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  1. Dad always said that every farmer needed an M. Congratulations.
  2. sounds like a problem in the hydraulic clutch booster. good luck.
  3. The J in the date code would make it a 1940 model, but that is a really high serial number for a 40 model, so I don't really know what you have there. Al
  4. You can go into the pump and adjust the leaf spring that limits plunger travel, but this is a little invasive and best left to a good roosa pump person. Good luck, Al
  5. I don't know about the shaft, but boring and bushing the pedal helped my 756 a lot.
  6. They were able to order one for my 400. I would think they are the same as an M. Good luck, Al
  7. Sounds like a 120 semi mounted balanced head mower. Very good mowers.
  8. You should be able to drive it up and out from the bottom with the oil pan off. I usually try to find a socket that just fits to use as a driver. Good luck, Al
  9. Mx series......stupid autopilot.
  10. Bitty, Would you please elaborate on reliability issues of the McDonald's series. Thanks, al
  11. Something else to check is that the fuel return line from the pump to the fuel tank is clear. A plugged up return will shut a roosa pump down right quick. Luck, Al
  12. I'll bet the pto splines in the clutch back plate have chewed out. Time to split for a clutch and back plate job. Luck. Al
  13. Or the throwout bearing went out and chewed through the release fingers. Luck, Al
  14. Could be a bad cab relay located behind the removable panel between the clutch and brake pedals. Luck, Al
  15. The wings on the 490 and 496 disks will both float. IIRC the 496 is narrower in transport with wings folded. Both are good discs, but I would take a 496 over a 490 because of that main frame being narrower and the ground lift on the wings using hydraulic cylinders instead of wear prone linkage. Good luck. Al