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  1. 606 occasionally hard to steer

    Now that you all have helped me repair the leaking hand pump, we'll move on to the next issue with the steering. Occasionally while putting around, especially if I throttle up a bit, the steering wheel becomes rather difficult to move and hard to steer. The cylinder does leak some, it drips out of the right side when the tractor is running. If I bow up on it and wiggle the wheel some, it frees up. Which component is the likely culprit? I have changed the hydraulic filter and put all new fluid in.
  2. 606 occasionally hard to steer

    I put new seals and o-rings in the cylinder and the leaking stopped, but the occasional difficult steering is still an issue. It seems to be worse at higher rpms, and I do notice a noise from the pump area at higher rpms also, and it was there before also. It is similar to the "whine" when there is air in a system, but there shouldn't be any air in the system. The I&T book lists one problem as "momentary hard or lumpy steering," and lists the causes as air in the circuit or control (pilot) valve sticking. I completely filled the cylinder and hoses after I "repacked" them and bled the system as instructed. The symptoms were the same before I did that anyway. Should I focus on the control valve or worry about the pump?
  3. I am putting a seal kit in the steering cylinder for my 606. I am using the always vague I&T manual for guidance. I have it ready for reassembly and am wondering about one step. The book says to use tool FES 65 to "depress o ring...." What does this tool look like? I'd like to come up with something to substitute. Thanks
  4. Steering cylinder rebuild--tool FES 65?

    Thank you Maynard. I'll have to make a couple of little round-edged plugs for the holes and lube everything up thoroughly. Thanks again guys. I'd be lost without the help I get here.
  5. Steering cylinder rebuild--tool FES 65?

    Well that's strange. There's no way a ring compressor could be used for the task that is described in that paragraph. Thanks so much.
  6. Steering cylinder rebuild--tool FES 65?

    If anyone has the GSS-1337-C book, perhaps it has a picture.
  7. Steering cylinder rebuild--tool FES 65?

    I have a ring compressor for inserting the piston into the tube. This is unrelated. The book says this: Lubricate the piston rod o-ring and push anchor assembly toward piston rod. As o-ring on inner end of oil tube approaches the drilled hole (port) in the piston rod (located near piston,) use IHC tool FES 65, or equivalent, to depress o-ring and washers so they will pass the port without being damaged. This is the end of the oil tube. It goes inside the rod and must pass inside the first hole, just next to the piston. Since I only have one chance at this, I was hoping one of you had done it before and could give me a tip. I would think if it were lubed up well, it would pass the hole, but didn't want to mess up.
  8. 606 wiring questions

    I am trying to run all new wiring for my 1964 606 diesel. Not a single original wire was on it when I bought it. It had been "re-wired" with a key switch, a volt meter gauge, a light switch, a glow plug circuit, and an alternator. The fuel gauge was abandoned. The original gauge cluster had been replaced with one from a 66 series and the fuel pressure sensor circuit had been replaced with an oil pressure line to the gauge cluster. I have purchased a new correct gauge cluster, and new electrical components, including the oil pressure sending unit, and new fuel sending unit. I also have an owner's manual that has the electrical system diagrams and descriptions. The only thing that will be different from the original wiring is that I will be using a one wire alternator. I have studied the diagrams and descriptions rather thoroughly and I have a few questions. It appears to me that one terminal on the gauge cluster is a junction of several wires, the "fuel gauge receiving unit junction terminal." Is this simply a 12 volt junction that is powered up when the key is on? Is there one wire that goes from the fuel gauge sending unit to one terminal on the gauge cluster? How is the oil pressure tellite circuit made? Is there 12 volts on one wire to the light, and the other wire to the sending unit? If the oil pressure falls below a certain pressure, does this open a circuit that lights the bulb? I feel competent that I can assemble the necessary wiring, I just needed some pointers. I have no experience with the tellite type circuits. Thanks as always for any advice.
  9. 606 rear axle outer bearing removal

    I am trying to remove the rear axle outer bearings on the 606. I'm doing one at a time. The "strap" that holds the ball bearings in place is broken in several places and the balls don't stay where they are supposed to. Evidently the outer circumference of the bearing is stuck in the axle carrier housing. Do any of you have any advice on how to pull the bearing out or do I need to pull the whole carrier off? If I could grip the bearing, I would think a slide hammer would pull it out. Thanks
  10. 606 rear axle outer bearing removal

