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  1. I was a builder for many years and I now sell lumber every day. Why did you go with spruce? It's very soft. I'm just wondering, please don't think I'm questioning your methods, just curious. I bet it's pretty. Did you coat it with spar varnish? It's good stuff. Several costs will protect it nicely.
  2. Great job. I love it.
  3. Great info. Thanks I'm no expert, but I was thinking that the 345 and the 444 diesel ought to be similar in the "reving" category. The tachometers available for the SV engines redlined about 4000rpm and the tachs for the 7.3 were very similar.
  4. Went out of business, I was told.
  5. Super Scout Speciaislts Isa's International scoutparts.com Travelallparts.com Bates Corp. Binder Books rockauto.com Napa these are a few places I have bought parts.
  6. That be great. Just knowing the parts are out there is helpful to me. Thanks for the input.
  7. Did those 1654s have a 6.9 in them? I'm sure the 1654 was gone by the time the 7.3 came out.
  8. Interesting
  9. I have considered using the ZF tranny that is in the Ford, however I don't know if the stick will work with the dash. More importantly, mine is a dump truck, with pto pump powered from the tranny. If I decide to loose the dump-ability, I will try the ZF.
  10. I would like to put a 7.3 idi into a 1978 Loadstar and need some input. First I'll explain why because I know there will be a group that insist that the 345 that is in it needs to be repaired and kept in service. I appreciate this point of view, however I do not want to do that, and would really like some input on going forward with the swap. I have a 1978 Loadstar that has the original 345 and 5 speed trans in it. The truck only has 22,000 miles on it. When I bought it about 9 years ago, it had been sitting for many years and required quite a bit of work to get it somewhat reliable. "Somewhat" is key. I have had a hard time keeping it running. I decided it is allergic to carbs. I rebuilt the original Holley 2210 on it twice, then put a 2300 on it with no success, before I put a 4 barrel intake and Edelbrock 1406 on it. It's never run smoothly since then. Last year, the rear seal let go and I gave up and parked it. I have always wanted to put a diesel in it, and have looked for a bus to get the drive train from, but never found the right deal. My daily driver for the last few years has been a 1988 Ford F250 7.3idi. Last Sunday, I wrecked the Ford. The engine only has 140k on it and runs great. The cab is garbage and I'm going to sell the flatbed on it. Now is my chance to put a diesel in the Loadstar. I understand that the 6.9-7.3 are descendants of the 404 and 446, that were put in Loadstars. I am wondering if that is true and if I might get a bell housing from one of these and bolt up the 7.3 to the tranny in the Loadstar? If so, I would only need to fab some from motor mounts. Can anyone speak from experience on this topic? Again, I know that repairing the 345 would be nice, and I actually have a spare 345 and a 304 sitting around, but I'd really like to put the 7.3 in there and get the old man back on the road. Thanks
  11. "You marched in the battle with the gray and the red, when the smoked cleared away, it took days to count the dead."
  12. These are 16"x6-1/4", but thanks for the offer.
  13. None of those are Budd wheels. I've been searching eBay for this wheel everyday for about 5 years. Thanks though.
  14. I need a spare wheel for my 1964 1300. It is the 6 hole, 2 piece, 16" Budd wheel. I'm not sure of the offset. Several years ago, I found a 1965 Ford F350 in a junk yard with 6 hole Budd wheels and I bought the best 2. I got them home and realized the off set was different. They are "deeper" than the ones on the IH. I've been looking for several years now. Do any of you know any yards I could check? Ones that would ship?
  15. I'm thinkin they are pretty darn rare. I really don't think there were many made. Maybe Howard will chime in. He knows a lot. "I saw you marching with Robert E. Lee. You held your head high, trying win the victory." If you haven't noticed, I love that song. Man that truck is gonna be cool. What's under the hood?