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  1. Need care tips for a 100c

    hi ecc 1213 The 100c has a german neus d206 they were made from 1969 to 1974 . Then came the 100 e with the neus d236 from 74 to I think 86 dresser bought ih in82. this should all be at the start of the construction site it says pinned ref numbers The people that did it saved this history for us. Tuscarora trader
  2. Generator for a 1940 TD-9

    Hello Good hope. where are you located.I have a shop near me that is great and they do a lot of shipping in and out. they are more then resonable at there prices. maybe and option. Tuscarora trader
  3. Aluma-seal for a leak?

    Quinndog Quinndog I have at work 2 466 engines they doth have at times had very small leaks at a gasketnext to the front seal. I a'm not a fan of quik fix things but when away from the shop you do what must be done. I have used alum-a seal , bars stop leak. They are my choices yes i have tried pepper, bread not the crust. and they all work for a short time fix. Tuscarora trader
  4. 1954 TD6 track roller lubrication.

    Hello Enghishcreek Welcome, The rollers take a special fitting. you clean around the roller and take out the pipe plug napa sells the complete set of grease adaptures that fit. I can't remember the # of hand. It has both button types and the pipe one you need. you screw in the pipe plug that has a short pipe attached Most guys use corn grease I use grease.as u pump grease in the old grease is forced out. You will know when to stop when clean grease comes out.If you go to napa it may not come up on the computer they will have to look in the large tool book. Hope this helps Tuscarora trader
  5. T6 in Northwest Canada

    Hi jovan I like to keep them as close to orginal as possible. There is a place in ohio that does mags.I like mags better than distrbutor. Thats why we use them on race cars.Hotter spark and make there own energy.Plus the closer to orginal the better the resale. Tuscarora trader
  6. T6 in Northwest Canada

    Welcome jovan The tag should be at your left knee in the seat up on the firewall. Get the ser # at the start of the site there are pinned treads one shows the ser # They did a great job. Nice machine hope you enjoy it . The people here are a great resorce. hope this helps Tuscarora trader
  7. thanksgiving

    Hi all Happy thanksgiving to all. Tuscarora trader and family
  8. TD-14

    Hello 560 It maybe in your pump. change the oil and add some marvel mystery oil. that helps clean out any sticky crudd that gums up the plungers and valves. Hope it helps. Tuscarora trader
  9. Starting Carb.

    Charlie If i'm not mistaken the td9 and the 35 were the same beast. Maybe a early td9 start carb are the same. hope this helps Tuscarora trader
  10. We're does everyone get these hard to find hoses

    Hi all I use my local mack dealer they also do bucket trucks they have a hose shop that makes you drool. They do steel lines and hi heat and pressure. Tuscarora trader
  11. Bought a 175C to go with Herc- need help though

    Hello Dave Very nice machine. I would check and make sure the fuel system is all working to the injector pump first. Then If I had to take the pump off. If I remember right there is a shop out next to you it was in yesterdays tractor magazine. Or just about any pump and injector guy can do that. agian nice find. Tuscarora trader
  12. IH 500C breather leaking lots of oil

    Hello curly Yes drain gallies could be plugged. does the drain tube come from a canister on the top of the engine If so there should be a filter inside if that gets too much gunk in it it will build up pressure and you start to lose oil. most people miss this step when changing oil.some you can clean some need to be replaced. Hope it's not blow by. Tuscarora trader
  13. T-340 Steering Clutches

    hello ihc56fan At the beginning of this tread there are some pinned treads one is of part location. The people here did a great job. fp Smith is one that is used a lot. Hope this helps. nice machine. I have a td340 and love it. It never stops impressing me. Tuscarora trader
  14. TD6 Dozer/Loader

    Hi all Not sure the real problem. Old equipment took arm and leg strenth the better it is adjusted the easyer but still harder then the new toys. if they are out of ajustment you need to ajust or replace worn parts. There is no easy fix they are old machines but I would rather fix and old one then find the computer problem on the new ones. just my opion on that. Tuscarora trader
  15. 650 Excavator track adjuster.

    Hi all As for track tention to move or load. I use a portapower and block of wood and chain saw. not pretty but I have put lot on trailers and got out of the mud. Tuscarora trader