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  1. my vote is to stay away from any horned cattle period!!
  2. 22.5 and 10. 20 are ,the same size.
  3. Tony, thanks to the powers above that every thing is good and I want you to know this is the first that I knew about it. I have been away from the forum board for personal time and was just floored when I read the post that Troy made. This is the first good news I have had for a bit! The very best to you and Carol and also for sure Tamara. Best, H-D
  4. Tony, don't remember if I ever mentioned that I am also a pilot and my last two airplanes were Beach Bonanza's, a G (1956) that I put about 1000 hrs on it and a V-35 (1966) that I flew about 1500 hrs ( ran the TBO out on the 285 cont.) along with a bunch of rental cessna's, etc. I enjoyed your post with your Cessna 172. Mto's post left a bad taste I think, and I am not impressed with him.

    Tell Tamara hi for me and tell her to hang in there. Some of my nerve damage is getting better and I hope hers will too.  

    Best, H-D

  5. agree on starter button like poor farmer/logger said. Had the exact thing on a 250 Honda
  6. Bill take a look at the covers that are made for a cast that is for when you break a bone in your leg and want to take a shower with out getting the cast wet. It really works good and Wallgreens have them here and they are reuseable. Just a thought........
  7. Randy that v-4 wasn't hard to start hot if you cut the intake manifold off the exhaust manifold and then weld straight pipes on each bank. What was making it hard to start is the way it was made was making it vapor lock from all the heat coming off the manifold. before doing that we would let that s.o.b. (sweet ole boy) idle over the lunch , if we took one.
  8. what water treatment do you have now? Name brand etc>
  9. H-D, 

    I am wanting more h.p. Don't want to get rid of my 460 for many reasons. Trying to do research, I found a post where you changed your 4 into a 560 by the exact same way I as thinking. Changing crank, pistons, etc. 


    i would like like to chat more in detail. If you can email me maybe we can correspond or even chat. 




    1. H-D


      mb8844@centurylink.netmy 460 is still working on the farm  and is 57 years old.:D

  10. 51 was the year of the great flood in the kansas city Both airports were under water along with the KC stock yards. Randy may be right on 51?
  11. on my 61 560 it doesn't help to remove the hood. Take the side panel off the left side ( as viewed setting on the seat looking toward the rad.) and roll the valve cover off. It will clear the fuel tank, but no room to spare.
  12. CL613 mack with the E-9 500 (mack V8) 18 speed, 55 mph at 1200 rpms in 18 th and drive it like a car. Want to go faster just push on the foot feed, don't need to down shift.