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  1. What's your favorite snack

    Never tried it with jelly, but saltines and peanut butter, or saltines and cheddar cheese, or saltines and both are all good!
  2. F240 manifold question

    I still haven’t had much luck cleaning up the threads to screw a piece of 1-1/2” pipe in the manifold. Can I gently is an acetylene torch to melt the rust and remaining metal from the old exhaust pipe away, or is that asking for trouble?
  3. F240 manifold question

    Better now than after I braze them shut!
  4. F240 manifold question

  5. F240 manifold question

  6. F240 manifold question

    While cleaning up my manifold, I found two almost perfectly round holes in the bottom of the center exhaust section of the manifold. The manifold still has good thickness here. Are these holes supposed to be there? I thought it was rotted out and was going to try to get them brazed, but it appears as if they are there on purpose.
  7. Positive ground question

    What is the 'proper' way to color code battery cables on a positive ground system? Red to starter and black to frame, or Red to ground and black to starter?
  8. Farmall 240 Fix Up

    Yikes! Thanks for the reminder.
  9. Farmall 240 Fix Up

    Tried to fix the threads in the neck of the manifold tonight. Haven't been able to find a 1-1/2" NPT tap to borrow, so I tried making a thread chaser out of a fitting, and tapering off the threads on a piece of pipe. No luck. Then I noticed daylight through the bottom of the manifold. There is at least one pin hole in the exhaust passages, so I suppose I'll be pulling the manifold off tomorrow to see how bad it is. I've got a neighbor that's pretty handy with a torch and brazing rod, maybe it is patchable...
  10. Farmall 240 Fix Up

    Wonder why easy outs are called easy outs? In my experience, they are not easy and seldom result in getting anything out... but today we had success! I had gotten as far as I could on the block drain, so I picked up a 3/8 pipe tap today. I stuck a 9/16 bit In the hole and tried to turn it with a wrench. Once it bit into the remains of the plug fairly well, the plug started to turn further into the hole. I got my largest easy out and backed the remains of the plug right out. I chased the threads with the new tap, and I believe that little problem is taken care of. I’ll run water through to flush out the shavings when it warms up outside, and be one step closer to putting it all back together.
  11. Farmall 240 Fix Up

    We've piddle at this a little bit over Christmas break. Today I wanted to get the steering shaft out of the column, so I could figure out what to do to take the wobble out of it. I want to get as much slop as I can out of the steering. Step 1, break a tap off in the puller hole in the steering wheel hub. The steering wheel is fairly nice, don't want to ruin it. I took the shaft loose at the u-joint below the dash and got it apart from below. I guess I'll leave the broken tap in the hole and hope I never have to pull the wheel again. I decided to drain the antifreeze. Finally got the drain tube between the front wheels flowing. The block drain was broken off flush, so I decided to teach my son how to deal with broken bolts. I drilled a 1/4" hole into the plug and showed him how to break off a bolt extractor. Then I showed him how to drill tiny holes around the broken extractor and finally wiggle it out. I got the drain plug drilled out to 1/2", still have a little bit of it to get out of the threads some how. After rinsing everything off with brake cleaner, I decided to try to heat the remaining metal from the drain plug with a micro torch (butane soldiering iron). Imagine my surprise when the brake clean floating on the water left in the block ignited. My son was stoked that he got to use a fire extinguisher on the burning brake cleaner on the lid of the bucket I had drained the antifreeze in. I was able to blow out the fire running down the block, but the lid of the bucket was too wide to blow it out. All in all, a normal day in the shop, right?
  12. Farmall 240 steering wheel removal

    Step 1 - break 1/4-20 bottom tap off in hub hole trying to clean threads up to try 1/4" bolts one more time. Step 2- disconnect shaft at u-joint under dash, finagle snap ring off, pull shaft up through housing. Step 3 - support hub on a piece of pipe and strike with 2lb hammer and brass punch twice, shaft falls out. I'll update my F240 thread in the projects forum with the other adventures of the day. Spoiler alert, my sons got to learn how to use a fire extinguisher.
  13. Farmall 240 steering wheel removal

    Any tips for getting the steering wheel off my Farmall 240 without destroying it? The previous owner put a new steering wheel on the tractor, but let it sit outside with a bust center cover, so the shaft and wheel rusted. The steering wheel is in good shape, so I don't want to heat it up. I tried making a puller using the two 1/4-20 holes in the steering wheel hub, but one of the 1/4-20 bolts stripped out before the wheel came loose from the shaft. I want to replace the bushing int he bottom of the steering tube to get some of the slop out of the steering.
  14. 140 grille screen

    Looks pretty good!