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  1. 806 Restoration

    Long time lurker first time poster. Bought this 806 4 yrs ago at an auction sale. I believe it was bought new by the estate i bought it from. He had 3 8s and a 1456 at the sale. Big time collector was at the sale and made his intentions clear on the 14 so i bought this 8. Dad and I have finally found enough time to tear it down and repaint it and fix anything that needs fixing. Clutch torsion spring is broken and the pto input shaft is worn. Rear main is leaking a bit. There is a leak in the steering at the front. Replace most of the hoses as they look original and one has a split in it. I use this tractor on the farm to pull a cultivator and run a flail mower and a wood chipper. I took the cab off of it 3 yrs ago to take it to a local pull and will probably not put it back on they just look better with them off too me. I'll try to keep pictures coming as we progress. Might turn into an all winter project. i work full time and have a 4 yr old and 2 yr old at home so spare time is at a premium. Dad is a retired mechanic so if the bug hits him right he may just go at it and get it done in between coffee shop runs. LOL Steve
  2. 806 Restoration

    Was a long winter but the Old girl is back together. Added LED lights to it. Both Flashers and Field lights.
  3. 1066 range cover

    I was looking for one for my 806 at xmas time and was told no one had any. Was able to get mine machined to fix the sloppy reverse shifter. Found some on eBay but being in Canada they wanted 500 for shipping.
  4. 806 Restoration

    A couple more pictures of the parts pile we have going. Also the serial number. It is a late production tractor. Has around 7000 hrs on it.