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  1. This one is gonna take some time to explain. Grab a beer. I am working on the 606 diesel. I am trying to track down a steering issue. When the engine is running, there is noise from the pump and the steering occasionally becomes difficult momentarily. The noise sounds like air in the system to me. I bought the Blue Ribbon Service manual GSS-1337-C, which covers Hydrostatic Power Steering for the 606. On the last page, the Trouble Shooting Chart has two causes of "momentary spots of hard steering..." The causes are: 1. Air in the fluid circuit 2. Sticky valve spool. A cause of air in the circuit is listed on page 30 as "A leaky engine driven pump shaft seal..." I wanted to start with that because it seems logical that could be the source of my air infiltration because the noise comes from the pump area and increases with rpms. So I pulled the flange and pump off. I found a Cesna pump that had been rebuilt by Case IH in what appears to be the mid 80s, judging by the tag on the pump. I took the front cover off the pump and pulled the shaft seal. It is a bit stiff but not obviously worn out. It does happen to be hard to find locally so I will have to order from Case IH. I hope that this seal will prove to have been problematic. The tractor still had good steering 95% of the time, but that 5% was bothering me enough that I won't take the tractor very far from the shed. Now, the part where I get really perplexed. Behind the flange was only the remains of a very thin gasket and some silicone gasket from a tube. I pulled up the Case IH parts site to look at everything. They offer several choices. I have flange 381719R1. The listing offers two gaskets: 370892R2---.011-.019 370893R2---.016-.024 they also list a spacer that should be used with flange 381719R11, it is 371043R1. My tractor has flange 381719R1 and no spacer. It says use this spacer when gear 382902R1 is used. There is absolutely no part number on my pump gear. I am wondering which gasket I need and if this spacer should be there and was left out. I assume all of these options are to compensate for gear lash. I also wonder if the lack of the spacer and proper gasket has caused improper gear lash and has the pump shaft in a bind which helps introduce air into the circuit. Now, get another beer and tell me what you think.
  2. 606 hydraulic pump mounting flange mystery

    I finally got the pump put back in and fired it up. At idle, everything seems fine. As I throttle up, the hose from the flange to the steering valve spool gets really noisy and if I grab it, I can feel big bubbles going through it. This hose runs from the "rear" pump to the valve spool. The "front" pump goes to the 3 point lift. That hose feels fine---no bubbles. It steers fine while sitting still, but I haven't taken it out yet. What now?
  3. 606 hydraulic pump mounting flange mystery

    Finally got the new parts. The new suction tube is shorter than the one that was in it. The seal is close to where the original was. Why is the tube shorter?
  4. 1586 Pictures

    That would be a once in a lifetime trip. Oh the memories you would make.
  5. 606 hydraulic pump mounting flange mystery

    Great. Thanks for the info. I'll order a new one tomorrow.
  6. 606 hydraulic pump mounting flange mystery

    I would like to order my parts tomorrow and am hoping for a bit more information. Does the suction tube come with the seal installed on it? Is that the "kit" that is available for $29? I am willing to spend the $29 for a new one if you guys think that seal may be the culprit. Mine looks good and seats well, but I don't want to go through this again if it turns out my seal isn't quite right. I really appreciate the input.
  7. Hydraulic fluid is leaking into the crankcase on my '53 Stage 2 Super H with engine driven pump. I assume fluid is leaking through the pump seals into the timing cover and into the pan. Is there a seal kit for these pumps or do I have to buy the seals and o-rings piece by piece? Thanks
  8. '53 Stage 2 Super H hydraulic pump seal kit?

    I say it regularly, but I don't know what I'd do without you guys. I appreciate all of the input, the gloomy negativity and the optimism and experience. I've been on this forum for at least 10 years and I learn something valuable every day. Thank you again and again.
  9. '53 Stage 2 Super H hydraulic pump seal kit?

