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  1. "You marched in the battle with the gray and the red, when the smoked cleared away, it took days to count the dead."
  2. These are 16"x6-1/4", but thanks for the offer.
  3. None of those are Budd wheels. I've been searching eBay for this wheel everyday for about 5 years. Thanks though.
  4. I need a spare wheel for my 1964 1300. It is the 6 hole, 2 piece, 16" Budd wheel. I'm not sure of the offset. Several years ago, I found a 1965 Ford F350 in a junk yard with 6 hole Budd wheels and I bought the best 2. I got them home and realized the off set was different. They are "deeper" than the ones on the IH. I've been looking for several years now. Do any of you know any yards I could check? Ones that would ship?
  5. I'm thinkin they are pretty darn rare. I really don't think there were many made. Maybe Howard will chime in. He knows a lot. "I saw you marching with Robert E. Lee. You held your head high, trying win the victory." If you haven't noticed, I love that song. Man that truck is gonna be cool. What's under the hood?
  6. "You fought all the way, Johnnie Reb, Johnnie Reb. Yes, you fought all the way, Johnnie Reb."
  7. That don't look bad at all!! Great find!! Make us proud!!! I've often wondered if I had one of those how quickly I would tire of playing Johnny Cash's interpretation of "Johnnie Reb" on the cassette deck. I liked his so much more than Johnny Horton's.
  8. I don't know where I'd find something locally. I'd love to have your help. Would I send you the hose and you'd duplicate it? 

    1. 656hydro


      Yes that would work. You can send to: art's services 2389 n. Clay rd. Oshkosh,wi 54904. if you want to email a picture, artshoses@att.net. My shop number is 920-231-0124 weekdays 7:30-5:00 cst. Website: Artshoses.com. Thanks, art

  9. I need a brake hose for my 1966 IH 1000A. It is the flexible brake hose between the steel line coming out of the master cylinder and the tee fitting that splits the fluid to all the wheels. The IH part number is 314137C91, which the book says will work for 237709r91. The lower fitting has holes in it to allow flow to the other wheels. I can not find a mention of it anywhere online. I have trouble believing that the hose wasn't used on any other make,so I'm hoping for a cross reference. Thanks for any info.
  10. I assume someone filled the system with hydraulic fluid like mentioned above, and it clogged the hoses. The cylinders were completely clogged also. Just a trace of fluid left inside. All turned to dirty gunk.
  11. Completely clogged. I tried to run a piece of .035 welding wire through the lines. They're completely clogged.
  12. I got the front brakes all apart. The cylinders were seized up, full of gunk. The front lines are closed up. They don't look like they've worked for a long time, but the front shoes were stuck out against the drum. The master is fine. Works fine. I'm rebuilding the brake lines and cylinders. I have found the lower brake hoses, but there is an "intermediary" hose, up line, above the tee, part number 314137c91, that is also closed up. I can't find a replacement anywhere. It's a short hose, but has a special fitting on the lower end that allows the fluid to flow to the rear brakes. Does anyone know where I might find one?
  13. No. Only brake fluid since I've had it for about 7 years. I ordered new hoses for it and hope to work on it this weekend.
  14. I rarely drive my 1966 1000A, but I pulled it out Saturday to drive it and found the brake pedal extremely hard to push and what little movement I got caused the front brakes to seize. It has manual brakes with no booster. I've never had a problem before. What would cause this? I've heard of brake lines collapsing and causing the brakes to not let go, but in this case, the pedal is very hard to push in the first place.
  15. How about some details on the surgery? What was changed? What fit? Starter? Flywheel? All that kind of stuff?