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  1. Farmall H Needle in a haystack search

    Your search may be a lot wider than you think. If all you have to go on is "High" it could mean any of the following Case IH dealers; 1. Hi-Line at Wetaskiwin, AB 2. Highway Service Ltd at Lethbridge, AB 3. Highway Service Ltd at Milk River, AB 4. Highway Service Ltd at Picture Butte, AB 5. Highway Service Ltd at Taber, AB 6. Highway Service Ltd at Westlock, AB
  2. 240 - Large or Small point

    I have never seen a 404 with Fast Hitch. They were all 3 pt as far as I know.
  3. 606 3 point arms dropping while running

    Ray: Removing top link is for a 656. On a 606 or 504 lift the plate underneath the seat and you can see right into the reservoir.
  4. 436 in a tractor

    1466,1566, 1486, 1586, 3388, 6388, 5088, etc in an OEM basis. Lots of others for a custom build.
  5. IH 544 special/2544

    No, the 544 until the end of 1972 production had the same front axle as the 656. In 1973 the axle load rating was increased with the heavier cast center tube that they put on the 666. The old style 656 axle was discontinued at the end of 1972. There used to be a 1973 regular Farmall 544 not too far from me and it had the same 666 style wide front axle. It is definitely a keeper for shows and parades. I have the sales brochure for the F460 equipped with the same Danco highway mower.
  6. IH 544 special/2544

    Another reason why that one is a rare bird is that it has the later 666/686 style wide front axle. That axle was only put on the F544 during the last year of production (1973).
  7. Vintage Ads

    Red Turbo: Do you have the International 600 tractor brochure also? It would be nice if you could post it (if you have it). I have the 650 brochure and was wondering how much different the 600 one is.
  8. Vintage Ads

    Yes, that test track was at Milliken (now a suburb of Toronto). Back in 1969 I toured the test track with a friend of mine who worked there. They also had a section of road with a surface they called "Belgian pavay". It was pavement full of potholes and small raised lumps. It was like going down a washboard gravel road and shook the guts out of you and the machine you were driving in.
  9. Original Hydro 100 blackstripe in excellent shape

    That Hydro 100 doesn't have air conditioning either. That says to me that tractor is really from a more northern locale than the central Midwest. If you look closely there is some rust on the cab sheet metal seams beside the wheels.
  10. Red Tractors vs Green tractors

    The other excellent tractor in the MX series was the MX100 to MX170. These were tractors that were high hour performers. Even with loaders they would last to about 7000 hours before you had to go into the transmission clutches. The MX180 up to the MX270 tractors were not fully developed when put into production and as such had transmission issues from the get go. Now JD is having the same problems and I see them traded on CIH units quite often.
  11. Original Hydro 100 blackstripe in excellent shape

    Question: Given they are asking $27,000 US dollars for this Hydro 100, what would expect a 1976 black stripe 966 no cab - fender tractor with 2850 hours bring. This tractor has also been shedded all its life, the paint is similar to the Hydro 100 in condition, has new CIH seat cushions with no tears. It also has dual valves. The front tires are excellent but the rear tires need replacement. The owner will probably replace them before selling. The tractors runs beautifully and has been well looked after. It also has one set of IH weights on the rear wheels and a IH weight bracket on the front.
  12. Hydro 86

    Get that oil out of the transmission immediately and replace with new HyTran. If it is slipping it is indicative that the kidney plates on the hydro pump and motor are damaged . If the hydro is damaged the tractor is not worth much. After changing the transmission fluid run it for 25 to 50 hours and then see if it is still slipping. If still slipping you have a major investment required to fix the pump and motor. I have seen many 656 and hydro 70's salvaged for parts with exactly the same problem as your tractor has. Their owners elected not to fix the tractor and instead took the salvage price at the local tractor wrecking yard. The reason I know is because I have bought several parts for my 656 gear drive from two different salvaged 656 hydros.
  13. Does IH 901 paint come in a spray can

    Not from Case IH. They sell only the 935 spec white. Try looking on the after market to see if it is available.
  14. There weren't any 1150's around my area but there were at least 4 of 1155's in my immediate area. They had a much better cab than the 66 series IH cab and all I know about them is what one of the owners of one told me. He said he had problems with the transmission on two occasions and when he had the opportunity he traded it off on a JD4640. And he put over 7000 hours on the old 4640 before retiring.
  15. Our future "leaders"????????????

    Old Tanker: You have a very valid point. Maybe you have to wait until they cross the line like Roosevelt did with the Japanese. Then you pound them hard. I think we need to go back to the Harry Truman days to find a classy politician with the right attitude. The sniping by Obama and Hilary Clinton is not appropriate for has been politicians and only serves to stir up people like Soros even more. I always had a lot of respect for Harry Truman, Dwight Eisenhower and John Kennedy. Those guys had class. All we see now is a bunch of LBJ types (Trump excepted now that he has settled down).