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  1. Yes, I'm sure the hood skirt that carries the International badge is longer on a 6, but it does appear that the side panel with the number badge and the side panel on the fuel tank are the same.
  2. Looking at one that is missing all the side sheet metal. Has the hood and grill. Missing all the side stuff. Wondering what to look for. The 504 stuff looks similar.
  3. Do the 606 and 656 Utility share sheet parts? If not, does the 606 share sheet metal parts with anything?
  4. I had no idea that a mall would have a door big enough to drive a tractor through, much less that big Case IH model. I'm impressed.
  5. You put a 12 valve in that Chevy?
  6. Listen to Stompin' Tom Connors' "Bud the Spud" and you'll know all you need to about PEI farming. A truly great truck driving song. Ranks up there with "Six Days on the Road."
  7. My only question now is do both the 3/4" out ports on the "right side" need to be routed back to the reservoir? Or cap one of them?
  8. There will be a PTO pump, a reservoir, and this valve in a set up that I can move from tractor to tractor to provide 2 way hydraulics for various implements. The reason for the build is I bought a 1-1/2 yard dirt scraper/slip that needs 2 way hydraulics to operate. I only have one tractor with remote hydraulics and that is my Super H parade tractor. Not gonna dig a pond with that. I own many tractors, but not one has "modern" hydraulic remote hook ups. I am going to build a set up that I can hang above the PTO that will provide me with remote hydraulic capabilities. Heck, I only have one tractor with factory 3 point. Someday I'll buy a tractor made after 1965. That's my "newest," and it's a MF 3165 back hoe. Thanks for the help.
  9. Well that's pretty handy!! Thanks. So maybe mine's a SP one spool.
  10. Anyone? tcmtech, aren't you a hydraulics specialist? Do you think both outs need to go to the reservoir?
  11. So both outs on "right side" go to reservoir?
  12. in is 3/4", out to cylinder are 1/2", other outs are 3/4"