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  1. Can you guys give me a definite answer as to whether my 240 has a large or small point fast hitch? I measured one of the pockets today while I was trying to fix up a few loose pins.
  2. A video for those people scared of heights

    I like how once they get to the round column section, their lanyard is hooked to the foot peg with nothing to keep it from coming off the end of the peg.
  3. Farmall 240 Gauges

    Thanks for the feedback!
  4. Farmall 240 Gauges

    No surprise, but none of the gauges on my new-to-me Farmall 240 work. Does anyone have any experience with this seller, or similar gauges? Whole set - https://www.ebay.com/itm/TACHOMETER-OIL-TEMP-AMP-FUEL-GAUGE-SET-PACKAGE-for-FARMALL-240/221217688068?hash=item33819a0a04:g:VtYAAMXQlUNRJPVJ Set with no tach - https://www.ebay.com/itm/FARMALL-IH-GAUGE-SET-AMP-TEMPERATURE-OIL-240-300-330-340-GAS-350-400-450-650-660/291988403838?hash=item43fbdd767e:g:2SsAAOSwu1VW6Zjq Similar looking set for 1/3 the $$$??? https://www.ebay.com/itm/IH-FARMALL-GAUGE-SET-COMBO-OIL-TEMP-AMMETER-FOR-240-300-330-340/263275545611?epid=1531925416&hash=item3d4c72040b:g:QLcAAOSw~gRVxhmf
  5. Shipping container vs enclosed trailer

    Box trailers are really pretty flimsy, where the containers are built to be picked up and stacked so they are built pretty stout.
  6. I need new tires for my 240... think those would look ok? I like the look of the beast, always liked how the IH cabs were raked forwards compared to the JD cabs that straight up from the drawbar. Might have been easier to hitch up a JD, I don't have any seat time in either.
  7. Farmall 240 drawbar

    Now that I have a manual, I'm learning what's missing. The sway limiter had one broken strap and one bent in a horseshoe. I straightened the bent one and am n the lookout for a similar piece of flat bar to make another. With the one strap reinstalled with bolts in the right holes it is much better. The float pins are missing from both sockets where they connect to the bail, and the front pins are the wrong size. I'll correct that as soon as I get to Tractor Supply to buy some pins. I have already removed a bunch of bent nails and replaced them with hitch pin clips. The only real option is to find a nice drawbar, but close and/or affordable hasn't turned up yet. The swinging drawbar wouldn't do me any good, as it slides on the fast hitch drawbar anyway, and I don't have that yet.
  8. I'm trying to locate parts diagrams for a Farmall 240. On the Case-IH online parts store, I click through tractors, agricultural, Faramall - there are only 11 models listed, and 240 isn't one of them. What am I doing wrong?
  9. Farmall 240 drawbar

    Thanks - guess I need to keep searching for a fast hitch draw bar. I need to take the wish bone apart and replace all the fasteners with the proper size. It is very floppy right now. I ordered an owners manual in hopes of learning more about the fast hitch. The owners manual says "if you have a fast hitch, see the fast hitch manual" - so I have another $20 manual on the way.
  10. Farmall 240 drawbar

    Is it possible to have a standard fixed drawbar on a 240 with a fast hitch? Or is the two point drawbar that fits the fast hitch the only way to go?
  11. Farmall 240 drawbar

    Is it possible to have a standard fixed drawbar on a 240 with a fast hitch? Or is the two point drawbar that fits the fast hitch the only way to go?
  12. Look at this cherry red manifold on this 1456

    My generator was doing that tonight! No power, bad storms and winds yesterday. Might have power by 5:00 tomorrow.
  13. Does anyone remember a puller from NC named Lacey Long? I remember seeing him when I was around the local VFD pulls as a teen, would have been late 80s and early 90s. He ran a narrow front IH, not sure if it was 56 or 66 series.