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  1. 86 series Hydraulic TA problems

    It could very well be cable and linkage related. Common for the piece that hooks to lever linkage on firewall under the hood to break because it rusted up. Check everything for movement. With lever ahead, the snapring on the valve that the cable shifts should be just about touching the retaining nut on the valve body. Ha funny, jus what he said. Lol. We were typing at same time๐Ÿ˜
  2. COLD

    Multease/ poodle. (Multi/poo)
  3. COLD

    Not much snow here but I did take my first ride this morning @-17ยฐ was a little chilly....
  4. COLD

    Guess are dog must think it's cold too. At noon came in house to let him out and found him buried in his kennel! Too Funny! Had to share. You can see his nose sticking out in the corner closest to you.
  5. Question about aftermarket cab on 966

    Had one like that. On the inside of cab, there are tabs you push in on the very outside of the panel, far left side, and far right side. The clips are sitting on the framework of cab. The whole assembly will then tip down and be hanging against windshield. That's how mine was.
  6. COLD

    We jus had our warmest day of the year so far. Haha ha. Never got above zero
  7. Rose Parade RFD float video

    MN Millenialfarmer has a video on his youtube channel about his trip to California. Hefty Bros invited bunch of people to ride on float in big parade. Neat behind the scene on making float.Mn Millennal farmer does a good job as a voice for the farmer. Like watching his videos. Maybe somebody can do a clicky link Thanks Happy New Year! Mark
  8. Old ihc pictures

    Had that same Dakon pickup on an new 810 dummy head that we ran on the 'ole815' jus like yours
  9. Rose Parade RFD float video

    Must have been underneath following that pink stripe on street and broke lol
  10. Rose Parade RFD float video

    Wonder who paid for the tow truck. Float was being pulled by tow truck. That' bad luck! The green guys will have their glory on this one.lol All those farmers ride n on there and nobody had their pliers, baling wire, and duct tape with to get the thing going on its own???
  11. COLD

    Thinking **** froze , all the area Churches canceled services for the entire weekend because of the sub zero temps!!
  12. COLD

    Trying to grill a couple of steaks. -10 below and windy out. Can only get 180 degrees with 3 burners on preheat, cookin real sloooooooow...lol
  13. Fall Harvest 2017 Thread

    Post your pics๐Ÿ˜ First day doing beans. Smells like silage Tested 11%
  14. 1206 high range issues

    Got one from here before "Eiklenborg Salvage" Aplington Iowa
  15. Almost Christmas and no frost

    No frost to speak of here. This pic is today. One of the last tile lines for the year going in. Had to take a pic Dec 20th and no frozen dirt on the plow when we cleaned it off after the last line.
  16. Smoker are these the Goldies

    Here is pic. Jus google searched images of Gold Demonstrator.......pops up Funny, by the date on pic , it must have taken me over 3 years to figure out how to put a screen saver photo on my computer, joined in Aug 2006, must of figured out how to do a screensaver by 2010. It was my first screensaver besides "windows xp" floating around on screen lol
  17. Smoker are these the Goldies

    Thanks Brady Boy, heck thought it was Smokers. Nice pic though!
  18. Not sure, if I do it's saved in my old computer in shop office. Look tomorow. If I remember correct, they were lined up in a field, maybe even the ground was white. Edit. Found pic on internet, check thread on coffee shop I posted
  19. Aug 22 2006, I think I ended up here because of the search for my Dad's 1206. Google searches seemed to bring up threads on this Website. One of my first screensaver photos on my computer was the pic of Jerry Smoker's goldies all lined up๐Ÿ‘

    Have had one almost 2 years. Maybe used it a total of 40 nights. Drives me nuts. Can't stay asleep using it. Pain in the a$$. Tried nasal pillows- mouth comes open during night, sounds like wind storm. Tried full masks- always end up leaking and blowing air out. Tried nose mask- mouth comes open during night , another wind storm, or leaks and blows air at my eyes and dries them out. Only thing it has done is stopped the snoring, but wife says when it leaks or sounds like a wind tunnel, that's worse than my snoring lol
  21. 1206 Serial Number

    Makes one wonder why the serial tag got replaced, sure don't look like oem. Maybe it was damaged, if that' the case, as a buyer I would want the one they took off also.
  22. Tile plow accident

    Very sad. Lot of questions go thru my mind on how it happened. I have helped install around 4 million feet of tile the last few years. Our crew heard about this accident last week and we jus hung our heads. Field we are tiling now has 3 natural gas pipelines. We thought, was it located wrong?, was it located at all? Was it 3 days after the locate call, should be marked , good to go?. Appears they were crossing it at almost 90ยฐ One of the reports said tractor became stuck, another was used to pull. We thought, heck they hooked the pipe and didn't know it. Prayers to families involved.
  23. welp it was nice wile it lasted

    Yep get those lakes froze over and the stick trails up across them. Headed north in January with sleds to Cable Wi. Been couple years , we were in Watersmeet Mi. Road thru Houghton across bridge and up to Copper Harbor My project today
  24. 1486 first serial #

    They started with 8601 for the 1486. Machinery Pete has video up of it. The owner never knew he had #1. His wife and daughters tell the story. Neat tractor. Would look good next to Danny's 1086 ๐Ÿ‘