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  1. Ruby Red's IH Equipment at Work

    Nice photos
  2. Vintage Ads

    Do you know about the first Axial Flow combine harvester brochure? Or the first press articles.
  3. Fall Harvest 2017 Thread

    Demonstration of maize harvest in the South West of France. Pictures from my dealer CASE IH In the link below, there are videos with combine harvester 9230 and 7140 with 12 corn rows. https://www.facebook.com/SEBY64/?hc_ref=ART_tRLdVZb2-8HEfSg44Ga5bsjeQzGi8WYpm5Ls9VwuFMXyPg2pOx9HrQEjGL7Fz48&fref=nf
  4. Fall Harvest 2017 Thread

    Nice pictures of Axial Flow combine harvesters I love these machines. Thank you
  5. Vintage Ads

    Here is a link where you can download IH old brochures http://vintagemachinery.org/mfgindex/detail.aspx?id=2796&tab=3
  6. Vintage Ads

  7. Vintage Ads

  8. Vintage Ads

  9. Vintage Ads

  10. Vintage Ads

  11. Red 4WD Tractors, Book

    Ordered the classic version on Amazon. Some productions of IH 4WD tractors are not present in this book. These are the tractors produced in France in the plant of Saint Dizier until 1990. Too bad because this book will not interest many European readers
  12. Vintage Ads

    Announcement of my dealer CASE IH or IH French of the time for a tractor IH in October 1983 . Tractors manufactured in Saint Dizier in France
  13. Red 4WD and Steiger Tractors Wanted for Upcoming Book

    Tractor CASE IH CS 68 built in 2000 and tractor Farmall F 135 D built in 1958 in France in the factory of Saint Dizier
  14. Red 4WD and Steiger Tractors Wanted for Upcoming Book

    Tractor CASE IH CS 68 Compact built in Austria in CASE IH factory of ST VALENTIN in October 2000. Compact tractor of 68 hp with very low center of gravity for work in the hills and mountainous regions