    I replaced the pump shaft seal. $4.75. Everything is good to go now. Have better pressure to the lift and no unwanted fluid in the crankcase. Back in business.
  10. 606 hydraulic pump mounting flange mystery

    I'm looking at the parts pages again. It appears that the intake tube and seal are sold as a kit for $29. 395335r92. Is this what was meant by "spendy now days?" Mine isn't looking so bad now. Maybe I'll just go through the bottom like I was told and make sure it is seated properly.
  11. 606 hydraulic pump mounting flange mystery

    As far as I could tell, I still had hydraulic pressure when the steering wheel would "freeze up." I was too busy grabbing the wheel with both hands to "free it up" to think about pulling on the lift lever. It may be the "sticky valve spool," but because of the pump area noise in conjunction with momentary stiff steering, and when I would throttle up, the noise would increase and the steering would become difficult, I decided to try the pump first. I need to get the pump reassembled and reinstalled with new seals and gaskets on the flanges before I can move on, so I guess I'll order the thicker gasket, the pump shaft seal, the suction tube seal, and a new belly cover gasket and put everything back together and see if these things were the problem. I was going to make gaskets for the flange and belly cover until I came across this choice of gaskets. I have to order the seals now, so I may as well order the gaskets too.
  12. 606 hydraulic pump mounting flange mystery

    The gear has 15 teeth
  13. 606 hydraulic pump mounting flange mystery

    I'll go count the teeth shortly. Thanks to both of you for your input so far. I truly appreciate it. Unfortuneately I am out of beer so I can only ponder these mysteries so much before I have to take a break.
  14. 606 hydraulic pump mounting flange mystery

    Correct. That's called gear lash. Almost nothing remained of the original gasket. What was there is paper thin and brittle. That's why I'm asking all of this.
  15. D236 glow plug wiring question

    The wiring on my 606 Diesel was all hacked up when I got it. I am unclear on how to wire up a momentary switch to activate the glow plugs. I thought I understood, but am not getting results. The glow plug meter gauge does not work, so for the time being, I want to just wire up a momentary switch to heat the plugs. Rather than explain what I have going on, I'd like to hear some advice on how it should be done, and I'll compare it with what I've got and ask questions. I think it should be simple, but I am scratching my head with what I've got. There is no trace of the original wiring, so you can start from scratch. Thanks
  16. D236 glow plug wiring question

    Got it. I guess. I was thinking that when this gauge was working properly, the needle would gradually go from left to right as the plugs heated up, and when the needle reached the 3rd dot, the plugs were hot. When I push the button, the needle immediately jumps all the way to the 3rd dot. Is that what is supposed to happen?
  17. D236 glow plug wiring question

    I finally got a new glow plug meter. I want to hook it up but am not quite clear on the circuit. It cost $40 so I don't want to cook it. Does the 12 volts go through the meter? As in: 1. 12 volts to one side of momentary switch 2. activate switch 3. 12 volts through switch to one side of meter 4. through meter and on to glow plugs thanks
  18. Someone should call and ask about it or go by there and ask. Then you'd know their intention.
  19. '53 Stage 2 Super H hydraulic pump seal kit?

    I got the pump off and pulled the gear. The drive shaft seal is a CR 99-343. Would I be foolish to only replace that seal? Or should I go through it and update all o-rings and seals? I assume that when the pump is turning, fluid is getting pushed through that drive shaft seal?
  20. '53 Stage 2 Super H hydraulic pump seal kit?

    I was estimating. I apologize. I'm not buying a new one either way.
  21. '53 Stage 2 Super H hydraulic pump seal kit?

    Interesting. It's still supplying pressure to the lift. I have 2 or 3 more. I guess I'll try one of those before I spend $800 on a new one.
  22. 606 occasionally hard to steer

    Now that you all have helped me repair the leaking hand pump, we'll move on to the next issue with the steering. Occasionally while putting around, especially if I throttle up a bit, the steering wheel becomes rather difficult to move and hard to steer. The cylinder does leak some, it drips out of the right side when the tractor is running. If I bow up on it and wiggle the wheel some, it frees up. Which component is the likely culprit? I have changed the hydraulic filter and put all new fluid in.
  23. 606 occasionally hard to steer

    I put new seals and o-rings in the cylinder and the leaking stopped, but the occasional difficult steering is still an issue. It seems to be worse at higher rpms, and I do notice a noise from the pump area at higher rpms also, and it was there before also. It is similar to the "whine" when there is air in a system, but there shouldn't be any air in the system. The I&T book lists one problem as "momentary hard or lumpy steering," and lists the causes as air in the circuit or control (pilot) valve sticking. I completely filled the cylinder and hoses after I "repacked" them and bled the system as instructed. The symptoms were the same before I did that anyway. Should I focus on the control valve or worry about the pump?