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  1. It is in Baumheckel's book. It is the prototype IH twin rotor axial flow combine. This is the machine that a certain former IH engineer took the blue prints to New Holland and the result was the TR70. There was litigation which eventually ended in IH's favor. A point of interest is that the rotor angle from horizontal was the same on the twin rotor as it was on the single rotor. New Holland carried that angle through on all their combines up to the present day. It is one of the reasons why it was easy to convert the large NH combine into the 8010 CIH machine.
  2. It sure would be nice if there was the odd old Steiger manufacturing in Fargo employee on here who knew how many were made.
  3. Then given that there is one 7788 in SD, one in MI, and now one in MB, does that mean there are 3 model 7788's around? Sounds like it to me. Is one a prototype and the other two are production machines? We are making progress.
  4. That one has what appears to be the long rear axle housings for use with the 100 inch tread rear axle. Hard to tell for sure from the photos.
  5. Thanks, my kind of out of the box thinking. No group think.
  6. Yes I remember back in 1967. The D310 had came out that year and the price of the 706 was raised by $500 to cover the extra cost of the engine. In eastern Canada at the time the selling price of the 806 diesel was $10,000 and the D310 706 was $9000 (up from $8500). I was involved in some machinery decisions for the ag college I worked at and that is why I remember these prices. In the end the D310 706 was too big and expensive and they bought a 504 diesel instead
  7. The two websites I use for B414 parts are: http:/ Use these websites to see some of what is available for these tractors. There are a couple more that I use sometimes for certain things. Like I said the front grille housing and screen are not cheap ($375 pounds UK). I suspect that would be $1000 CAN
  8. Can't help with squirrels solution, but I know a new complete wiring harness for the B414 diesel is still available. If your harness is roasted beyond easy redemption, the new harness is the way to go. There are several parts suppliers out of the UK which in total can pretty well get any part you need for a B414. I was just on two of them and the price was about $80 pounds for the diesel wiring harness. Translated into Canadian dollars with all shipping from my experience will probably set you back about a little over $200 CAN. And Fawcetts at St.Mary's, ON (1-800-372-7149) can get it for you. I have gotten several hard to find B414 parts from the UK aftermarket through Fawcetts in the last year and they all were good quality. And they have added a whole lot more B414 parts since I started checking their websites. For example, the complete front grille and support frame around it is now available (pricey). The white screen type side panels are also now available, along with fenders, lower, dash panel, tachometer mounting, tachometer, light switch, ignition switch, glow plug resistor, gauges , etc and many more surprising hard to find parts are now all available on the aftermarket. Even the front lights and the side fender clearance lamps. From time of order to delivery is usually 6 weeks unless they have it in stock here in St Marys. Hope this helps
  9. Agree. Lots of truthful articles on small dead animals also. For Canada, small dead animals and rebelmedia are probably two of the best news sources. With the exception of the Toronto Sun newspaper, the mainline news media service here are nothing more than parrots for the Liberal Party.
  10. Not NICE, but more like apathetic or don't care enough to protest. I once was that way but the provincial government sponsored intrusion of wind turbines in my area about 10 years ago galvanized me to not take it lying down any more. I became active in provincial politics and have led some protests against the wind developers. So far we have been successful in that we stopped the developments north of my farms. In the course of everything I found out how corrupt the Liberal Party of Ontario is. If you didn't have the facts and know them to be true, you would have no idea how badly our rights were trampled by them. But the people in Hogtown (Toronto) have no idea what the truth is. Now the sad part is that the federal Liberal Party of Canada is quickly becoming every bit as corrupt as the provincial wing. And the federal party is now closely allied with the most corrupt organization I know of and that is the US Democratic party. Both Clinton and Obama now make regular trips up here to advise the federal Liberals. We need several Trump imitators badly here both provincially and federally. There is some light at the end of the tunnel. Provincially, the PC party has a good chance of knocking off the Liberals in the election next year. I know these people well and they are straight arrows for politicians. Locally, at least I know they are squeeky clean on financing and the other MPPs I have met care about having honest and open government. And that is the crux. Once politicians ignore honesty, the corruption malaise sets in and that is where we are at right now here in Ontario. There is no doubt about it, in that when the cat is away, the mice will play. Translated, this means if you don't have an effective opposition to the government in power, sooner or later you will see all sorts of corruption and anti democratic measures adopted by the government for the benefit of their friends, donors, and cronies.
  11. For a good look at what the Canadian conservative media are saying about the Khadr atrocity visit And they are helping raise $1,000,000 for the Speer family.
  12. But at least Trump is taking the leftist media head on and it will be a winner take all in the end. If he is successful in forcing the media to be responsible and print the truth instead of the lies they print, Trump will go down as one of the greatest Presidents in history. The media sure need Walter Cronkite back to draw up a code of ethics for the media.
  13. In this area Horst wagons dominate the market. They use tapered roller bearings on the king bolt and spindles (top end and bottom end). The queen bolt is also a heavy duty design. Furthermore all the tie rod ends are proper spherical ends and grease nipples everywhere. And they trail like a dream empty behind the F250 at 40 MPH. I have looked at a lot of different wagons over the years and there is no doubt that the Horst appear to be the best I can find. I have 4 of the 14 ton variety underneath my 400 bu Unverferth V boxes and they also trail like a dream with 400 bu in the box at 20 MPH.
  14. But the left wing Liberal elitists think they have a divine right to rule. They do not understand what democracy is and that is as you say government by the people for the people and it is legislation that benefits the population at large and not just friends and cronies of the left wing ruling class. The left wingers do not understand that concept or realize they are servants of the people.
  15. Yes, he needs to be in Kingston Penitentiary for this and other things he has done. It's a crying shame given what he is and how he got where he is. At the same time he is a very good friend of Bill and Hilary Clinton and Barack Obama. In fact Obama was up here a few weeks ago visiting him in Montreal on a personal friendship call. He is very closely connected to the US Democratic Party. And he has lots of like thinking buddies in the US Democratic Party. Thank God you guys elected Trump and not Clinton. Otherwise it would have been the last person leaving needs to shut out the lights. She would have bankrupted the USA for sure The Khadr business will surely hurt him in 2019 election. I just hope Andrew Scheer of the Conservative party can capitalize on this and beat him in 2019. And he is not the worst one in the Liberal party apparatus. Two other guys are a whole lot worse. The first is his brother Alexandre Trudeau and the other is Gerald Butts. These two are extreme left wingers of the first order. Butts is the guy who initially suckered the former Premier of Ontario Dalton McGuinty into the Green Energy Act and the Green Energy Act has just about bankrupted us. Anybody with interest in seeing what a left winger Trudeau is needs to read "Trumping Trudeau" by Ezra Levant. The book was written about 4 months ago and is reasonably current. It describes accurately Trudeau and Trump for what they are. A very insightful book about Trump also and his methods of getting what he wants. Trump is the only guy who can keep Trudeau in check. The book is only about $9.00 US and is available on Amazon. It is a book well worth reading and is not long winded. Hopefully Trump stays around for two terms.