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  1. Rd engines

    Truck is currently a straight 5 spd with single rear, but might not stay like that if I get a transmission with a PTO shaft
  2. Rd engines

    Working on a 1958 R190 truck that has a rd372 engine in it. I have a couple questions about the engine. First I got my starter rebuilt, but the repair man told me that it was in rough shape and that he wasn't sure if it could handle a 12 volt system even after he repaired it. Normally I would just keep the truck at 6 volts but my plan for it has me needing a 12 volt system. So wondering if all the Rd series had the same starter drive. Have access to some Rd 406/450 engines, want to know if they would be a direct replacement if they are 12 volt. Second my exhaust manifold is cracked and trying to figure out if a manifold off a 450 would fit or if the ports have different spacing. Finally in hoping to get a transmission with a PTO drive on it to run a hydraulic pumo. If the flywheel bolt pattern and mounting the same or not. Thanks in advance.
  3. W9 main bearings

    Couple years ago I got a paper Wt pricing from Carr's Repair in Barwick Ontario
  4. 560 hydraulics

    So getting to use my 560 for the first time since I bought it last year. It has standard hitch but appears it had fast hitch at one point 3 hydraulic valves 1 out back 2 out sides. My question is can I use the hydraulics out the back? Reason I'm asking is when I have them hooked to the cylinder on my disk it almost seems like it wants to bog tractor down some until I activate them. Activated the tractor idles beautifully then I release and it seems to build pressure. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance
  5. need bucyrus erie hyd cyl seals

    I had both my cylinders rebuilt for my t9 with BE blade. New rams and all new seals cost me just under $500 each.
  6. Working on redoing the hydraulics on my t9, and trying to install a hydraulic filter. Most times you would install it on the return side of lines to the tank, but the assembly on my dozer dumps from valve directly into tank. So I'm trying to figure out how much flow the pump would be pulling out of tank in thought to install the filter on the suction line from tank. Anybody else have any suggestions or thoughts to the flow in that line. Thanks