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  1. 12 fires in Montana

    Are there many fires north of the Canadian border. Not seen much about fires in BC, Alberta or Saskatchawen?
  2. Ih problems

    I see. Thank you. Once again when you are familiar with something you spot these things. It would never have occurred to me to consider anything other than a diesel engine even though I am quite aware of the gas engine option, though as I said I have neve r seen one
  3. Ih problems

    I forgot about gas engines. I will admit I have never seen one in person thought and I very much doubt that there are any in the UK. Btw how do you tell from those pictures that it is a gas engine?
  4. Ih problems

    What size engine is in it? IIt should say on a machined area of left side of block a series of numbers stamped into casting. You will see some numbers that end in a D. Such as 239D? Let us know what these numbers are and we should be able to work out what you may have within a few models
  5. Dealing with underwater debris

    That is so disappointing. To see something that you have owned,cared for and no doubt I imagine you sold on in better condition than you bought it gradually get destroyed through neglect and abuse is quite disheartening. I suppose just be thankful it's not human or animal
  6. Dealing with underwater debris

    MTO you used to have a 584. And you sold it .........
  7. 86 front axle

    Oh it could be you lol
  8. 86 front axle

    Someone on stalkerbook got same problem
  9. Solitude

    I digress. Took me 11 years to get an Id badge from my employer. long story another topic. So back to solitary confinement byeee 😂😂
  10. Solitude For those of you who don't do stalkerbook . The link is about a TV show that is coming up on UK television where people (contestants) have to spend five days in solitary confinement. No books no TV no Internet etc. In other words no communication with outside world. Being a TV show it is no doubt dramatised and the contestants will be picked to make sensational television rather than what could be an interesting TV program. So I'm wondering how many of us loons on this forum could happily spend five days with just their own thoughts for company? I think the 2 things that I would struggle with is I would be thinking of things I could be doing and I would not want to be inside for the 5 days. But otherwise I'm sure I could manage fine. I guess the trick is to go off to your own little planet in your head and chill? Your thoughts? Just for fun
  11. Case IH 485 Brakes

    Did you find an answer to this?
  12. New Member with a 1486 that needs a lot of TLC

    Welcome to the forum. It's great therapy to work on a piece of machinery and get away from the world. II'll be following your progress with interest. I've always wanted a 1486. Not sure why but I think the boat ridea cost a few £.
  13. Can't Find The Thread

  14. New joke

    I'm glad I'm not the only one who doesn't get family guy. Thought I was a freak .........
  15. Hand held cut off saw.

    As for speed of cut how do they compare to an angle grinder? I guess they cut neater and more accurately than an angle grinder?