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  1. Steaks and wine will be shortly! Take em to that Grapevine place in Visalia after he get the 806 going. Go to SEMA, you deserve to show your 'investment' off. Different things always get attention at car shows. If you can get me a couple tickets i will keep a eye on her for you! I guess its a invite/industry only thing....bucket list.
  2. All though I am not on the Bash.... would that be the infamous Willard Sanchez?
  3. Ha, I sure it was in fun. I dont know why the stickers are funny. I noticed something was different. I was painted years ago....I kinda think the lettering was painted on actually. When I get the rest of the stalls I will have to look now. Feeling better, thanks for thoughts and prayers. I went did breeding shots yesterday afternoon...gagged some but made it. Went to bed with some Advil whole 4 hours. Said screw it, took 3 advil (help fever since I dont throw em and put a handful in my pocket and started mowing at 3 am. Got fuel at 7:30. Took power nap for 20 min, cut a reallllly rougher than I recall cover crop rye field...more advil. 2 every 2 hours is the ticket. Did about 80+ acres with some road time and that rough one. Our feeder guy had off from his accounting job so he cut rest. Windy and 80 today, amazing, forecast for more like it for week plus. We left 35+ ac for morning since it is fescue+festoleum that dries super quick and dont want it to get ahead of us. Get it in the morning. About 200 acres to do, some we cut yesterday will wait till Saturday. So heavy it took out clutches on mower. Laying down a lot and hard to cut. About 14 days too old..... Dad got stalls all in...everyone is curious. Bed early....big day tomorrow. Funny 1st in 5-6 years great Memorial Day weather and our trailer is in the shed.
  4. I have been MIA........FLU!! All the stuff with it. Of course when it was raining I was fine. Suns out, sore, hurl, achy, tired. DONE
  5. Looks good. Nice you've been blessed to have health and kid inheritance to spend! That thing looks real comfy for me and AKwelder to book for Tulare too...
  6. Best wife ever... We needed the waterer/pool down since it was 70.... Near same spot i was stuck 48h later. Near 80 nice. Somehow the door was cracked open...... all junk
  7. Well at least youhave a fun week to drown ypur sorrows away in black smoke and red wine! Evny...
  8. In Palm Springs too they do it all by hand also. Guess thats it for technology. Thanks for the info Tom, here it's more tricky I understand. Few Ag Labor groups set it up, but the big orchards have staff just for dealing with it. What you do there in KY? LOL, here they get a ride in a ICE rig and never seen again.
  9. No fluff, just wrote milage and gallons down for a month or so. Yes, 12 around county to 13 is near 10%. Iirc it got near 14 empty on hiway then 15 even. But i know speed has more to do with that. Towing cows over the cascades was 5 to 6 the 7. And wayyyyy more steady even power. 1st trip was like HOKY PETE its a beast! You dont need a hot rod tune. I asked for crisper shifting and specifically towing snort. Got it...big grades at 26000lbs were 2nd gear 3600 rpm moving at 45 not 35 and 1 to 2 shifting. I have did intakes, mufflers, headers etc etc.... a efi tune made more difference and was easier than anything. Was 300 for a custom tune fit specifically for my truck. The suburban i got a pre made one from same guy. Like i said smooth and capable after.
  10. Nice, God bless
  11. No, its correct. Spoke with a immigration attorney who had the stats from DHS/ICE. Also very very few came back. My workers will tell you none have they know. Till just now the economy did not make it enough for them. Like Art says, just apply the laws we have and issues go away. Which county in TX made it very clear the cops, towns, judges etc were going to follow the law to a T. Illegal crossers...0. County over 100% increase. Good fences do make good neighbors! Worse part is when the criers say it not nice. Jump into MX and see how they treat you. Ask my employee from Guatamala to tell stories of guys trying for the US getting caught in mx. Thats inhumanity. Why the **** does it take 2 to 4 years to get a simple legal green card to just work here anyway? Wonder when getting off the boat at Ellis Is and filling out papers quit? Anyone know when the green card stuff started? The US used to advertise in europe to come over. If you go to non resort MX ot does make it clear why they jump over. It is a **** hole
  12. Yeah I cant see a actual WALL like China being built. But I couldn't see Mr Trump winning either! Odd thing is there is a huge demand for laborers.....and they are not coming. Guys say coyotes are $4500+ for a trip or more now. Every one in manual labor industries are scrambling. Higher pay, benefits etc. The folks just are not here. Also their kids are westernized and dont want dirty jobs either. That's why the parents came here right? The former Admin deported a record number last 7 years. Apx 390000/yr. That made a dent for sure in the pool available. Sounds like from my sources people just dont wanna risk it anymore. The H2A worker program is a joke. The pay and requirements are full out of line. Had a farmer tell me it would cost him low $20s/hr to meet the requirements and the home he needed to provide....his own home would not meet the standards! More money I hear. Several guys pay high teens here for milkers. Not sure how much more I can pay. IMO at 20/h robots will be a wash cost wise and always show up. If nothing the shortage is really advancing robotics in ag. Gringos wont do hard/dirty/hot/long work anymore. Never had a white guy show up from a CL post for a milking job. who could pass a drug test. A visual drug test...sigh. On my last Western WA Uni tour I told the kids I would start them at 14 and then go to 14.50 in 90 days. Much better than our high min wage of 11/. Then after showing them milking I asked who'd like a app.... Crickets. Better deal than McDs right? Seeing the actual work of a farm is not quite as cute as the "gardeners market" image.
  13. Well, my 05 chev gas gained 1-2mpg depending on situation and a decent amt of power. Maybe not even so much power as it was freed to work. When you hit the gas the computer sloooowly eases in the throttle and fuel. After my tune it was 100% now. Felt like driving a old hot rod truck. Hard to describe the drivability but is sure was more enjoyable to drive. Did it at 100k and sold to friend at 200k. Mainly heavy towing. Made the truck "awake". Really nothing about whos smarter. It is what your goal is. A top fuel car want fast now. A honda accord wants run forever. Top fuel wont run long, honda will go almost as long as a LS chev. My 05 emissions parameters were barely moved, just how "reigned" the computer was was the change. Yeah you want to turn it to 11 your a dink. You want a little more response etc, higher trans psi for towing no big deal. SDMan...interesting, I have never heard that before. You clearly have the knowledge. Is there any dif between a ...say mx200 vs 240 then? What about the newer ones? Like a Mag 290 vs Mag 330? Deere guys, techs, say 8000 series are same though out. In you mind if I got a new Mag and removed all the emission stuff, hardware and software and re programed would it hurt the performance or help? You know longevity, economy etc Thx
  14. He set them to max..34. I was hummmm. So when he left we bled them off. Yeah we run singles sometimes on rd stuff....actually only when it feeds. The 7140 and MX170 mow so them days the 8930 mixes. Need to change the rock shield mounts to the 8930 then just leave the 7140 on the NDE. I forgot to ask brother how she felt. I was thinking 20 be good balance. If I road a lot spreading with the Artex i set them to 30. Not sure why, but high load on pavement, figured they last longer then. Last year the hand hauled to uncles with Artex. I did not check tires. After he left I looked and went.....?????? The rt inside Michelin was flat, the lf outside dual {old GY} was high. He went 8 mile rnd trip all day like that. RUINED the lf dual since had more load, really wore the lf mich too since it was kinda side ways pushing with other side off kilter. I check like I should/used to ....check them often! The Mich served us well. They have about 4000 hrs on them and about 50%. But..the 23* were $1900/each and 2 weeks out. The Mich were $2600 and month out. The Mc135 has 23* on it and they have been good. Loader work mainly too.
  15. Buy it!