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  1. Tile plow accident

    Very sad. Lot of questions go thru my mind on how it happened. I have helped install around 4 million feet of tile the last few years. Our crew heard about this accident last week and we jus hung our heads. Field we are tiling now has 3 natural gas pipelines. We thought, was it located wrong?, was it located at all? Was it 3 days after the locate call, should be marked , good to go?. Appears they were crossing it at almost 90° One of the reports said tractor became stuck, another was used to pull. We thought, heck they hooked the pipe and didn't know it. Prayers to families involved.
  2. welp it was nice wile it lasted

    Yep get those lakes froze over and the stick trails up across them. Headed north in January with sleds to Cable Wi. Been couple years , we were in Watersmeet Mi. Road thru Houghton across bridge and up to Copper Harbor My project today
  3. 1486 first serial #

    They started with 8601 for the 1486. Machinery Pete has video up of it. The owner never knew he had #1. His wife and daughters tell the story. Neat tractor. Would look good next to Danny's 1086 👍
  4. 1486 first serial #

  5. Fall Harvest 2017 Thread

    Few pics, Putn on smoke. On this farm I wish I had $1 for every ton that has passed thru it. C.F. Terminal (2 tanks) Koch terminal (1 tank),Agrium terminal,( bullet tank), pipelines go thru our farm fields feeding them.
  6. Who needs this!

    At least they got it pulled out of the weeds
  7. Happy Thanksgiving Every One

    Happy Thanksgiving! This is a pic of my place mat today
  8. Ticked off a scammer!

    Scammers somehow call with a local number now. Thought it was a local cell number, usually don't answer #s I don't recognize but today was busy lining up Nh3 bar and actually thought it could be a coop Agronomy person calling
  9. Ticked off a scammer!

    Got a call from local cell #. I answered and a recording to save interest on credit card to push a #, so I did. My intent was to remove me from calling list. Guy answers, I said 'who is this?'(foreign voice) He says some name and asks for which credit card, visa or MasterCard. I said take my name off calling list. His reply. F off! Don't push F'n # , or dont answer F'n call!! I can kill you , you F'n piece of $hit Guess he wasn't getn many takers today
  10. Dad passed away

    Sympathy for your family. Great memories keep them with you everyday........
  11. Fall Harvest 2017 Thread

    Have enjoyed looking at all the pics posted also. Caption to 1st photo 'The last time' Every year when I sweep up after the first load I think to myself, I wonder when the last load will be? How will the weather be for rest of harvest? Will I have to dry all the corn? Hope the equipment doesn't have any breakdowns, Hope it isn't muddy...... Well tonight I have the answer to all of them, it's 10:00pm Nov 12th 2017. Always a good feeling when you finish. cover is back on pit.👍
  12. Fall Harvest 2017 Thread

    There they are. The last 6 rows! Last year same spot, but a day sooner.
  13. Fall Harvest 2017 Thread

    I think the wife should have a Pulling Tractor, look at that technique!
  14. My best run of the year

    Looks pretty sweet carrying the front wheels like that
  15. Fall Harvest 2017 Thread

    Wife and Son running cart. Last field, was bout 12° yesterday morning. Coooold.