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  1. what water treatment do you have now? Name brand etc>
  2. H-D, 

    I am wanting more h.p. Don't want to get rid of my 460 for many reasons. Trying to do research, I found a post where you changed your 4 into a 560 by the exact same way I as thinking. Changing crank, pistons, etc. 


    i would like like to chat more in detail. If you can email me maybe we can correspond or even chat. 




    1. H-D


      mb8844@centurylink.netmy 460 is still working on the farm  and is 57 years old.:D

  3. 51 was the year of the great flood in the kansas city Both airports were under water along with the KC stock yards. Randy may be right on 51?
  4. on my 61 560 it doesn't help to remove the hood. Take the side panel off the left side ( as viewed setting on the seat looking toward the rad.) and roll the valve cover off. It will clear the fuel tank, but no room to spare.
  5. CL613 mack with the E-9 500 (mack V8) 18 speed, 55 mph at 1200 rpms in 18 th and drive it like a car. Want to go faster just push on the foot feed, don't need to down shift.
  6. Understand about the cost but try a google search on Zenni.com for a way to reduce the cost of glasses. My glasses retail for over 350.00 and same glasses on Zenni.com were 58.00 delevered to my door. Just ordered another pair so I can have a spare because of the savings on the first. Have had these for over a year and zero problems.
  7. very good point Mader!! Of all the answers so far I think the portable welder is the best answer.
  8. Jere, really glad to know how things went nnd was starting to worry because it has been a while from your last post re this subject. Good for you and ask GS to take good care of you and get back to posting soon.
  9. Chub, Thank you for your friendship over the years and all your help with the information you shared with me about my dad;s family.You and Boog have made this forum so very special to me in more ways than I can count Like Boog said, " I am just a phone call away" no matter what! Prayers and best thoughts to you and your family Good Friend!
  10. Sorry to hear this Jere, hang in there and we will hope for the best.If there is anything we can do, just let us know.
  11. No rain here today, yet. west central Missouri. Years ago, (i think around 2004) we had a daily update on here from members all around the county that ran for over a full crop year and there are some of us still on here even today.
  12. any parts for a Mack 12 speed? Nothing, and I mean nothing like Superliner with a E-9-500
  13. If my memory is correct, that block is there to keep the draw bar from creeping down when the engine is off.Mine did the same as yours has and I took the line off under the gas tank and had it adapted over to hyd hose and no more problems in the last 14 years.I think it is gonna hold.