    For anyone interested. The carrier cap does hold the bearing inward, but the bearing is so tight, I don't think it would go anywhere. Welding the bolts to the bearing didn't work. The weld would not stick to the bearing. It just broke off when I pulled on the bolt. I'm no expert on the different types of steel, but no matter how much juice I put to it, it would not penetrate the bearing surface. So I made a puller. As I said earlier, the "strap" that holds the ten bearing balls in place was broken in several places, so I ripped the strap out all together. I was then able to move the balls out of the way and I welded some tips on some all thread. I stuck the rods in so they caught the bearing and I pulled it out. It was seriously stuck. I tapped the new bearing right in.
  11. 606 rear axle outer bearing removal

    The hub holds it in place. It isn't tapered. It is just stuck from not being touched in 53 years. My buddy suggested welding some bolts on it so I have something to pull on. I think I'll try it.
  12. 606--Leaking Hand pump repair

    Just wanted to see if any of you knew about repairing a leaking hand pump on a 606? Fluid is leaking around the steering wheel shaft. Is there a seal in there that can be replaced? I pulled the steering wheel, plastic dust cap, and felt washer. The next thing I see is a c-clip. Is there a seal under there that can be replaced? Thanks as always
  13. 606--Leaking Hand pump repair

    Thanks a bunch. Don't know what I'd do without you guys. Now onto the other problem with the steering......
  14. 606--Leaking Hand pump repair

    Is this the "vee" packing? Turn this one over? this side down?
  15. 606--Leaking Hand pump repair

    It appears that I could reuse the hard plastic ring and stack them in order from left to right--bottom, middle, top--dust cover. Is this correct? Or turn dust cover over?
  16. 606--Leaking Hand pump repair

    I ordered A47038. Only the brass top piece is the same. The pieces on the right side in this picture are what came out. The left side is what came. No instructions. Any ideas?
  17. Farmall C Pto klunks noise with Brush Hog under load

    I too have a Super C with a mysterious clunk. It's a '53 model. I had a 72" belly mower on it for years that I mowed the yard with. It developed an intermittent "clunk" in the rear end. It wasn't constant. When it clunked, I could feel it in my feet through the top cover, and all the way into my rump through the seat. I seem to think that it happened even if the PTO wasn't engaged. I got an Exmark a few years ago and took the mower off the tractor. Then I parked the SC until I could look at it. I'm glad you started this topic. I'm going to have to fire it up this week and see if it happens regardless of PTO or not. I had an idea that some bearing was giving up, or that some shaft was moving in and out. Do you think that missing tooth is your culprit?
  18. 606--Leaking Hand pump repair

    R Pope, was that the number for the kit you used? When I search for that kit, it doesn't list 606 and 706 as compatible?
  19. 606--Leaking Hand pump repair

    Great. Thanks. I'll check that out.
  20. Now that I've got the 606 engine running pretty well, I'll move on to the other repairs it needs. Labor of love, as they say. While it is running, the 3 point arms constantly drop just a little and then raise back up. I have the hydraulic fluid topped off. What causes this?
  21. 606 3 point arms dropping while running

    I was about to ask....it has draft control and the top link is quite connected. I need to to take the seat off and the top cover to see this?
  22. Removing Roosa Master pump

    Third time the charm. It's running pretty good now. Now I can move on to the other dozen issues that need attention. Thank you all again for your advice and reassurance.
  23. Removing Roosa Master pump

    I need to remove the Roosa Master from my 606 Diesel. I know that the engine needs to be at TDC on the #1 cylinder, with the timing pointer lined up with the mark on the crankshaft pulley. How do I know it's not at TDC on #6 instead? I know when adjusting valves the mark is lined up in both cases. The book tells you to know the difference by finding which push rods are tight. How do you know without pulling the valve cover or push rod cover?
  24. Removing Roosa Master pump

    It was open. I had the tank off a couple months ago. Cleaned it sealed it, painted it. Cleaned out the water trap and repaired it also. Everything was flowing as it should. I am convinced now that I had it retarded a bit too much. I don't think 3* is quite enough, hoping for 4* next time. Sure is hard to get it just right. And I misunderstood my pump guru's instruction and got the guide stud grossly out of adjustment. The bottom line is that I don't know what I'm doing. I've always learned the hard way due to ignorance and lack of money. Maybe someone can learn from my mistakes.
  25. Removing Roosa Master pump

    Thanks for the optimism. I need it. For anyone interested in watching this train wreck, I just took the pump back to the pump man again. He suggested putting it back on the test stand again to get the automatic advance set again. I don't figure I'll see it till the end of the week. Maybe my third attempt will be the one. Have certainly lost some sleep over this.