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  1. Wheat, yeah I don't like the air intake also. There is no way that air pick up can be as good as the older 1680 with its airstack, even if it wasn't tall enough, along with the exhaust stack. i'm convinced they are building for looks ,however the 2388,s air cleaner is genuine plastic ! Farmer/Logger - I also put about 100 hours a year on my combine. I used to run Massey's also. My dad bought an MF 90 SP in 1953 because it has the widest threshing cylinder, 37", our first self propelled. Dale, I see your 2188 still has the old air stack. Nice machine. Interesting to see the combine in the snow. Our last snow was Dec 24,25, 2004, around 5 inches. Very rare here. Anson, good to hear from you. Our milo turned out very good. Cotton looks good also. Neighbors have already harvested some. Actually started crops shy on moisture but quickly caught up. We try to have cotton out by middle of August when rain usually sets in. Most of the corn here is out by now. We had truckers from Rio Grande Valley this year also.
  2. Yes, I guess it does look like a brochure. Maybe it is the shot of the sun setting through the reel. (my son's work). You know, like a professional doing a tractor book, where the object of the book is photos of tractors but of course the author wants to show off his photographic skills. Although the combine is 18 years old, it has 1,725 separator hours, which I think is low. When my son and I climbed up the ladder on the back we were commenting how new the machine looked in that area. My son and I looked at it on a Saturday and went back the next Monday and bought it. Anyway, about Wednesday of that week my son went to see if a field was dry from the morning dew and talked to some custom cutters across the road. They recognized my son and the combine and they said they were looking at it also. The owner was lamenting the total price of the red one was like one of the payments on their late model JD with 40 ft header. Here is the ad for the 2388.
  3. troy, that's 1/2" plywood on the radiator sides ( i didn't want to cut the original panel) i got tired of opening that panel to check the oil, and at one time i had tanks on the sides. i guess i could have fiberglassed the wood,it would look better, but it works good, and it's a work tractor. dale, i still have a 503, w/ 20' head stuck in a building w/ stuff around it that i can't move, it has a lever that manually tightened the machine drive multi v belt, i never had a problem with it. my arm still works. it didn't go very fast on the road, so i took an angle grinder and ground about 3/16" off the inside center of the outside big variable sheave (pulley) i trued it up by rubbing it on a sidewalk for a while the belt ran out to the edge of the pulley it went so fast, i was afraid to drive it full throttle. my son moved the oil cooler to the air duct on the 1680, but we didn't try it out.
  4. Jass, I put the air intake high, I got tired of blowing the filter out so often. Now I rarely have to service it.
  5. dale i like the 2388, but i'm disappointed they didn't put the oil cooler for the rotor clutch in the air duct in front of the radiator, it covers w/ trash in a short time. i believe this is why the rotor clutch went out on my 1680 last year. i had to borrow my cousin's jd to finish harvest.
  6. Bought this new to me 2388 with 30 foot header last Monday morning. It was a trade in at the Green dealer. Drove it five miles to the field and started cutting milo before noon. Last month I bought this 700 bushel Caldwell grain cart with bolt together auger (old school). It was manufactured in Corpus Christi, TX, about 15 miles from me. Both work good. Didn't really need them but didn't want to pass them up. My 1680 and Big12, 400 bushel cart stayed in the shed this year.
  7. was the place originally an old farmstead ? it seems like the old wood buildings are quite spread out. sure would be nice to have that 1468, and pickup .
  8. looks like the chrome alone ought to add 15 HP
  9. Anson, I enjoyed seeing the photo of your Dad and Uncle on the Farmall brochure. It does look like they just photochopped the stacks off. You mentioned your Dad always making modifications to his equipment. I got this 7150 and the air stack was chopped off from the factory. it didn't have an air stack so I added one. Had to take the muffler out and do some other modifications but now it breathes air from well above the cab. Rarely do I have to clean the air filter.
  10. if you are meaning 1030 case, i drilled out the weep holes to 1/2"
  11. i'm sure your right , with the combine, but i was thinking of something simple. the name badge on the side of the hood is a cockshutt spear, that says oliver. although, the point is broken off. i looked at a cockshutt 570 today, it has features similar to a oliver, the front cast engine cradle, and ipto at the back look somewhat alike. but i believe oliver used these features first?
  12. so what did oliver use from cockshutt when they took it over?
  13. HTA

    i believe that adjustable front axle is from the earliest farmall H . a super H should have one like a farmall 300.
  14. how about that reverse, just turn the steering wheel.
  15. if the clutch house casting is 18" wide i believe it's based on the farmall H not the M . you can also tell the width by looking at the front frame rails at clutch house each side has a built in 1" shim, or 460-656 has a 1" offset .