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  1. Went got heifers. 13hr flat. Pretty good 600+ miles. For some reason we had to go 5mph. 6:30am east then West on Deception pass bridge.
  2. Well, runs so good that even the wife now steals it for running around! Russ, i understand that the internal spring gets weak. The exhaust psi pushes it open always not just at cruise/low load. That makes a big internl vacuum leak basically.
  3. Does sound like air. Here 300s are hated. Hard to see around and slow. Dont take grease good either I have noticed. Alo/Quike are pop (or their various colors they now build) we have 2 and love them. 0 complaints. That 120 looks sharp! Hours?
  4. Orchard with 10% festolium. ANd 15% water grass Hot and dry, weeds loved it, orchard struggled. Sprayed it 1x...dang near could of did 2x. We let it go long days to sync with rest of cutting. Phone DOA, no pics. Got done 10pm last night. Lost gear box on rake. Had to run to chopper guys and get his...vermeer. Barely raked that new seeding. Never seen the chopper go so slow!
  5. chuckle..... The chopper guys have pretty nice snow mobiles, pick-up, vacation spots, motorcycles, RVs, and big boy toys to be struggling here too much You know the timing thing was a concern when we went to custom. 1st year was bad, during corn. I was hard but we switched operators the next season from our long time family friends. They just over booked themselves. Guy now has 4 units, 2 older back ups (870, 900) no one would trade (7000+ hrs) and now 2 960 Claas' he got used. Does 95% of his own work on stuff and maybe one of the best mechanics on our area. Maybe 1x have we had to wait then go rain etc. Even then he was bending over trying to get us all done. BIGGEST thing is communicating. I call/text him about 7-8 days before we want to do grass and corn about 2 weeks or so. Here we have tight window with corn usually so we chop on 1. time. 2. Maturity. If aint off before rains it aint coming off. Uncle had a Hesston 7120....not very impressive frankly. Thinking it may have been lack of HP. A 170HP 7120 Magnum. Traded for a 5830....well worn....way more work per day. Brew I really would stay away from a 790. Very small units and any bigger HP will tear it up. A 900 or FP230 is way more machine for fair money. Go to 230-240 HP fine with competent operator. FP240/FHX300 to 290. Friend rented a MX270 one season on his they got work done. More tons a hour than uncles 5830 JD. looked at a old JD self pro? They are pretty reliable and part are reasonable with several aftermarket suppliers. Random, was on old guys place recently. Had a MINT Field Queen with heads. Lower hrs and fully rebuilt. Got a t a farm sale 10+ years ago, never used. Very clean, be fun to hear that Detroit hum for a afternoon!
  6. Has not rained for 34 days......till yesterday. Got 1/4" thur....settled dust. Cut all morning, afternoon then chopped 1st stuff i cut and all rounds to just make today easier. Cuz is mowing last 60 70a now. Showered...sun coming 10am they guess. It was getting icky looking so didnt wanna wait till next thur to chop it. Supposed to be 85 then. Since it clouded over it will all be a bit green. But, not icky slimey green. Even with water it was dry on stem basically. Stuff we cut at 3 was already drying by 8 when we chopped. Add another cut of innoculant to help it ensile well.! Crazy heavy new seeding. Should of been cut 2 weeks agi but wanted all together. 4.8 mph. Rest of farm 11-14mph! Chopper asked not to rake it!
  7. I 100% know it. We had our 8930 stock. Got chopper hooked on and went for test run. 1st year we were no renting a 8950 from dealer. Went 100 yards and could hardly hold 2.3 mph with 2 row and processor open just a thick as my leathermans blade...3/16". Went to town right then, dyno said 180-190 so set to 250-260. Hooked back up end of day...5.5-6 mph just like the 8950 we'd rented in the past. The 3 row did not make much diff. You mus not close them rolls much!!
