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    I do watch it on DVR. I agree it is literally 45% flashbacks to the last episode. If you skip though it takes 15 min to see whole show that's new content. It is fascinating though. How for 200 years several groups have found just enough to make you go "what the?" and keep looking. I have always been intrigued by the Knights Templar story as well. But it is real hard to find factual info of them but they were a Order who the Church used to protect pilgrims to Israel. They reallllly reach when describing them. "Could it be", "Did they?" etc etc. I dont understand how the guy in the 60s who dozed a big chunk never found anything. Buddy does video stuff for State Farm Bureau and he was saying there is 0 "real" TV but COPS. He said he has tried over years to make "real" videos of families etc and you just cant ever be there at the right time. So you have to repeat it or film 24/7 and spend 100s of hours to edit it to look like something. Now the current plan of doing the 4' holes after the grid.....why the heck didnt they do the grid idea 3 years ago? Makes a ton of sense if they are serious. Wonder what their contract is worth with History? Seem like legit guys but I think they are getting "into" the fame/$ now. If you look up "yellow journalism" you will see what Discovery/History is doing. Gold Rush....buddy met those guys in a Bar in OR about 2 seasons into show. They were normal guys just trying to get something. Now....Why dont you wear Volvo hats too? The kid and Old guy from Holland are only real ones I think...havent watched it for yeaaaars. Cant believe its still on.
  2. Transmission pictures.

    I think that's a perfect use for that Ol gal. Feel bad for her sitting there.😊 This project can cleanse the shop and tools a bit after the long running green project. Also i think red will highlight the quality of the work you do better than the other color.
  3. life in our corner

    Totally called guy in AB where they went. We had very stagnant air warnings most of last week. Vet thinks stress of move here and lack of vaccination program ( susceptible to bvd, bvr, lepto, pastuella, etc) combined with stale air made perfect storm. I even started cooling fans wed just to move air, and opened cutains some and every door. Broker says the Ca broker whom moved cows alwaaayys gives cows Inforce to boost immunity and a Cattlemaster variant when thy get to where the go to cover his tail. Wish I would of know that. Thank goodness they are here I guess, uncle has no where to lock up cows. And since we we not there all the time they would of really died off. Few who have been only here are sick too so not just the 2x move ones. They all had weak immune systems. We sure regret this deal. Could of just slowly added on some cheap springers and not touched our line with the bank. On paper it looked fine and only be a pain for a few months till robots were going. Now....1500/hd...23 dead, few more prob wont make it. 20% prob culled in next 3 weeks after med out, and this set will never be as good as they could of been. Just went out, they cleaned up their feed already! Good sign they are eating again! Gave em 5-600# of dry Alf to get till morning. Lots got up to eat so good sign as well.
  4. life in our corner

    Dang pige.....swan. If you look at its rt wing you can see the burn. They cross short wires and trip fuses. Last year (or 2 ago) had 2 bald eagles with in a mile of farm do it. Friend told me to breast it out. Ehhh...coyotos have it mia by morning. Snow geese are about 2x size of duck id say. The swan was prob 15 to 20#. The eagle last year was 40#, i had to pick it up for evidence for power co. They bag and ship to a lab to determine cause of death. The 5 people who seen it out thier window dont count.
  5. life in our corner

    Well....20 now. Today seems to be calm though. Treated couple though. Now....stupid. power off
  6. Getting old

    I am only 43 and after last month or so...ump. Fell in parlor, landed right where your butt ends and back begins, nerves and tendons with not much padding...ER visit. Ashamed, i just fell right? "Sever contusion" Dr says. I am like ok day or so be good as new. Took 8 days to go and do actual chores. Pain was crazy. Day 7 i went to get silage from bunker up the road and could hardly climb in truck. Then, just feeling a bit better....3 weeks later. Stepped in scrape slot. Landed on bottom of already sore butt cheek. Now back to gimpy. Tuesday treating all these sick cows a wonderful one who's hobble got stuck on her toe kicked me with her hock. I know, wth. About center of thigh on guess what leg? Good grief, by end of day cant wait for couch. Sitting at supper is uncomfortable on the chair even. Man, I am tired....didnt used to be this way. Sore shoulder, popped out rib, knees and fingers not quite as smooth as used to be....ppppphhhhhh. Cant stop it I guess.
  7. life in our corner

    Lost 10 this week. Been temping them 2x a day. If we treat with excede they are responding. All doa are ones we didnt catch in time. Inforce vacc still needed for about 90. Treated 113 so far of 240. You who buy Excede know how much per dose it is.... We wanted out of uncles since it was such a pita and now we are getting this. Shipping fever on steroids. Vet says hes never seen such a strong hit esp since they moved 4 miles. Same feed, people etc. So much Worse, i hate cows dying. Makes you sick since they are in your care and you missed something.
  8. Times change

    I noticed the pumpkin patch citiot trap s of you had alooot of them in the field in November Look at currants. I know a few small acre guys ship every # to seattle region for eastern euro folks.
  9. Times change

    Can you? What about more strawberries? I assume farm dont have $ to pay for it.... Strawberries and set up a stand on the east side of the lake.
  10. life in our corner

    Have as many as can comfy fit in 1 pen but rest had to move to apro pens last weekend. Treated 30-40 with Excede today and yesterday. Culled 8-9 yesterday before too late. Vet helped me this morning to help determine who wont make it. Found out they had no vaccination program. I should of asked, but dont know anyone who does not vacc cows with bovishield and L5 etc. So vet is going to check for anything else to be safe it's not BVD or something. What a disaster. Looked good on paper and keeps getting worse and worse. We also gave Inforce to 100 of them (all vet had in stock) to boost immunity. Hope we are going up not down hill now.
  11. 15 k an acre land sale.

    Here I've lost rental land for 35000/a Paid 12k for last land we bought in '12. Too much? Yep but guys up rd got 20k so we snatched it.m
  12. life in our corner

    Man.....culled or lost 12 new cows. Pnumonia, like nothing vet has seen. Fine for 2 weeks and crash so fast you can't save em. Worried what else they may be carrying. We vacc for everything. Going to vacc them with inforce, immune booster today. What a mess. I hate culling cows for stupid things we should be able to fix. But 5 dead ones show 0 response to any antibiotic. So if the cough we are loading them up asap. What the heck were we thinking? Cool wet weather aimt helping. Vet is even shocked, esp since 0 of our cows are having problems.
  13. This POS put law enforcement back 15 years

    Aint that sadly the truth. What happens wjen you kick God and shame of sins out od society.
  14. COLD

    Man i wish i was a dog...... who wouldnt love that?
  15. COLD

    Again.....i cant even imagine. Minus anything. Imagine Tony? Hed need some Crown just to keep blood rhin enough to pump.