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  1. Vintage Ads

  2. IH Tractors on Montana Farm

    yeah, that drive train on the 125 looks truck. i may have been thinking of another make combine. i remember seeing an early oliver that used a complete oliver model 60 tractor trans-diff assembly, using the tractor brakes, only difference was it had one long axle. i have a early case combine that also uses a model v case tractor trans-diff assembly. the early MM combine also used model R trans. components. anson looks like your winch, gin pole rig was real handy!
  3. IH Tractors on Montana Farm

    i still want a cap like your cousin, note the shade in his face, wherever you go, you'er wearing your sun shade. you two could be the orginal been farming long boys. those old combines were made using already available parts, using those guide duals from a H, or M. I am thinking the trans drive train is farmall A, including drive wheels, or was it truck parts?
  4. Pulling ripper with 1086

    yeah it looks like time for new points, however you still may want to clean bottom of shank and after installing new points, tap a nut between shank and point, (top side) and tack weld nut,(to keep from losing) to give point more suck, can also use smaller bolt, instead of roll pin, to give more suck. also weld old auto-truck leaf spring on top of shank to stop shank wear. can also weld leaf to point.
  5. Case 2290

    i always throttled down some before i power shift, then speed back up.
  6. Farm Tool Trivia

    I believe this is part of an after market electric window regulator conversion for manual window auto, however, depending on how far you want to go you may need a longer cord.
  7. What's wrong with this.......

    not a good omen to see the starting fluid, old style seat.
  8. IH Tractors on Montana Farm

    i,ve never heard of a spacer under the cover, but i believe that would work for the ring gear to clear the shift rails. could not use the pto, where the belt pulley is though , unless that area was cut, and left alone.
  9. IH Tractors on Montana Farm

    on reversing those farmalls, the H and M size you have to remove the diff cover, flip the ring gear, and use a new diff cover, the gear shift rail forks have to be reversed. as the ring gear is exactly where the shift rails are the new cover will have the gear shift lever on the RH side, with forks to the left, instead of the orginals that are to the right. (you really have to follow this) (i have heard of cutting the forks off, and welding them back reversed). i would think the W4 and 6 would be same. the cover with the RH shift, has a 3 bolt plate for the LH shift, also used for oil filler. i believe on the C size the gear shift stick is in the center, and doesn't need changing.
  10. was it one of them that put the doors on the 86 series, you know, they drive on the wrong side of the road.
  11. Mystery Machine

    not nearly enough tires,wheel bearings, and walking beams to go out. l'll go W/ willrich.
  12. I see what you mean by using the bull rider to explain, but some might say that's why you don't sit on the back of the bull (over the back axle), but that's a different animal (sorry, couldn't resist). I would liken the scenario to a tractor with a single front wheel that hits a bump, it's going straight up, just like any wheel including back wheel. If you have a wide front axle a wheel goes up, same as single wheel, but because it's pivoted in center of tractor, it only moves tractor up 1/2 way. Also, the back wheel will eventually come to the same bump that the front wheel hit. If you are seated in the center of the back axle, you should get 1/2 the jolt when a wheel hits a bump. Except the wheel being wider will probably hit more bumps that the smaller front wheel. My thinking, if you were sitting in the middle of the axles (like on a horse), ( or a seat forward tractor) from front to back you should get 1/4 movement from each wheel. Of course you can't sit exactly in center, that's why I say or as close as possible to center. In 1967 Minneapolis Moline had seat forward on their G1000 Vista for three years and then went back to old design for the upgrade model 1050 . Why? I believe John Deere was the last hold out of sitting on the back axle. And they were best sellers. Unless that says something about John Deere buyers. This may be one of those topics where it just doesn't matter, however, from what I can tell, today all makes are seat forwards. Are they all wrong?
  13. IH Tractors on Montana Farm

    DD, Those are some good looking cotton bolls. I'll cast my vote for Hammer! Here are photos of this year's crop finished August 1. I think my best crop ever. Stars were in alignment? Slightly less than 3 bales/ac, all dry land (non irrigated). First picture is in May of this year. Next two at harvest.
  14. Last known IH 140 tractor Ser# 66896 Home in NC

    the a's power train (or parts of) was also used on hi clear sprayers, combines, and swathers, maybe others i'm thinking this is one of the longest running tractor designs
  15. all the large frame 66, & 86 series wheelbase are same ? if you put a line from lf tire, to rr tire, and then from rf tire, to lr tire, where the lines cross should be smoothest riding position., or as near as you can get to the cross. so the seat forward tractor, should ride smoother . i would agree longer wheelbase would be smoother, but it wouldn't turn as sharp.