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  1. Farmall C Wide Tread Axles

    Saw them once on a tobacco tractor many years ago.
  2. International 2001 Loader

    The more universal model is the 2250 loader and various mounting pads are available for a wide variety of tractors.
  3. 6R 1200 planters - good, bad, ugly.

    The opener disks for both fertilizer and seed and the seed plastic plates in the hopper are the main wearing points.
  4. 6R 1200 planters - good, bad, ugly.

    I have the latest version of the 1200 6 row. It is a 2012 model 1220 planter. The current 1225 planter is identical to mine and no changes were made when they updated the model number. It replaced a model 800 planter. The only thing that is the same as the 800 is the dry fertilizer hoppers and metering mechanism. If you plan to use it with your 3688 tractor you will need the PTO pump attachment. The first tractor with a hydraulic system in that size big enough was the 7100 series. I have a MX120 Maxxum (which is the replacement for your tractor) and I use the tractor hydraulics to power the fan and lift. I do not need a PTO pump. This planter has been a godsend to me as it plants picket fence stands with zero skips. It is set at 31,000 plants per acre of corn and the monitor works beautifully. It has the constant rate fertilizer setup and I added the CIH (Yetter) shark teeth trash whippers. Boy do they do a good job of cutting up trash. There were some changes made for the 2011 model year that strengthened the steel hopper mounting brackets. This planter as stated above needs at least a 85 PTO HP tractor to pull it. The 105PTO HP MX120 Maxxum has more than enough HP to pull it in all sorts of conditions. You can also bomb along at 6 MPH if you have no stones. I do not have the no Till coulters in front as I mulch till. You will not go wrong with a 1200. They are the best planter money can buy. Just make sure it has whatever updates are listed in the planter brochure and get the stand for mounting the monitors in your tractor cab. There are umpteen versions of the stands for all sorts of tractors. I have the long horizontal tubular mounting for the MX 120 that bolts to the right side front and rear cab posts. This planter is made in Saskatoon at the CNH Flexicoil plant and the quality of workmanship is superb.
  5. Old working equipment in Decatur TX USA

    Looks like an old 1940's Aermotor windmill. We had one just like it when I was a kid.
  6. Dad passed away

    Condolences from Ontario also. Alzheimers is a tough way to go.
  7. 7240 spinning

  8. 986 - 66 similarities

    You will first need all the parts from a 66 series tractor. However the brakes are completely different in that the 986 has wet brakes. You will need to retain that setup and probably do a bit of engineering to ensure their functionality afterwards. A lot of work with little opportunity for reward IMHO.
  9. C-72 grader

    With the wide front you drive forward about a foot to release the F/H prongs and then pull the blade out sideways by hand. With a narrow front it is a little trickier and since I never had one with a narrow front I suspect you drive forward a foot and then back up over the cross bar by the F/H prongs. Just my guess.
  10. Reasonably priced oil filters canada

    That is the same outfit here. I called Traction (UAP/NAPA) this morning in London to get the Donaldson costs. Their filter for the Magnum is P553548 and replaces CNH no 84229397. It is priced at $58 CAN. CNH is at $71 CAN but the CIH dealer told me they have a sale from December to February and will sell them for $62 CAN during the sale. Since I am close to my CIH dealer I will wait for their sale. No margin in travelling 60 miles to London.
  11. Reasonably priced oil filters canada

    Did some more checking on Magnum, Maxxum and IH D414 filters. Found the supplier for Donaldson and Fleetguard in my area. The Donaldson products are exactly the same as what is used by CNH but about 15% cheaper which is to be expected. The Fleetguard on the other hand for the Magnum 7130 is made with the Micro Lock paper and a cheaper version without the Micro Lock. Couldn't understand why the Fleetguard was less than half the price and then the parts man told me it is made in two versions. The proper version for the Magnum is about 15 % cheaper than CNH version (84229397). So also with the Maxxum MX 120 and D414 filters for the 966. Even CNH was reasonable on the Maxxum and D414 filters. It is just the Magnum filters that they are pricey on.
  12. Reasonably priced oil filters canada

    Do you know what retailing chain sells Donaldson? I prefer them to Fleetguard and would like to know.
  13. Reasonably priced oil filters canada

    Donaldson or Fleetguard are the OEM substitutes. Fleetguard has wide distribution but not sure on Donaldson.
  14. 1966 Farmall 656

    Very nice 656 restoration. I also own a Farmall 656 gas gear drive and of all the IH tractors I have driven over the years it is one of my favorites. Mine is called "Old reliable" as it will start unassisted in any weather. The 686 also is a favorite but it is a diesel and is noisier. Sooner or later I will get mine painted like yours. This year I replaced the clutch and maybe next year I will get the engine overhauled. But it is one step at a time.
  15. Edmund Fitzgerald Nov 10, 1975

    This is very fitting to talk about after late yesterday and last night. We experienced similar weather conditions yesterday and last night (Nov 9 and early Nov 10) as they did on Nov 10 ,1975. I was thinking about this and no way would I want to be out on Lake Huron last night. I also remember going to a wedding reception several years ago on the south shore of Whitefish Bay and looking out and seeing the Prince Farm Wind Turbines on the Ontario side northwest of Sault St Marie. They were so close to land and may have survived if they had put a few more miles behind them and into shallow water.