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  1. 5488 Exhaust Manifold

    I hope somebody starts making them mine has been drilled and should be replaced some day
  2. case ih 9330 front axle fluid

    manual says hy tran but big tractor parts says to use 80 90
  3. i had a 1805 and believe me I don't miss it at all
  4. 6500 conser-til

    i think they would probly work gd
  5. 3LM turbo

    Any performance diffrence
  6. 3LM turbo

    no tag
  7. 3LM turbo

    how do you tell the difference between a 3LM and a stock turbo on a 5488
  8. Newly purchased 986

    that is 1 nice 14
  9. in fram on a 50 series

    Pan is out thanks
  10. in fram on a 50 series

    wondering about the oil pan bolts on the front and clearance to get the pan out
  11. 986 rebuild kit

    go with the maxi force
  12. Other options for overhaul kits

    Are the Pistons the same between a truck eng and tractor
  13. 7288 smokestack

    that tractor shouldn't even be used way to rare
  14. 5488 axle

    after having a hd axle they should have made those standard equipment
  15. Case IH 9330 front axle u joint

    how many hrs were on those u joints