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  1. My W series collection

    That is a great collection and a fantastic display!!
  2. Hi folks, I know these are not IH red.....but the gold plated 7788 is! When we made the two videos each for the Versatile and Ezee-On, we used the same recorded material. What was changed were the photos of the finished disks in each at the end of the slide show. We did it this way for ease of searching on YouTube by keeping both "titles" separate. Once again, enjoy!
  3. Hi gents - Here is the YouTube video for this disk.........Enjoy! PS: The video clip inserted at the very end of this video is of the very disk that this model was made after for the customer.
  4. Thanks Jerry....and that was not a misprint! Here are the steps,,,,all assuming everything goes perfectly well and everything fits perfectly....which doesn't happen(LOL): Go out and find/photograph a real one; with tape measure, measure off all aspects/pieces and record in project book; go home and plot all measurements to graph paper and convert all measurements to 1/16 scale; cut stock pieces; always have too create jigs and tools to create many other parts (incl moving parts) using mini mill or mini lathe as needed; when soldering being mindful when to plan/use silver or regular solder so parts in other areas don't melt off; always test fit pieces and always build in tolerances that take into consideration the thickness or prime/paint (a big issue); when completed pull apart the toy and do final filing/sanding, clean parts with acetone, and create hangers as needed to hang all individual parts for the prime/paint process; prime with 1 coat and paint with 2 coats; carefully reassemble and touch up nuts/bolts washers with Q-tips with appropriate colors; install hydraulic lines and decals..... Trust me......that was easier written than done!!!!!!! Dwight.
  5. Happy Birthday Tripp

    Thanks to you too Sledgehammer!
  6. Happy Birthday Tripp

    Thanks guys!
  7. Thanks gents....and for sure coming soon!!!
  8. I just finished and delivered this latest toy this past week. This took nearly 900 hours to complete and I have orders for 3 more.....I'll be busy for a while yet! Instead of posting the pictures to the site, I posting the link to my photobucket, as there are 27 pictures that provide for a detail of this toy. The link is: 496 Disk?sort=3&page=1
  9. Happy Canada Day to all Canadians

    Here was Canada Day in Delaware Ontario.........we made sure the tractor pulling Mounties was red. I may have had influence!
  10. Hi Alex UK - You have some nice pieces. Have your considered Ebay? I would PM you on a couple pieces that I would be interested in. However, besides shipping, the Canadian dollar is also a big factor compared to the pound! .
  11. 86 series levers

  12. 86 series levers

    A lot of good comments from Gleaner K2, 856 Custom and Reichow7120. I will add one more piece to the discussion: In the early 1970's IH was rolling out the 74 series, as the 66 series was hitting their prime. If you know them (Dad bought a new 674 in 1974 and an awesome tractor), the operator layout is almost the same as the 86 series. If you had a smaller 74 series in the yard and jumped into your 86 series, it was nearly the same operating, so a "seamless" transition. I don't think that was coincidental by IH...nor did it end there as the 74 series carried on as the 84 and after the merger the 95 series, which all in ran for about 25 I guess the design was OK! To me the whole 86 series operator layout is circular with comments made by the above noted gents well said and placed. And yes.......I am more than a little partial to the 86 series......
  13. Ever seen 5288 with dualed 24.5s

    Looks good and interesting story!