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  1. 2388 top sieve

    is your lower sieve ok?
  2. 1440 Bean head

    When dad and I bought our 1440 we go a 20ft 820. never regretted the purchase.
  3. Rantoul 2017 - pictures

    there was a 455 model that looks similar. my dad had one
  4. 2+2 Questions

    Did the 60 series 2+2 have the newer pivot pins with the hardened replaceable sleeve?
  5. "Correct" '06 seat

  6. OT, US mail service

    did package have a tracking number? if you have the tracking number usps can use the gps coordidants when it was delivered to find where it was delivered. usps can enter the tracking number get the info off the mailing label and tell if it was in fact correctly addressed to you. do not give up!
  7. OT, US mail service

    I have worked for the USPS for 23 years. Ever since the Bush administration mandated the prefunding of future medical costs there has been a directed slowing down/reduction of services. I subscribe to a daily newspaper from a town 50 miles away. Sometimes I get the paper 2 days late, sometimes I get 3 papers in one day. I have never heard why the prefunding was implemented but it has caused havoc on customer service. Our office had a complaint from the local dentist, that appointment reminders mailed to LOCAL customers took 5 days to be delivered. The postal service can survive, but not under these conditions.
  8. TX 189 questions

    I would like to see the dash on this tractor. Were there any photos of it or can someone that has seen it tell us what it is like?
  9. Woke up to this!

    you take your lights down?????
  10. TX 189 questions

    Danny great to get your input on all this. I assumed the magnum 2wd front axle was a carry over of the 50 series optional HD front axle, not a JI case unit. My brother has a 7240 MFD and an 8920mfd . I like the running the tractors, but I don't care for the case style dash, I'm old fashioned I like the 86,88 style gauges. I hear you about case people not wanting to admit they didn't create the magnum. JD wants the world to believe they, and only they, created the wheel.
  11. TX 189 questions

    I have seen on this web site a 5488 with the single door magnum style cab but it had the tri-six transmission in it. Was it a 1 of 1 tractor or were the other 5X88 that were built in that configuration? If there were others, were they sold by Hinsdale or scrapped? I think the 5X88 series tractors are the sharpest looking tractors ever designed. I wish they could have been introduced with the Magnum style cab.
  12. Fuel Gauge on 826

    my 756D fuel gauge acted the same way. replaced the sending unit in the tank and fixed the problem.
  13. TX 189 questions

    was this the 18 speed powershift tractor IH had been testing when the merger took place?
  14. Which engines?

    I believe exhaust manifold for a 360 is not the same as 414,436,466