work in easily. What a year.
  6. Absolutely! I assume its a big block. Keeping it cheap. The Kevin posted is cool too but I could never afford it. The ratty one I can imagine owning though. Sure stand out in the parking lot at church!
  7. Hillman, I read your tone as a bit "ha ha" to the families, of any size, who lost their apparently sieve like contracts. If not sorry. From what I see there is no way Canadian producers could produce milk cheaper than Grassland could get it from the US. That is why GrassLand could do the extra processing to get it to the specs to be allowed into the county. The starting product was so cheap. Like I said it's a trade game and producers get screwed as bureaucrats sleep tight. Also the stories of Grassland having $ in some closer bigger dairies keep popping up. Quota is neat but the biggest reasons I dont think it would go in the US are we are so much bigger. 50000 farmers vs IIRC 10000. Then we get a bit more milk per cow. Farmers are crazy independent. Our system has been, "get more" for so many generations I think it would be hard to switch to, "just enough". Then we would have to keep milk out. And that will never happen b/c IDFA greases alot of palms in DC. Keith, AMEN! I forgot what the # was the Govt made on that insurance scheme NMPF so badly wanted....and now say they did not want. Thugs. I so wish they would have a huge shake up or NDP [? the guys from NY] could get going. They are a bit pie in the sky but at least they seem to be more in touch with the parlor than NMPF. FWIW, the insurance program is pointless here since our feed cost are so dif than the mid-west where it is set from.
  8. I know MTO. I have did the same thing, Called, chked reviews, etc etc. Now, tractors get Michelins if do majority of roading, BKT if normal use. Pick ups all get Firestone Destinations A/T or the similar Bridgestone model...which is a bit nicer driving. [crazy?]. I quit calling around. I do have Mich LTX on my 13 2500HD that were on her and they have 40k on them. They will not make next winter but they are quite noisy verses the same size my brothers Goodyears his 11 2500HD has/came with. When time comes I will prob go with Bridgestones. All from our local Firestone dealer, Point S now I guess. Always good service, always helps when need arises, even calls if a decent used/takeoff set shows up that he thinks we could use. Not worth dinking with a quality relationship over $100. Here Art I understand there are 2 versions of Toyo. Les Schwab, big NW chain, and all the rest. The rest are well liked locally. Lots of semi guys run toyos as well. One a off note. 1991 5000 mile a year brothers 2500chev farm truck neeeeeded tires. Local Firestone guy calls. Got a new "off brand" from Hankook. Lauren for only like $170 each 265-75r-16 E range. Said we'll try em. Man with 2000 miles only they are really nice tires. Not sure on last but man they ride and handle real well. Very quiet too. I did look at reviews later online and most were very positive. We did get tires recently for a pick up....on Craigslist. Guy lifted his new Denali HD and was getting rid of rims. Factory chrome denali rims with Goodyear 18" tires with 50 miles on them....$500 for whole shebang! Look great
  9. Here my 1066 wont even begin draggin my 475 22' disc on anything but maybe going over a dry just chopper corn field or grass for the pre-plow pass we all do here. Would just spin. For sure not on a plowed/worked field. Maybe new tires and duals would help but still I cant see it being set down all the way. Dynos at 160. Your guys soils must be so nice!
  10. Quick eye there! What gave away? Been doing some....stuff. Got some rain again...1.5 this week, 3 last, 2.5 before. Supposed to be 60 tomorrow and nice.....then showers and rain for 10 days! Last year today we chopped some 1st. For sure had some corn close to in grd. 806mans area has been blessed with way less rain...guys planting corn an spuds all over now. Got 1066 out to just move disc out and get serviced up. Been sitting since November. More barn work...and broken pump fitting... Then uncle called...pump at his place burnt motor up. Need it to get trucks manure to lagoon so....guess whos paying!?
  11. 👍
  12. Thanks for the cool response. 20 wow we got 16+ here. With 3.99f and 3.2 p. As a guy 2 miles from a big Canadian dairy area this is my opinion. Of which I have gathered from personal contacts. Aquatences up there are getting apx $39 Cdn/cwt.(if my # is correct thats $30 US....last time i asked) Takes some math btc the qouta is based on kg of fat not cwt with adj like us. Yes the Milk Board gives or takes qouta from dairymen. Recently the have been granting 1 to 2% more the last few month. I can sell fresh heifers for $2600 now. The Govt then manages the tariffs and imports. So it sorta make the qouta a NGO thing the WTO would have trouble with. Unless they force the Govt to open the borders. The producers in BC clearly do very well. Hay price is up, there is a adjustment. Margin stays very even. And its decent. Hillman is frankly clueless, sorry man. Every dairy we know that has quit in BC has not quit b/c markets. They have quit b/c their 150hd dairy has a qouta of 4 million. Lots of 50 something year olds with no heirs involved that just say, "why keep working?". Sell qouta and cattle and live nice. Also in BC land avgs $40k/acre so they can retire early and often. Also yes 36 million in a nation with higher per cap Dairy consumption that the US....yeah I want to sell them my milk. Here the local stores sell 70% of dairy products to Canadian people. $40/person per trip is allowed into Canada. The sile reason for extra qouta? Dollar is strong so they are not coming as much as when it was par. Local Costco layed of 40 when exch changed! They still sell 2 53' trailers of my milk every day. Every store you go to has Canadians with 2 carts. One packed with dairy one with food. I can buy milk up there too but last chk it was 5/gallon. So the loser is the shopper/family b/c high cost of dairy. Where here it's the farmer that is the loser. The BC dairymen are no losers for sure. 200 hd dairies, brand new, dbl 16s, new choppers, Denalis, super efficient set ups and still less per cow milk than us. Dont need to push so they dont. NAFTA...yeah only winner IMO has been 3rd world MX. Hillman you cavalier toward the families who lost their market in a flash is very sad. You cant be in Ag or you would be saddened by this. Like i am sad by bad grain markets even though it is good for me I hate to see other farmers hurt. Grassland from all angles sure seems like they are using this trade angle as a opportunity to cut less lucrative milk since they are invested in their own dairies. Ultra is no highly processed like you think. It is highly filtered. It makes it like 1 pt below or above a tariff threshold so it can be imported by a Canadian manufacturer. It is so worth selling it up there they do a spendy process to get in. 1 more thing. Hillman, I really find it odd you are so in to another nations politics. Trust me I dont give 2c on your nation's poitics. Just b/c you have who could easily be thee most milk toast vanilla bland figure head of a leader in the western world dont give you any right to bash my nation's leader. Whom i did not support but now am warming up to b/c at least he is listening and making the citizens gripes known. Have lots of family and friends from/in are proving the stereotyoe of Ontarioians quite exactly. Eh
  13. Interesting... I was not a big fan of Pres Trump during the election to be frank. But now he is growing on me. The more the media hates the more I figure he must be more like me than I thought! This is why he won, he actually speaks to the non-coast cit-iots.
  14. I hear you. We had chances to help when there were decent fires in E WA 2 years ago. Send feed or hands. But yeah was right in May/June. I kinda felt if it was TOO neg to my operation and family an I would try to bless them $$ not physically. You know the adage.... "It is impossible to let money/blessings flow into your hand if it is so tightly clenched on what's already in your hand". I am a BIG supporter of charity but, I also need to keep my house in order to be able to DO the charity. Hard to frame it..... Week aint too bad. Take em with?