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  1. Farmall C alternator frozen, literally

    Don't forget to remove it if running engine much, those ventilation holes are there for a reason.
  2. Ford Air Bag Recall

    Let's see, over the years 2 deaths caused by the faulty inflators in Fords, verses how many deaths if no airbags. I'll stick with airbags, even if it possibly has a faulty inflator.
  3. Punishment for hired man? Color choice.............

    No longer thna his legs are he probably likes the hand clutch.
  4. H starting tank questions

    My Dad's 41 H that I now own is older than I am, and has the sediment bowl under the main tank which I always thought was it's original location. However I went to the basement and checked the owner's manual and it does show the sediment bowl under the starting tank and only a cut off under the main tank. Live and learn.
  5. Four Staks

    I think if I were doing that they would be pointed to each side, not forward.
  6. H starting tank questions

    Yup. Started on gasoline and closed the radiator shutters to warm up faster. When engine at operating temperature closed the gas valve and opened main tank to allow distillate to flow in, as distillate mixed with gas in carb, and finally replaced it all kept adjusting the carb by opening the carburetor load and idle valve. With a little practice you knew how much. Then adjusted shutters depending on how hard you were going to work then tractor, to burn distillate the engine had to stay hot. If it cooled you had to do it all over again. The reason for going through all of this was that originally distillate was less than half the price of gasoline, but they did the same amount of work per pound, so you actually got a little more work out of a gallon of distillate than a gallon of gasoline for half the money.
  7. weed control without spraying

    Old fashioned weed control was called a plow and disk. Of course it eliminates everything.
  8. H starting tank questions

    I do not know if the tank for an M will fit, but the original sediment bowl valve had a port the starting tank plumbed into. Inside the valve body the port from it and from the carburetor were tied together, and the sediment bowl shut off closed fuel flow from the main tank and a cutoff on the bottom of the starting tank closed it.
  9. Ih 4700 electrical help needed

    Neighbor was helping work some cattle and when he and the owner finished they decided to try the truck. No nothing. They noticed a new kill switch on it, and when they unplugged the hot lead and ran a jumper directly from battery to kill switch it fired right up. Tried it a couple times, all ok. Plugged kill switch in and it still started like supposed to. They did not check the lights, so I do not know if that was related or not, but I would be surprised if it is.
  10. OK, lets see ya favorite tractor you own and use

    I haven't lived on a farm for several years, but have 3 cubs I use, one has a grader blade, snow blade and carry all, another has a loader, and the third mows, plows, tills, both my garden and some neighbors. My favorite though is this 1941 H that my Dad bought used in 1947 and farmed with for 45 years. I learned to drive on it and have countless hours on it on the farm. About 10 years ago some very special people on the forum purchased it from the then owner, fixed it up and gave it back to me as a surprise. Yes, it is very special to me. We have a history, the black and white picture is me working on it at the age of 5.
  11. I love my job

    That brought back a memory. Many years ago I used to work for the local phone company installing and maintaining 2 way radios and IMTS mobile phones. That was back when mobile phones were these large boxes mounted in the trunk with cables running to the front for the console, etc. A customer brought his vehicle in for me to remove the mobile phone so he could trade on a new car, and when I reached under the seat to loosen the cables I pulled out a snub nose revolver. This was at a time when it was illegal to carry a loaded firearm in your vehicle where it could be accessed in MO., and also against company regulations to have a fire arm on company property. I removed the cartridges, and put them in my pocket, and wrapped the gun in a couple paper towels and tucked it in a corner of my van where no one would see it in our warehouse where I was working. When he came back and I handed it all to him he got a startled look on his face and stated he had forgotten about it being there. He thanked me an said if I hadn't found it the gun would have gone with the car.
  12. Ih 4700 electrical help needed

    I spend a lot of time on the tractor forum and am familiar with older tractors, but totally inexperienced with IH trucks, but a friend asked me to help him with DT466E. The batteries needed charged, but after we charged them the electrical system seemed dead. When the key was on the fuse panel just inside the driver door had power and all the fuses had voltage at both ends, but headlights do not burn and nothing happens when try to start it, no click, no nothing. Some guidance or a place to find an electrical diagram would be appreciated. Is there a fusible link some place that needs checked? Thanks
  13. Propane torpedo heater

    Yes, Propane heaters produce less noxious fumes than kerosene heater, but there is a good possibility that yours needs some cleaning and adjusting. My very old kerosene heater finally bit the dust after many years of surface, but before it did I learned that the low sulfur highway diesel burned cleaner than kerosene, not to mention being cheaper.
  14. IHC top ten produced tractors?

    A few years back Yesterdays Tractors did a survey by number produced, and I do not remember the exact number of units, but in the IH line The H, M, and then Cub were the top 3.
  15. SHopping for electric Razor

    I have used different ones over the years, and currently have a Remington F5. It seems to do the best job for me. I replaced the screen whne it was about a year old, and other than that no problems.