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  1. I tried to post the link here, but was unsuccessful, and it's not a barge wagon, but you might find the story and pictures of an IH wagon I restored to be of interest to you. You'll have to go the the projects and restorations forum and search "#70 wagon." I am proud of it and I enjoyed looking at other wagons before I did mine.
  2. Well let's not neglect to crack on that ridiculous hat the salesman is wearing. I don't care what was in style in the early 80s, those hats have never been stylish by any standard. They were disposable then and would be today. If my boss made me wear that, I'd quit.
  3. Any idea where I might find the adjustment tool? Any sources?
  4. I got the tach for the 504 and it only reads 1300rpm when my engine is at full throttle. Could it be the tach drive is worn? My old tach was definitely faulty, but now I'm wondering if the drive gear is worn out too.
  5. The 504 tach is marked to read the Pto speed of 540 at 2000 rpms, like the 606 tach is. The 460/560 tach is marked for PTO at 540 at 1800 rpms. I'm going to go with the 504 tach for now.
  6. I'm enjoying you pictures, story, and progress. Keep it coming.
  7. What about a 504 diesel?
  8. The part number for the 606 diesel tachometer is 383091r91. I don't find one on the market with that number. However, there are several choices for the 460 diesel, which is 383092 or 93r91. I know the 460 used the same engine. Are the tachometers compatible? I need one for my 606 d.
  9. What part of the "Deep South" did that come from?
  10. What tension are you talking about?
  11. No. Not running. But when it is running, the shaft is turning and you can't grab it with your hand.
  12. All the way forward. Off position.
  13. Update. I can turn the shaft by hand when the engine is not running. It is difficult, but I can turn it. Maybe this means it's just a "little stuck?"
  14. All of the above is correct. Unfortunately I have to be at work to post pictures. I do not think that this PTO was used much. It is in fantastic physical condition and there are no leaks anywhere near it. It does have the big plug on top and the manual shows the tool mentioned.
  15. Nobody has worked on these? I figured with this goldmine of knowledge, someone here knew what to tell me. Don't be shy.