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    I did. I used one for 3-4 years. I went on the South beach diet and lost 45 pounds. I am 6 feet tall and weighed 214, went down to 169/170. My doctor was thrilled! NO MORE c-pap, high blood pressure, high blood sugar. Lowered the bad cholesterol, raised the good cholesterol and don't snore anymore. I have never felt this good in my life. I did this when I was 52 and I had the energy of being 25. I am a believer!
  2. Grumpy...

    lesson well learned
  3. IH mounted cultivator id help

  4. unisystem brake part

    Back in the day I had UNI equipment , 705 & 702. I vaguely recall the final drives of some UNI's being the same as some of the Gleaner combines of similar size, F series ???? I think they were made by Rockwell. After all the years my memory may be wrong and my not apply to the model you have.
  5. 2388 top sieve

    is your lower sieve ok?
  6. 1440 Bean head

    When dad and I bought our 1440 we go a 20ft 820. never regretted the purchase.
  7. Rantoul 2017 - pictures

    there was a 455 model that looks similar. my dad had one
  8. 2+2 Questions

    Did the 60 series 2+2 have the newer pivot pins with the hardened replaceable sleeve?
  9. "Correct" '06 seat

  10. OT, US mail service

    did package have a tracking number? if you have the tracking number usps can use the gps coordidants when it was delivered to find where it was delivered. usps can enter the tracking number get the info off the mailing label and tell if it was in fact correctly addressed to you. do not give up!
  11. OT, US mail service

    I have worked for the USPS for 23 years. Ever since the Bush administration mandated the prefunding of future medical costs there has been a directed slowing down/reduction of services. I subscribe to a daily newspaper from a town 50 miles away. Sometimes I get the paper 2 days late, sometimes I get 3 papers in one day. I have never heard why the prefunding was implemented but it has caused havoc on customer service. Our office had a complaint from the local dentist, that appointment reminders mailed to LOCAL customers took 5 days to be delivered. The postal service can survive, but not under these conditions.
  12. TX 189 questions

    I would like to see the dash on this tractor. Were there any photos of it or can someone that has seen it tell us what it is like?