  8. Ok, so we get billed 395/h for grass and 425 for corn. I know even with his cost when we went to a custom guy we sure got better fedd b/c it gets put in faster. I dont need to try to find help for 2-3 days just 1 (big deal here). I usually hired one truck to help with my truck and now its for 10-14 hrs not 20+. We had a 900 NH. Very good unit but with 300 ac grass 5-6x and 250 corn we were taking days and weeks to chop. Letting cows slid and hating it. Loved chopping but 2mph in 1st with the 8930 and 900 was taxing on your nerves! I would really rec a 240FP or FHX300 CIH. BIG step up from 900. We just did not want to spend 80k for a tag or 100000+ for good reliable SPFH. Smallest unit we looked at was a 6850 jd
  9. Processor takes 50 60 hp or more.
  10. Not even close. My 8930 went 3 mph with processor and 2 row. Had to turn to 240 from 185 to get 5mph. 255 when we got 3 row. much was bil? There is value in going quick since you sobt have all the other stuff going as long.
  11. Only issue IMO is pain to shift while loaded and almost impossible to down shift on road at least
  12. Yes. And also i diagnosed the coolant sensor being bad too. And the wheel in the distributer. So the things i did made small improvements but it appears the big one was egr. Irritating the new distrib module was bad. No surprising, i was considering swapping them myself. The fuel pump kinda threw me. Untill last few weeks it fired up easy and etx so didnt think it was issue. We'll drive for a week before i pat him on the back yet!
  13. Busy busy... brother is gone so extra to do. Chopper guy asked if we could chop sat not next tuesday since his hand is gone vacation too. Like a fool i said yes. Got everything pretty well ready to cut tomorrow. Dream is get started early. Chop what i mowed early then cuz is mowing early saturday morning. Do rest saturday afternoon. It's been realllllly dry but we got a 1/4" this morning. 1/3 of the foreguess i watch say showers friday night and saturday. Now what? Got help all lined up etc so am fairly sure we will go. Had weird, very sad text conversation tue evening. Wife sees on FB her friend's (they farm in Minot area) 11 month widowed father got remarried to a gal my wife used to run around with who was his wife's best bud. He is 60 ish, she is maybe 40. I text J the husband and ask "did you FIL get hitched to you dead MILs 'best friend?'" The wife, T, text back "yes....[not good things etc] he did". I chuckle and tell the wife as we pick some blueberries for winter snacks at 8pm. I ask J how canola is doing. Somethings about drought auctions and horrid. Buy your canola meal now. Ok thanks. Then very out of character....We have been having a tough couple days..... I just about called but I had a hunch he wouldnt talk. I asked why and he proceeded to tell me his sister's fiance (she moved to Minot for Nursing in 09) was killed in a stupid drinking accident. After the bar he sat on the trunk lid of friends car being goofy and wanted to ride to his truck or something. Fell off and hit head just right. Died in hospital short while later. She was right there the whole time. 27, worked for elevator and was starting to farm with Dad. SO senseless.... their announcement was in the papers last week and sent out invites for their Aug wedding. He asked for prayers. I know he grew up in a Christian home and goes to church most sundays...but I have had my questions pertaining to his behavior. Hope this kinda gets him focused on his boys and wife and eternity. I cant imagine his little sisters pain. Pray for Jen and family.
  14. Ole you are correct. My 60yo very seasoned mechanic was as dubbed as me! As i joked with the service guy. "I bet he gets pipes on and takes it for a real test drive....". Yep it was starting very hard.....50% of the time. He went out and said "uh oh.". Checked fuel psi...5. I said go ahead, like I have time. Pulls tank, whole dang assembly had to be chiseled out. He said nothing is rust but the dang fitting on sending unit. R+R sending unit, line, pump assembly. I call at 5 since Dad can quick drop me off. Counter guy chuckles...guess what? Jerry takes it for a ride and runs better....till higher rpm the missing. Now he is pulling out the little hair he has. I wish I could of seen him! I know exactly what he is going though. You fix things that are for sure bad and it make a little improvement but still not right right. He takes the old distributer I had laied on the seat and pulls the Mod out and swaps with the new one in the 200 miles new distributer. Boom, like a race truck. Figured out it has 3.73 gears. Man for some reason that dang thing got 2x the giddy up as the 1991. Made a few territory marks on the road by the barn. Bill is just a tick more than the purchase... not cool BUT I could comfortable sell it for near 2x that total. But I have a nice, just clean enough daily driver, standard cab, long bed, 4x, farm truck.
  15. Ok, make sime sense. How would it have enough back psi with open exahaust though?