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  1. never have seen a 50 series like this

    And, would the hydro-mechanical have come to market with a suspended cab and body? It's amazing the patents that IH had back then, the diagrams are of a 50 series body style as well. They had it right even though it was probably harder to do then what they do today. Now a days companies that offer suspended cabs have the hinge point right at the front of the cab with the suspension in the back and I haven't ever thought one rode that smooth, still seems choppy because of the short coupling. IH had the hinge point at the nose of the tractor so the hood was suspended with the cab, with the shocks and spring at the back of the cab and the hinge way up front at the noise I bet it was one smooth riding concept! suspended IH Not to mention IH's electric cars with regenerative breaking, Gas turbine engines, etc
  2. never have seen a 50 series like this

    So is this your tractor? any chance for more pix or maybe video? Welcome by the way! lol
  3. never have seen a 50 series like this

    Dido With trans levers in that spot, I could easily live without powershift! Wonder where 3 point lever is at? If you look at the adjustable stop just ahead of the armrest my guess is the 3-point control lever is just behind the arm rest hiding from view
  4. never have seen a 50 series like this

    What would the STS option have been ? I'm thinking it is the transmission in the super 70's series? Sid The transmission in the pictures, and in the whole 50 series is the STS transmission. The 50 series got the STS before the super 70. Synchro-Tri-Six......Low-Med-High with 6 speed gears in each range powershifted by side shifting the speed control lever to the next gear shifting the 2-speed clutch pack. As opposed to the 6x88 2+2's and 3288-3688 Tractors that had the TA transmission set-up to electrically shift the TA when going side to side with the 8 speed control lever while only having a high and low range transmission. The 50 series just didn't have the fancy STS badge on the side of the hood like the super 70's.
  5. never have seen a 50 series like this

    Man this is neat stuff! Now I know the magnum powershift is dang near bullet proof and why would you want anything else, but these pictures make me wonder what it would have been like to have an STS option in the magnum. Talk about a bullet proof tillage tractor! I would think many of the parts for this cab you could order off an early magnum, like the hydraulic levers, pto lever,etc. I would think the STS option would make a more affordable magnum in certain numbers as well. In my opinion the only thing that case put into the magnum is their freakin digital dash. I bet IH already had the tilt hood in the works.