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  1. The one we got is a Reese 3400, they don't made a tedder attachment for these larger ones but when I was talking to the Reese people at tigerco the idea seemed really appealing. I've cut in the rain already... the mower can definitely cut in a wider range of conditions than my tractor can operate in.
  2. Yeah, that's the problem we have. Plus a lot of the ag around here went bust long ago when the military stopped trying to purchase locally. There are a lot of places that used to be farms that you can't tell were ever developed from wilderness now. With the distances involved it's hard to commit to buying something used without being able to give it a once over and then shipping means adding a lot of money to the price. That made a reconditioned drum mower with a warranty a lot more appealing too.
  3. Salcha, Alaska
  4. If you can find me that setup for under $1000 I would be pretty happy to buy one to try. I was looking at nearly the same price for a larger sickle mower (9') as we paid for this drum mower. While the smaller ones than that were cheaper, the mower alone was looking to be well over $1000.
  5. Thank you. Really, the biggest advantage to me seems to be that it will cut through anything more than speed you can go. We are still seeing an advantage if we ted the hay, (we've done a cutting with tedding and without so far) but it's not nearly as significant as it was before. I really like the simplicity of the machine as well.
  6. Yeah. There are a lot of different brands. The Salcha Store has some now if you haven't seen them in action before. I think they're running two heads per outside unit, but I've seen ones that run 3-4 inside heads.
  7. The swing arm locks in place for operation and you pull a pin to use the ram to fold back for transport. Depending on width requirements the big pulley the drive shaft is going to folds flat alongside the mower as well, there are holders on the draw bar to set the drive shaft on when doing that. I was uncertain about the lack of a skirt around the mower (I think the new ones have them now), but everything seems to stay very low to the ground and I haven't seen anything fly up. I can see why rocks could be a concern just because of the rotor RPMs.
  8. Here it is on our 756. It'll probably spend the majority of its time behind this tractor. I'm really happy with how it's set up and the simplicity of it.
  9. I actually had some pictures on my phone already. To start, here it is still on the trailer. It folds up fairly compactly.
  10. I never did post pictures, but I'll get some this next week. I'll tell you the drum mower has been amazing. I think it's probably the best single investment we've made on the farm to date. It will cut without trouble in places the tractor shouldn't go.
  11. There's one of those Hesston haystackers that has been up for sale in the Matsu valley (Anchorage area) on craigslist periodically. So there at least was someone doing loose hay down that way.
  12. Look into split units. They come in various sizes, but the big advantage is not losing all the insulation like you do with a window unit. One outside unit can run multiple inside heads too depending on the unit.
  13. My house is a lot smaller and cools better than yours. Might be better shading too. If it gets down to 60 overnight I can have my house at that temperature by morning. If I close the windows before I leave it'll still be in the low 70s when I get home. The bad times are when it's smoky and you don't want to open the windows overnight.
  14. We are also a lot dryer, and the humidity when it's cold makes a massive difference. Although -40 and colder is just cold.
  15. I'm going to have to disagree with you on that. It doesn't get dark but it does cool down. It might only cool down to 60 degrees or so normally, but you go to Georgia and it's miserable all night long too (and muggy). I'll give you that during the real heat waves it doesn't cool down as much as we like, but it's still better at night than the southeastern US. That said, I've contemplated the idea of getting a split unit A/C system in my house.