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  1. New Kidde fire extinguisher recall

    check the link, it tells all about it.
  2. New Kidde fire extinguisher recall 4 of my extinguishers were included
  3. What are they? Stationary engines

    We used to have a 3-5 and that is what it looks like to me. Back then I was young and strong and it was all I could to to drag it across the floor.
  4. Electric choke question/carb maybe?

    This might be a stupid question, but are you sure you are holding the choke open rather than closed. Open is the normal run position, and closed is the normal cold start position (plate blocking air intake).
  5. Hydrostatic tractors on a grain cart.

    Must be nice to have something as fancy as a Hydro for that. When it was common to feed silage in this area, it was all catch on the go. Normal setup was a 656 pulling the one row chopper and a Farmall H pulling the wagon along side. Just took some coordination between the 2 operators, and the 656 driver making sure you saw him reach for the TA.
  6. Different looking Farmall

    I don't think they ever came from the factory that way though I have seen a couple at shows. Both of them had the hood, etc. bent up, looked like they had both been turned over.
  7. Opinions on cut out relays

    So far as I know, about all the IH tractors with 6 volt Delco generators had 3 brushes. After they went to regulators they quit using the ones with the 3rd brush being adjustable, but they still have 3 brushes. Get a regulator with the curved saddle mount that fits on the generator just like the cutout did and replace the wire from F of generator with one going from F of generator to fld of the regulator No need to replace light switch unless you want to, the first 2 positions will both be lights off since they only controlled charging. If you install a regulator, do not go with the cheap ones, they frequently are bad right out of the box. As a matter of fact, I own 3 cubs and an H, all with cutouts. I would have replaced them with regulators long ago if the current regulators being sold weren't such junk.
  8. Early Cub with hand lift

    Depends on year. Up to about mid 48 blue, after that red. I don't remember the exact break though.
  9. Help!!!!! Farmall H not running well. Cant figure it out.

    Also a coil while not likely is possible. If coil si slightly weak the higher compression when hot may keep it from firing the plugs. Retarding the distributor will cause it to fire at a lower compression point. Burned points will also cause the same problem as I learned the hard way once.
  10. What is this in my gas tank????

    That may have been left over from an earlier fuel line replacement
  11. fastenal question

    You have to order on line, but check
  12. A shop tractor

    I have seen that picture before, think of the challenge to do engine work on it.
  13. My highschool ride

    Lived on a farm, with very little money. My high school ride was Shank"s pony.
  14. I am not a violent person but...

    Have you tried driving a punch into bottom side of oil filer and letting it drain before removing?