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  1. that is 1 nice 14
  2. Pan is out thanks
  3. wondering about the oil pan bolts on the front and clearance to get the pan out
  4. go with the maxi force
  5. Are the Pistons the same between a truck eng and tractor
  6. that tractor shouldn't even be used way to rare
  7. after having a hd axle they should have made those standard equipment
  8. how many hrs were on those u joints
  9. How are they for warranty if anything happens
  10. X2 on that cnh ****** me off with nla trans controller for 9330 is nla
  11. It's sad that now a days a simple electronic box as that is so expensive
  12. Cih sentry is not junk my nephews has one in it and has never caused any trouble but there are expensive
  13. looks like I will be using a mcbee kit anyone have any experience with thuis brand
  14. I will see what they say when they get the head off of it this all started out with a pump rebuild it has a knock to it on #2 cyl if you loosen that injecter line the knock quits
  15. danny can you give me the part # for that kit mine is also an early ser#